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Namco Museum Essentials Cheats for PS3
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Namco Museum Essentials PS3 Cheats

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Namco Museum Essentials

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Dragon Spirit Stamps 100%
Description: Unlock the stamps below by performing the following

EarthquakeCollect the Earthquake
Fire BreathCollect the Fire Breath
Homing FireCollect the Homing Fire
IncubationCollect the Incubation
Power DownCollect the Power Down
Power WingCollect the Power Wing
Small DragonCollect the Small Dragon
Small N WideCollect the Small Dragon and Wide Fire without getting hit
Wide FireCollect the Wide Fire
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Xevious Resurrection Stamps and More 100%
Description: The following stamps / trophies can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

100 ItemsCollect 100 shield items
4 At OnceKill 4 ground enemies with one bomb
All ClearKill the Final Boss
Boss 12 ClearKill the Level 12 Boss
Boss 9 ClearKill the Level 9 Boss
Enemy CollectorShoot or bomb all enemies
Free PlayPlay Xevious Resurrection 50 times
Laser Cancel 100Use your shields against lasers 100 times
No Shield ClearClear a level without using your shields
No Weapon ClearClear a level without shooting and bombing
Sol DiscoveredFind the hidden Sol Citadel
SP Flag FoundFind the hidden SP Flag
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Galaga Stamps and More 98%
Description: The following stamps / trophies can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

Blue SpaceshipKill the Blue Spaceship
Boss AlienKill the Boss Alien
Kill FighterKill your captured ship
DragonflyKill the Dragonfly
Dual FighterKill the enemy holding your ship captive
MapleKill the Maple
PerfectGet a perfect on the Challenging Stage
ScorpionKill the Scorpion
Stage 10Reach Stage 10
Stage 20Reach Stage 20
Stage 30Reach Stage 30
StingrayKill the Stingray
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Pac-Man Stamps 98%
Description: Perform the following actions to unlock the stamps below:

1600Eat all the ghosts after eating a single Power Pellet
1600X2Eat all the ghosts after eating a single Power Pellet twice in one round
AppleEat the Apple that appears in Round 5 and 6
BellEat the Bell that appears in Round 11 and 12
Big EaterBeat Round 21
CherryEat the Cherry that appears in Round 1
Galaxian ShipEat the Galaxian Ship that appears in Round 9 and 10
IntermediateBeat Round 5
KeyEat the Key that appears after Round 13
MelonEat the Melon that appears in Round 7 or 8
OrangeEat the Orange that appears in Round 3 or 4
StrawberryEat the Strawberry that appears in Round 2
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Dig Dug Stamps and More 98%
The following stamps / trophies can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

CarrotGet the Carrot
Complete DigUnearth the entire level
CucumberGet the Cucumber
EggplantGet the Eggplant
Green PepperGet the Green Pepper
MushroomGet the Mushroom
No DigComplete the level without digging
PineappleGet the Pineapple
Quad SquashSquash 4 enemies with one rock
TomatoGet the Tomato
TurnipGet the Turnip
WatermelonGet the Watermelon
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11 Trophies
Namco Museum Essentials - Xevious Resurrection Veteran Xevious Resurrection Veteran
Obtained all Xevious Resurrection stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Dig Dug Veteran Dig Dug Veteran
Obtained all Dig Dug stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Dragon Spirit Veteran Dragon Spirit Veteran
Obtained all Dragon Spirit stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Galaga Veteran Galaga Veteran
Obtained all Galaga stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Pac-Man Veteran Pac-Man Veteran
Obtained all Pac-Man stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Xevious Veteran Xevious Veteran
Obtained all Xevious stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Dig Dug Rookie Dig Dug Rookie
Obtained four Dig Dug stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Dragon Spirit Rookie Dragon Spirit Rookie
Obtained four Dragon Spirit stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Galaga Rookie Galaga Rookie
Obtained four Galaga stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Pac-Man Rookie Pac-Man Rookie
Obtained four Pac-Man stamps!
Namco Museum Essentials - Xevious Rookie Xevious Rookie
Obtained four Xevious stamps!
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