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Shimano Xtreme Fishing Cheats for WII
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Shimano Xtreme Fishing WII Cheats

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Shimano Xtreme Fishing Cheats

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Shimano Xtreme Fishing

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Get gold every time on Ocean Spear fishing /and monster YFT 67%
To get gold every time on the ocean levels you shoot sharks.I shot a Tiger shark that was 1006lbs with 30,000+ points (with combos)A shark like that can give you bronze or silver.The three biggest sharks are thresher, hammerhead, and tiger sharks.Don't avoid the sharks instead shoot them.To be a legal fish you have to swim up close and make them flash red .

P.s The only way to get a monster Yellow Fin Tuna is on the third level on the bow fishing career (Why is there Tuna in a fresh water river anyway.)The monster size I shot was 160lbs 14once the normal size is around 30lbs.
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HOW TO GET GOLD IN ARIEL BOWFISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 57%
To get gold in ariel bowfishing hit the bigger fish as they are easier to hit and more common.(examples:bluefin tuna,arapaima,amazon catfish,alligator gar.)
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How To Earn Gold Rod Fishing 50%
You must catch other big fish like Catfish, Tuna, Carp, Grouper, and all the fish that are lit up!
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How To Catch All Fish 21%
Go to free fishing it will have a lot of the fish the career doesnt
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Shimano Xtreme Fishing 744042How do you unlock the crossbow Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 857982Where are the cheat codes list for this game? Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 615256How to real fish in after it is hooked Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 735926Where can I get the monster Blue Fin Tuna? Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 757863How to get more than gold on the forth bow fishing board with the rays? Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 799581When reeling in the fish what do you have to do when it says pull right or left? Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 801933I know you use the b button to reel in a fish but every time it tells me to pull left or pull right.... I loose the fish...what am I doing wrong? Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 816542How do you pull left or right when you have caught a fish? Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 866237How do you unlock other fishing poles? Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 906358How to reel in fist with spear Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 950370How to unlock the different boats Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 969520Where can I locate the Lemon Shark? Answers: 0
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 621807How do I earn the crossbow Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 664497How do I pick up treasure? Answers: 1
Shimano Xtreme Fishing 804901When fising a career and you close before that career is finished you seem to loose all information about your crrent standing. How can you save the game? Answers: 1
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