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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Cheats for WII
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 WII Cheats

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Team Bonuses 94%
Description: Use teams of characters based on their comic book sources to take advantage of special bonuses:

+15% Max StaminaX-Men (Ice Man, Storm,Wolverine, Gambit and/or Jean Grey)
+35% Fusion GainFantastic Four (Mr.Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, Invisible Woman)
+5% DamageFemme Fatales (Any four womencharacters)
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Boost Medals 94%
Description: Play Bonus Missions to unlock the following Boost Medals:

Bronze Commandeering Expertise RibbonScore 40,000 points in the recruit Green Goblin Mission
Bronze Distinguished Leadership MedalScore 26,000 points in the Defend Wakanda Bonus Mission
Silver Medal of MarksmanshipScore 35,000 points in the recruit Gambit Mission
Bronze Meritorious Training AwardScore 50 points in the Hack Challenge Bonus Mission
Silver Outstanding Blitz AwardScore 25,000 points in the recruit Thor Mission
Gold Outstanding Efficiency AwardScore 17,000 points in the recruit Songbird Mission
Bronze World War Hulk Service MedalScore 48,000 points in the Wakanda Pillar Defense Bonus Mission
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Complete Cheat List 93%
*** Entering the following codes disables saving.
Use the D-pad to enter the following codes for thedesired effect:

GM(Enter at any point in the game) DOWN,UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN
BM(Enter in the Simulator) UP, RIGHT,DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP
99(Enter at the Hero Details Menu) DOWN,UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN
Plus 1(Enter at the Hero Details Menu)DOWN, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN
And 10(Enter at the Hero Details Menu)DOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN
Money(Enter at the Hero Details Menu/Team Select Menu) UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, UP, DOWN
Power(Enter at the Hero Details Menu/Team Select Menu) UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT,LEFT
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Characters 89%
Description: If you choose "rebel," talk to Goliath before a mission an he'll give you a bonus mission you can play to unlock the following characters:

CyclopsScore 30,000 / Defend Cyclops and the civilians and defeat Scorcher
GambitScore 30,000 / Get all the Data Discs, defeat all the enemies and reach the exit
Jean GreyScore 13,000 / Destroy all the targets with the drones and defeat Grey Gargoyle
StormGet 25,000 coins while standing in Thor's way
The ThingScore 15,000 / Defeat the Lizard and every enemies in less than nine minutes
ThorGet 15,000 coins in the time limit
Nanite Nick FuryBeat the game
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Attacks and controls 78%
power attack:b
special moves:control pad[note:you must have enough mana points to do this,also you will only start with one]
change character:+[plus]or - [minus]
move:control stick
double jump[some characters will fly]:c then whlie in air c again[if flying z to lower or c to go up]

Hold z and shake the nunchuk.the screen should turn revive point and press a with the wii remote at a fallen character.he should use fusion power instead point at a NON-FALLEN character and press a.different things will happen depending on the character.some fusion powers are manual.also reviving and fusion powers cost stars.these will be collected on the way.below you will see the cost of each.

NOTE:if the star beside the profile on screen is smaller than usual its a half star.
By: jbunnyn(41)
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Unlock all characters 68%
Enter : up,up,down,down,left,left,left,right in the change team menu
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Hint 50%
Wen your playin the game and usin fusion powr for kwl powers remember your heros will also revive
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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (WII) - Unlock Nanite Nick Fury 43%
Beat the game on Easy or Normal
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Marvel 38%
I have chaet on marvel avengers
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Maevle iltimate alliance2 30%
Ok this is a cheat that is cool but I do not no what it does I think this is one

up up down left left right down right
hope this helps bye
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Fusion power 30%
When your fighting moon girl something like that and songbird it might seem hard cuz of all the guys around I recommend using your fusion power for reviving your team instead
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