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Real Heroes: Firefighter Cheats for WII
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Real Heroes: Firefighter WII Cheats

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Real Heroes: Firefighter Cheats

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Real Heroes: Firefighter

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Gear 100%
You can get gear in different levels. Here are a few places that I found them in so far:
Crazy Gas Guy's garage
Upstairs in the shopping mall level (left of the hallway you take to the security cameras room)
Save the little boy in the last level in the World's Sweet Shoppe, then head back further where he was trapped.
Between cars in the South Crest Bridge level, on the uphill as you bring the boy and his mom to safety.
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Hidden Gear 95%
On level 2 you get the red hot Halligan at the beginning of the level. Just go up the stairs and go to the back of the mall.
On level 3 you get the red hot extinguisher/hose in the crazy gas guy's garage.
On level 4 you get the red hot turnout gear at the end of the level when the skylight is on fire you go behind the cut open elevators.
On level 5 you get the medieval axe at the end of the level in the store on the left at the back of the store.

I do not know anymore of the hidden gear.
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Midieval hose and exinng wishure 71%
Go to the earth quake level ok
save the fire fighter
go to camron
cut the people out
when you get to the up hill look be tween a car that is all most flipped behind that is where it is
PS the car is on the hill not in a car
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Hidden Gear 2 71%
On the last level when the boy is stuck in the candy store go where he is stuck look right

by:Keifer Sparks
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Put out the sun 69%
In the level where you have to put out the big ball of sun, insted of going down the stairs and risk attacking it where it will spit fire balls at you go back upstairs were you first saw the sun ball and just spray water at the floor so the strem just barely goes over the edge and that will put it out and you wont die
By: b7farms(27)
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House Level red extinguisher 67%
After you stopped the crazy guy enter the house again And go in the garage then youll find it
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Mobile Lab (Reactor fire) closing three doors in control room 62%
When you are in the mobile lab and are tasked to shut the three doors to the reactor to stop the fire. First you need to shut down the three buttons on the control table. It will only let you shut down 2 out of 3. Then continue to extinguish the remaining fires. The one reactor door open will have electricity shooting out, duck down and when the electricity stops momentarily move in front of the green rectangle and hit A, it will allow you close the door to move on.
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Red Hot axe 47%
U get it from by the exploding fire thingy you use the heat shielding to get to them :D
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Ball of sun 41%
Walk around the room putting the fire out with the fog nozzle and the whole room will be done in five minutes
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Level three 38%
You morons, use your hose to break the glass but be careful about the exposed wire when spraying your hose
By: Phuster(24)
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Real Heroes: Firefighter 530815In the third mission, everytime I try to ventilate the house, I fail the mission even though I have broken all the windows! anybody had any luck getting through this stage yet? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 602843Does anyone know how to find the red hot helmet and gear? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 633074I am trying to defeat the dragon in the midevial park anyone got suggestions? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 658436How do you get the first clue on the mall level? Answers: 2
Real Heroes: Firefighter 642336How do i ventilate the ceo? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 646823In the mission at the lab, after you save the woman from the breakroom and you have to find the scientist in the lab, how do you find him with out being over come by flames? the hose isnt long enough to advance in the lab and the extinguisher runs out too quick and when you go back to get a new one the room flares up too much! how do you find him without dying? Answers: 3
Real Heroes: Firefighter 679751How do beat the sun in the musem?Pleas type back! Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 743346Where can you find the red hot axe? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 623287How do I get to the Pet Store from the Arcade in Level 2 (shopping mall)? Electrical wires are always in my way. Answers: 3
Real Heroes: Firefighter 627202I can't get out of the elevator on level 4 at the 35 floor Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 631008Stuck on the ladder outside factory, can't get off to follow cameron to the train cars. Am I missing something? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 652140On the last mission I'm stuck on getting to the other side of the lava, there is a button but it is electrified.Please help. Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 649521On the first level how do I get to the ladder to protect the worker and get to Ezzy? Answers: 2
Real Heroes: Firefighter 670079How do you rescue the children in the house on the wildland fire? Answers: 3
Real Heroes: Firefighter 673576How do I get across the Lava Gap in MidEvil Kingdom? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 674008I just slid down the elevaor shaft and at the news channel place. i'm trying to rescue the news channel people but it won't let me move the copier. Anyone got any help. Answers: 2
Real Heroes: Firefighter 697490In the mobile tech mission I can't find the scientist in the lab,right after saving lady in the breakroom and where your hose runs out. can anyone help? Answers: 2
Real Heroes: Firefighter 727414In level one on the stairs there is a machine that says to turn off gas leak pipe and it takes you to the control box but then there is no way to turn it off help please. Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 745124Where is the medieval tool Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 775914My friend told me about a "secret level" in the shopping mall. he said it started at the exit from the theater. does this exist? plz respond! Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 895976Can you drive a fire truck ? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 569752Ok, I am not sure what level I am on but its the bridge, I have to try and get past a car that has the blue gas flames to get to a truck driver, I have pushed the car infront of the flames but still can't get past it without burning up? Is there anything else I have to do or an alternate route? Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 594490What is the point of the Fire Determination items. Answers: 1
Real Heroes: Firefighter 658217I am stuck on the 2nd floor and can't get to the scientist because of the gas fed fire from the ceiling. Hepl ! Answers: 2
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