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Water Warfare Cheats for WII
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Water Warfare WII Cheats

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Water Warfare Cheats

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Water Warfare

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Maps 100%
Description: The following maps can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

Beach (L)Complete all challenges on Playground map
Nature Park (L)Complete all challenges on Plaza map
Playground (L)Complete all challenges on Training Room map
Plaza (L)Complete all challenges on Beach map
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Tips & Tricks 100%
Buckets & Water Bombs Pick up and use Buckets and Water Bombs, they soak your opponents by doing as much "damage" in one hit as several shots from your squirt gun
Dry Off Just about fully soaked? Over time your character will start to dry off if you donít get hit, or to quickly recover just use a towel
Radar Use the radar to your advantage to see where your enemies are. Look for the blips on the radar to see them before they see you
Choose Your Weapon Wisely There are different kinds of water guns; some are for up close and personal and some are for distance. Some even do splash "damage", literally!
Stay Out of the Water Running through water, such as fountains or the ocean, doesnít just slow you down; it also gets you soaked!
Watch Your Water Gauge As you shoot your water gun you use up the water stored inside. Always keep your water gun filled or you are liable to be left high and dry when an enemy drops in!
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Characters 100%
Description: Beat the following bosses to unlock them as playable

Biker BenDefeat Biker Ben on the Training level 6
Cavegirl CarmenDefeat Cavegirl Carmen on mission 8 of the Nature Park
Rabid RabbitDefeat Rabid Rabbit on mission 8of the Playground
Snorkel JaneDefeat Snorkel Jane on mission 8 of the Beach
Trooper TimDefeat Trooper Tim on mission 8 of the Plaza
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