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The Powder Toy Cheats for PC
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The Powder Toy PC Cheats

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The Powder Toy

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Medic! 100%
To rise a stick man2's health type in !set life stk2 than a number
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Pressure 100%
Stkm can survive negative pressure but not normal pressure
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Life for things 100%
You can rise anythings life by typing !set name of element numbers
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Storing the Nuke 84%
Create a black wall. Create small coat of clone & store the nuke. Put the very last wall around it.
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Bomb 83%
Tnt circle with ignition cord to make it blow up in the middle put c4 gas oil and fire works
light the cord and then pause and type ! set bomb 122324
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The mega nukes 75%
-Draw a big neutron circle
-Start LUA console
-Type the following arguments: !set temp neut 10000
!set x neut 300
!set y neut 300
!set vx neut 0
!set vy neut 3
-Unpause and watch

-Draw a big electron circle and a big neutron circle
-Start LUA and write the same arguments mentioned before, but for neutrons and also for electrons (just change the string "neut" with "elec"), but type: !set vy elec 0
!set vy neut 0
!set vx elec 0
!set vx neut 0

-Draw a big neutron circle, a big elec circle, a big c02 circle, a big nobl circle and a big hydrogen circle
-Type the following (will only work if the above mentioned particles are the only ones in the screen): !set temp all 10000
!set x all 200
!set y all 200
-Once you unpause it,it will generate
phot,elec,neut,plsm,and a 1-9 pixel big black hole.

-Draw a more or less big circle of Exotic Matter.
-Start the LUA.
-Input these areguments: !set temp exot 10000
!set tmp2 exot 30000

All this information given to you by Jotabeas. Meteor and exot bomb by Jotabeas, by the way.
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Very simple nuke bomb 65%
First you make an enclosed figure made of c 4 ,then hold shift and ctrl together and fill the enclosed figure with gas and it eventually explodes ... PLS VOTE FOR ME= )
By: pocholox8(75)
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Gas cannon 63%
In order for this cheat to work you need to make a wall from the walls selection category on the right hand side and the create a tunnel that is not to big and seal the back end of the tunnel of then you need clone and you will find it in the special category. add the clone to the back of the tunnel that you created then put gas on the clone and it will continuously keep going then put ice quiet far away from the exit if the gas cannon and "let it rip"
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Atomic bomb 55%
First, do a closed circle with 'metl' and then click on plut and ctrl more shift and click in of the circle and erase a smart of plut and then put in the rest of the circle neut
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Nuclear bomb 52%
Make a volcano shape and fill it up with nitro then a pinch of lava what happens?
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Lighting box 52%
Make a open box full it with nitro and fighters if you want a liitle bit fire and you have a lighting box
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Lava bomb 50%
First make a batch of lava then press the ~ key above your tab button and typ "set ctype lava bomb" then press enter and cool down the lava and it will become bomb enjoy!

plz dont forget to vote:)
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Crazy streamline 38%
Make a line of streamline this is the button in the bottom left corner that looks like a bomb at the end of a string draw a line going anywhere and cover it with c4 light it on fire then watch it go crazy.
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Big Circle 23%
Scroll on Mouse and make a big circle ot of metel.
Put a stikman on it and then put larva on it.
He will die.
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Alex 14%
3d stuff
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