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Up Cheats for PS2
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Up PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Passwords * 98%
Description: Navigate to the Cheats Menu from the Main Menu and enter the codes below for the desired effect. Pause the game and choose "Cheats" to toggle them on and off during gameplay.

AVIATORGOGGLESCarl wears Muntzs aviator goggles
BUTTERFLYRussell attracts all butterflies
CARLHEAVYWEIGHTTo lift Russell end up in the air, Carl just needs to jump from the teeter totter
BALLOONPARTYWhen he jumps, Carl creates multicoloured balloons
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Up 516805Hoes does russel get the house across the gulley Answers: 0
Up 614788Hw do you get past level 1 Answers: 0
Up 675128Where are the butterflies in chapter 11,where the water falls twice? Answers: 0
Up 520733How do you get past level 6? Answers: 0
Up 539140How do you get passed level 15? Answers: 0
Up 555317How do you get the house across the gully, without letting it go? Answers: 0
Up 634974How do you get past level 10 Answers: 0
Up 788986Level 16 russell reaches the wall, what happens next? Answers: 0
Up 788996Level 16 reunion how does kevin return? Answers: 0
Up 809538How do you beat level 15 Answers: 0
Up 810153Level 27 how do I destroy all 8 propellors within the 30 seconds that I have? Answers: 1
Up 847797In stuck on level 15 Answers: 0
Up 704363How do you pass the whole chapter on 15 from the game up? Answers: 0
Up 521369How do you get past the 2nd river level? Answers: 0
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