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Wizards of Waverly Place Cheats for NDS
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Wizards of Waverly Place NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE
Wizards of Waverly Place Cheats

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Wizards of Waverly Place

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE

How to Make the Unfreezing Potion For Harper 75%
Balloon: You need a balloon? Sounds more like a birthday party than a potion. Go outside the sub station. You will see that Zack, the man with the gray hair, is being attacked by his dog. He will ask you to assist him. Cast a spell on the dog (Caninous Cutious) and it will be harmless. Ask Zack for a balloon, and he will hand it over.

Fire Oil: The trickiest of the items. The bottle of Fire Oil is in the Magic Cabinet in the Lair. Go into Spell Mode and cast an "undo magic" spell on the cabinet. It will undo all the magic and make it so that you can walk up and get the fire oil.

Feather: You see a bird on the windowsill? Good, that's the first part of getting the feather. Go to the STREET MARKET where a blonde-haired lady is selling popcorn. Buy some popcorn and throw it on the ground. The bird will come down and eat the popcorn. Cast the levitation spell on the bird. The bird will leave a feather. Pick it up.

Bottle: Simple. There's a bottle on a stack of crates outside the sub station. Use the moving spell on it. It'll go to the ground. Pick it up.

There you have all of the ingredients! Go to the Lair where Jerry (the dad) will ask you to open the jar. A game'll appear. After the game, go to the sub station and use the potion.

Hope this helped! :)
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The 4 Scrolls 71%
The 1st Scroll: Go to the potion lab, then put stuff in to the pot and play the minigame. Use it on the one kid in the potion lab, then the one in the hall to get the scroll.

The 2ncd Scroll: go the classroom, and see the sleeping girl. Go to the dorms, and get the alarm clock from under the shaking box by move spell on the top one, and levitate on the bottom one. grab the alarm clock, and go back to the girl and click her.

The 3rd Scroll: go to the clock right outside the forbidden library. use the undo magic spell on the clock to get scroll.

The 4th Scroll: go up to the dorms. tap the kid and then tap the first torch, choose the right spell (somethin like Torchius Lightus or something) then do the same to the other torch on the other side of the room. Then go back to the book case in the dorm and tap the flying book. play the minigame and win the key. unlock the chest and give the hat to the kid.
By: Red24candy(303)
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First level Fire oil trick 56%
First you must not get to close to the cabinet then take the wand out and do the figure 8 spell. Next walk taword the cabinet and get the oil.
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Ok the first cheat I found is the outfit cheat, this cheat unlocks the outfits so you can BUY them. Here is the outfit cheat [xxx]. The other cheat I found is the coin cheat, this cheat gives you more coins and you can use it as many times as you want. Here is the coin cheat [ L1 R1 AAA].I HOPE YOU FIND THESE CHEATS USEFUL!:)
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On level 5 where is the LAST jem? 55%
The last get is in Alex's journal but you need to get all the other gems before you get that one and when professor crumbs says its in there Gigi will be in there then find all the catapult pieces the play catapult and the go out to professor crumbs and the you have finished the game! :)
By: mglove(140)
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Coin cheat 53%
L,R,A,A,A you get 250 coins and you can use it as many times as you want.
good luck
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The baloon, the feather, the bottel and the fire oil! 52%
Baloon:turn zack's dog into a small dog and ask

feather: buy some popcorn, scatter it on the ground, levitate the bird and pick up the feather

fire oil: in themagic cubord

bottel: it is on top of 2 boxes, use the moving spell 2 put it on the ground and then pick it up!
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Episode 4 50%
2 wake up the girl standing in the classroom you go to the dormintory get the alarm clock stand it next to her and she is gonna say thx for waking me up
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How u get the key 50%
You get the key by going over to the games and do a repair spell and then the worker will get distrackted and you go up there to the registor and get the key.........................
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Alot of cheats 50%
R1 LI XXX if ywant all outfits do dat I tryed it cuz I was curious wat it duz
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Pips and cards 32%
Starting with no card with mama and pips,

e.g. spell the fire trap,later the elementals shlied,and later the super powerfull sunbird!
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Fire oil trick 27%
What you have to do is walk to the fire oil and click on your wand and do the freeze spell and the you can go and grab the fire oil your welcome
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All clothes 27%
Press L1 R1 y y y y
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Get a Diamond 26%
To get a diamond you have to press the arrow on the left on the nintendo and with the stilus touch the screen and move it to the left at the same time as the arrow.
By: Daniel Jaime(48)
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Coin cheat 22%
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The sex cheat 13%
Press bbaaaaxxxxa if you want alex and dean to have sex
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Wizard of waverly place 2 11%
Compliment Amy as different persons
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Finding diamonds 11%
Go to every thing and you find diamonds
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Hi 10%
If you gho to alex wel I dk
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