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Madden NFL 10 Cheats for PSP
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Madden NFL 10 PSP Cheats

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Madden NFL 10

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

How to get someone cheap for 3 years 80%
Find the player you want for cheap for 3 years sign him to your team. Then lower his attributes really low. Release him then go to free agents pick him up and sing him on you team.
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Change ANY Players Attributes(PSP)! 60%
To Start: Go to Main Menu.
Next: Scroll down to GAME MODES.
Then: Go to ROSTERS
After That: Press X on any player
Finally: Go down to ATTRIBUTES,and change them to what you want.

(Such as SPEED:[======== ])
(May change to SPEED:[===========]) MAX

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Change name 51%
To change players names,college,number,hand,and some you can change the position, you go to 'my madden' then 'rosters' then 'view rosters' then find the player you want to change,click X,click X again then you should be able to change.
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Trading Players to make your favorite team stronger 42%
To get your favorite team stronger just click a player your want to trade from your team. Then select another team like the eagles. Then select the player you want to trade. Then press start to trade players. Just to let you now that you can only trade a certain amount of player from other teams.

By: death4176
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The QB Wildcat Glitch 42%
It's a glitch where nobody covers your wide recievers: first pick the wildcat play in Buffalo"s offensive playbook,before going into the game, then when you have the ball on offence, select the play called wildcat then, press circle three times before selecting it, and it should say "QB" and when you press X and start the play everyone on defence will run to the line of scrimmage.
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How To Use Offensive Or Defensive Playbook 37%
To use a playbook that you created in a game you go to options then go to offensive or defensive playbook then press circle and then you'll see "load offensive playbook (or defensive playbook)press x and there you have your offensive (or defensive) PLABOOK!
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A QB that has speed 34%
A QB that can run is quit useful.if there isn't eny WR open to pass to your QB can run for a first down or more. if you want a fast QB ether edit one or create your own
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Let madden choss your plays 30%
After a play your choice of formations will appear,before you choose a formation press square then the best play will appear blinking
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Easy hitstick 22%
As the running or quarter back or move the left stick up right stick fast and then boom
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Wining games 10%
Let the team beat you for the first 2 minutes then play hard the rest of the game
By: FlyBoy879(8)
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