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Final Fantasy Cheats for WII
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Final Fantasy WII Cheats

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Final Fantasy

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Quick Experience 100%
Description: Here are some spots where you can build up experience quickly:

1. Through the mountains near Pravoka & North you will find a spot where you can only go back. Walk back & forth on the very top row of 2, you will be attacked by, Frost Wolves, Giants, Tryos, and other enemies.
2. In the Earth cave, go straght west on the first floor till you loop around. You will be attacked by Giants & Igaunas each step.
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Advanced Items Early 100%
Description: After beating the earth fiend, you can get the canoe from the circle of sages at crecent lake. After getting the canoe go to the ice cave and get the floater, then go to the castle of ordeals and get the rats tail (having fire 2 or 3 helps alot). Go and get all of your guys upgraded and then get 50000 gps and go to the caravan and buy the bottle, go to Gaia and get the oxyale from the farie, go into the submarine at onrac and work your way up stairs and get all the treasures in the top room. Dont worry, there are no enemies in this room. GET THE SLAB then get out of there. Go to melmond and learn Leifinish, then go to Leifin and get the chime which lets you into the mirage tower. After that go take the canoe up past Onrac and into the waterfall to get the cube from the robot. Go through the mirage tower (collect treasures if you think you can, need some luck here) and go to the sky castle to get the adamant then get out as fast as you can and go to the dwarf. Get excalibur. By now you should have very advanced equipment and you havent even fought the fire fiend yet. With some luck you can pull this off and the rest of the game should be a lot easier.
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World Map 100%
How to unlock: To bring up the world map press SELECT and B (or the equivalent buttons on your Wii VC controller) at the same time. A map should appear with towns and levels marked.
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Warmech 100%
In the sky castle, there is a long bridge just before you fight Tiamat. On this bridge it is possible to fight an enemy even more powerful than Tiamat herseif called Warmech. Warmech has 1200 HP and can cast some mean spells like nuke. If you encounter it just use Nuke and fight with your Master Knight or Ninja. Heal with the white mage. The warmech is a powerful foe and fighting him is optional. If you can kill him than you truly are a Final Fantasy Master.
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Bonus Game 100%
How to unlock: Get on the ship and press A + B (or the equivalent buttons on the Wii VC controller) 55 times. You will be taken to a screen with a game where you can play a sliding puzzle game.
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Topple Tiamat 100%
Description: While you are in the Sky Castle, Level One, you will find a chest. Inside is the Bane Sword and used as an item, the sword will cast Bane. Use the sword as an item and Tiamat will be defeated in one round.
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Secret Magic Shop 100%
Description: In the town of Lefein (the last town) go to the northeast corner and find the hole in the wall. go
through it and keep going till you reach a building. Inside you will find the White Magic spell LIF2 which brings a warrior back to life with full HP and the black magic spell NUKE, which does roughly 400 points of fire damage to all enemies. They are both level 8 magic and can only be learned by the wizard of a matching color.
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Easy Money with the Ship 100%
How to: Get the ship and save at the first town (30gp INN). Save and TURN THE NES OFF. Dont reset or it wont work. Turn it back on and restart your game. Head south and back to you ship. Keep sailing south and you should get attacked by KYSOKUS, the blue pirates. These will always attack you if you follow this process, allowing you to earn 2000gp in about 4-5 fights. You can then buy the
good LV 4 magics and good weapons/armor to make leveling up easier before going after the crown.
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Find Master Unne 100%
To find Master Unne, the professor who studies Lefineish, get the Slab from Krakens Castle Underwater. To understand the Lefineish, Master Unne MUST decipher the Slab. Take the Slab to the village that the Vampire destroyed the clinic in. (If you are confused, its the first town you go to after Nerdrick destroys the rock with TNT. ) He is in the Upper-left corner of town, by the graveyard. Once he deciphers the Slab, go to the Lefineishs Village!
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Quick Experience, Method 2 100%
For quick experience in the beginning of the game go to Astos castle. After you get the Mystic key you can go into the treasure room.

There are three
chests and in front of each one there is always a fight.

It is usually
either Mummys or Images. If you have Harm2 and Fire2 you can beat them without much trouble. Every time you step in front of a chest there is a fight so you can get fast experience. You get roughly 60

ex. for each Image
and 75 ex. for each Mummy. They come in packs of 3-6 and give good money too.
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Facts about the Black Belt/Master 100%
The Black Belt may seem weak at first, but when you get him to level 10: watch his attack strength sky rocket! The Black Belts DAMAGE rating is always equal to double his level, unless he has a weapon equipped. So basically, dont equip any weapons on him. Same goes for his defence. His ABSORB[ the defence level] is always equal to his level unless he has armor equipped. So when
you get him to level 50, his ABSORB will be 50, which is pretty good, considering the highest a Knight can get is 74, so the Black Belt/Master is the best character to have. He requires no armor or weapons. You can test this yourself, Get a Master at L50, and a Knight at L50 and the Knight equipped with the Masamune. Cast FAST on them both, or not. The Master will do far more damage than
your Knight, Ive checked this myself.
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Beat the Kraken Easily 100%
When you fight Kraken, just use Lit3 over and over again and hell be fried in no time. It helps to use fast on the black wizard so he can cast Lit3 quickly.
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Links Grave [Easter Egg] 98%
Description: In Elfheim, walk to the top of the town where all the gravestones are. Click the one to the left and it will say, "Here lies Link." Some of you may be familiar with the name.
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