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Need for Speed Nitro Cheats for WII
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Need for Speed Nitro WII Cheats

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Need for Speed Nitro

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Madrid glitch 67%
Go to plaza mayor in madrid where the end of the path shortcut is, further down you will see two barriers that have X's on them on the right hand side one try crash into it but before you crash press - and you should be on the other side
p.s it may take up to 5 tries to complete

found by me
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Extra Nitro at the Begining of a Race 57%
1. When you start a race (not drag), keep the speed arrow on the green to get the first part of the nitro the right before you go hold the gas. 2.Right when you start moving, push the nitro and let it go for about half a second then, let go and push again the gas the get the second part of the nitro. When you do the steps you should have a little less than full in the the extra nitro chamber.
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Nitro Start 53%
When the race is ready to start, hold down the #2 button (Wheel Mode) and then hit the A button. Your Tachometer needle will max out. Just as it does that, let off #2 and let the needle drop inside the green band on the tach. As the needle drops below the green band tap #2 to increase you revs back into the green. This fills your nitro tank. As the count down hits 1 hold down #2 and hit A just as the race starts. This will engage the Nitro you have in the tank. If you do this just right you will have one full tank of Nitro to start the race.
The tank fills only while the tach needle is dropping in the green band.
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List of cars in game 52%
No driving game would be complete without a nice selection of cars. This list tells you about all of them. Here they are:


Volkswagen Type 2: This bus is hilarious, but highly ineffective outside of C class. 0 in all attributes (except 1 in drifting and 5 in strength) make it a highly recommended car for people to test their skills. Thiago drives this bus as his C class car.

Renault 4L: This car is better than the Type 2, but isn't as strong. It shouldn't be bought, as you're a little better off without it.

Volkswagen beetle: This car has 2 in all attributes (excluding a 0 in top speed and a 1 in strength), making it a nice, balanced car. Omar drives this car as his C class car.

Hummer H2: A fun car to use. This car is exceptionally strong, and has other okay stats. Luis drives this truck as his C class car.

Chevrolet Camaro SS: At the time, it's a highly recommended car due to its good balanced stats and a nice 4 in strength.

Ford Adrenalyn (F-150 "Lightning"): This truck is awesome to drive. A 1 in each of its stats except for a 2 in drifting and a fantastic 5 in strength. Enjoy bruising your opponents.

Toyota Corrolla: A highly balanced car that doesn't appear to be joking. It's only a little bit weaker than the Tesla Roadster. Zarinah Drives this car as her class C car.

Tesla Roadster: A cool car and it has the kind of honorable role as the king of the city cars. 3 in all stats (aside from the 1 in top speed and 2 in strength) make it a speed beast. Jawad drives this car as his Class C car. Have a go at outspeeding THIS car.


Ford Escort RS Cosworth: A balanced car with a 2 in every stat with a little extra bump in strength. Highly unrecommended.

Dodge Charger RT: This muscle has an embarrassing 1 in handling, but makes up for it with a 4 in strength. Thiago drives this car as his Class B car.

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray: Another muscle car, and the best out of the three starting Class B cars. A 2 in every stat with a doubled up strength stat.

Subaru Imprenza WRX STI Nitro: This commonly seen car is balanced with a 3 in strength and a 3 in handling with a 2 in every other stat. An alternative to the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

Mitsubishi Motors Lancer Evolution: A good car that lucked out a little bit, as it has a 2 in top speed and acceleration while having a 3 in every other stat.

Shelby GT 500: This muscle car has a 2 in every stat except a nice 3 in speed and a 4 in strength. It is the first car in this list to have a 3 in top speed. Luis drives this car as his Class B car.

Nissan 370 Z: A balanced car that is the first car in this list to have a 4 in drifting. It also has a 3 in acceleration and strength, while having a 2 in it's other stats. Zarinah drives this car as her Class B car.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo: This SUV is the only car in Class B to have a 5 in strength, counterbalanced by a 1 in acceleration. A nice 3 in speed and 2 in the other stats make this car a bit better than it looks. Omar drives this car as his Class B car.

Nissan Skyline GT R: The ever so famous Nissan Skyline makes another appearance in the Need for Speed franchise. A 3 in every stat except a 2 in handling make this car a very great selection for your garage.

Porsche Cayman S: A 3 in everything except a 2 in acceleration and strength. Jawad drives this car as his Class B car. Not as good as the Skyline.


Audi TT RS Coupe: This car is manufactured with a spoiler! It looks ridiculous. A 4 in top speed, a 3 in acceleration and strength and a 2 in everything else make this THE car to buy for starting out Class A.

Dodge Challenger: The 2008 version, not the old one. This car has a 2 in everything except a 4 in speed and strength with a 3 in drifting make this a car you don't want to get hit by. Thiago drives this car as his Class A car.

Ford Shelby GT 500: Same stats as the Challenger with a 2 in drifting.

Audi R8: A greatly balanced car with a 3 in every stat except for a 4 in speed and a 2 in strength. Luis drives this car as his Class A car.

Nissan GT R: Nissan's finest car has appeared in NFSN. A 5 in acceleration with a 4 in top speed and handling make this car great for driving, with a 3 in drifting and strength.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR 1: This is one of the finest cars in the game, with a price of only 250 grand. It is the first car you can buy to have a 5 in speed. 4 in everything else except it has a drifting of three. Seriously, buy this car!

Lamborghini Gallardo: The Gallardo has made it to NFSN, but has been stuck with the stats that make it not get bought. A 4 in speed and drifting, three in everything else, with a 2 in strength. Ignore it. Don't even think about buying it. Omar drives this car as his Class A car.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Say hello to the first of the master drifters! Yep, that's right. This car has the honorable role of being one of the only cars in game to have a 5 in strength. 4 in speed, 3 in everything else, with a 2 in strength.

Ford GT: Same as the GT3, just with an extra bump in top speed, acceleration, and handling. Zarinah drives this car as her Class A car.

Lamborghini Reventon: This Lamborghini is much better than its brother (Gallardo). 5 in top speed, 4 in acceleration and drifting, 3 in handling and a 2 in strength. Jawad drives this car as his class a car.

Pagani Zonda R: This car has a 5 in everythi- oh, sorry. It has a 5 in every stat except for a pitiful 2 in strength, making it the most powerful glass cannon (fast as lightning, fragile as glass). The ultimate car in the game, but it'll set you back 650 grand.
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Bosses 51%
As in any game, you'll have a person (or a group of people) that you will not like. Here are your rivals in NFSN:

Thiago: Thiago is the #1 racer in Rio De Janeiro. Thiago doesn't drive very good cars, but he did make the two tutorial videos for you. He drives the strongest car out of the first three cars available for purchase in every class (the Volkswagen Type 2, the Dodge Charger, and the Dodge Challenger). He doesn't get good positions in his races, either. just make sure you don't get in his way, or he'll crush your car.

Omar: Omar is the #1 racer in Cairo. Omar is better than Thiago and has found special uses for his cars, like using his Volkswagen Beetle as a fan. He also has a Porsche Cayenne Turbo and a Lamborghini Gallardo. Omar is a pretty good driver that gets himself on a high radar. Watch out for him in class B, as his Porsche is extremely strong, but if you slow him down, he's not going to be having a very good time. And his Gallardo? It isn't as good as it was in the other NFS games.

Luis: Luis is the #1 racer in Madrid. His cars are almost equal to power as Omar's cars are. Luis is a man with fashion, and he's also a bull tamer. Like Thiago, he doesn't always get the best position, but he has a Hummer H2, a Shelby 500, and his popular Audi R8. His Hummer H2 and Shelby 500 have good strength, so you'd better not be careless with him around you in the lower classes.

Zarinah: Zarinah is the #1 racer in Singapore, and is the only female racer in the game to be one of your big opponents. Zarinah has cars that are superior in power that almost match Jawad's cars, but she is still not as good is Jawad is. She drives a Toyota Corolla, a Nissan Nismo 370 Z, and a Ford GT. Have fun trying to defeat her, but she doesn't drive very strong cars in terms of strength, so if she's ramming into you, you'll probably not be taking very much damage.

Jawad: Jawad is the #1 racer in the United Arab Emirates, and he'll be your most disliked rival. Jawad will extremely annoy you with his first class cars, with those cars being the Tesla Roadster, the Porsche Cayman and a Lamborghini Reventon. Your cars may be good, but his cars will make your cars look like garbage. He is slowed down easily by the cops, and he'll be pulling ahead of you a lot of the time, so use that to your advantage to defeat the lord of Need for Speed Nitro. If he screws up, he will be losing a lot of ground, and maybe just enough to send him down to last place in an elimination race.
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Multiplayer game cheat 50%
If you go play multilayer do elimination race lose on purpose and press 2 so you can drive a cop car :) hope you like it
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Wheeley boost 50%
When you start he race loook at the speed meter.if the little yellow thing is yellow let go of acelerate and then hit it again keep doing this until you boost is full as soon as you go hit boost and hit again super boost
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More cars 48%
If you want more cars then play the easiest levels again and again. Once you get lots of money you can check if you have enough money to buy the car you want but just in case get more money. Works trust me :)
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Stars 43%
If you are having trouble earning stars in some of the lower cities wait until you unlock the best car for that class and then try it again it makes races a lot easier (to earn money do races your good at =)
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Turbo 43%
Push your wii remote forward (without wheel) and it will give you turbo and always go fast on sharp turns.Because hold B kind of and turn then hit turbo again and you will fly through the track like nothing.
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How to get lot of drift points,nitro and speed 43%
Start a normal drift but steer a little.Try to not steer to little because your drift will be stopped.Use this method to get boost in every steer
By: stefanbogdan(59)
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Get all cars 42%
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Stars 42%
Stars are the keys to advancing through the career. There are 480 stars.

You need 100 to open the Bronze Grand Prix, 210 for the Silver Grand Prix, and 370 to get into the Gold Grand Prix.

Cars and Cities are unlocked every 20 stars until you have 280 stars. By this time, all cars and cities are unlocked.

Rank changes occur every 50 stars. If a race says "Racers only", there are no cops. Any rank can enter.

Getting all the stars in any city in a single class (Ex. all stars in Rio in the Bronze cup) or getting at least 3rd in any Grand Prix unlocks special collectable cars. These don't take up space and can't be sold. They are sometimes the cars used in Test Drives, and every car has a collectable version.
By: LSA2013(423)
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How to play (wii wheel style) 41%
Driving with a wii wheel is more realistic and more fun than using the wii remote. Press the 2 button to accelerate and the 1 button to brake. Starting out? The steering assist can help you develop your A-game.

At the start of a race, accelerate until your accelerator it's in the range of a little bar. keep your accelerator icon in the range of the bar. When the race starts, if your accelerator isn't near max speed (it should be!), you'll get stalled (it can happen in drag races too)! If you don't, press the A-button as fast as you can to get another full bar of boost (the top bar must be full) and you'll be using the boost. At any time you're in the middle of boosting, you can press 1 to brake and save some nitro for another time.

If you damage your car, your boost bars can get blocked out so you can't get anymore nitro. Pick up a wrench (circuit & elimination races only) and press up on the D-pad to repair your car. Cars also tend to go faster when it's not damaged. Badly damaged cars will slow down.

To use the nitro, press A for some boost, but press A twice for a lot of boost! To get nitro, you can drift, draft your opponents, or just drive fast to build up the nitro. Nitro can be the difference between winning and losing!

Street racing as you may know is illegal, so driving fast, hitting cops, knocking down cones and driving on the sidewalk for too long will all build up heat with the cops. The cops will be more aggressive according to your heat level, but will only appear at certain times. Got cops on your back? Pick up a police badge, and pick a target when you can see them, and press up on the D-pad to give them FIVE STARS! The cops will ignore you and take down your target. This also gets rid of the 5 stars from other racers that used a badge on YOU.

Drifting is an important part to winning a race. Hold down the 2 button, steer hard and tap the brake to drift. Drifting hard will slow you down, while drifting softly won't, but watch out for the walls! There even is an event based all around drifting, and you'll need to accumulate drift points to beat the high scores. There's a time limit also.

Drag races are an important part to getting to the top. You need to be good at this. Press up on the D-pad to shift. When your accelerator is in the green bar, shift to get nitro, so don't short shift or over rev your engine. You can only use boost at top gear and you can't get a perfect out for traffic and the walls. Driving into them will total your car, putting you in the lowest position possible (you'll normally be in last, but you'll be in a higher position if someone totaled their car first).

There are 3 classes of cars in this game. There are (in worst to best order) city cars, performance cars and super cars. Each class has different cars with different performance levels. Your car and how well you drive will make you better. You'll need enough cash to buy the cars. You can also edit you cars to your liking, because, lets face it, if you drive the car with its normal look EVERY race, you aren't going to look very cool.
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Turbo ilimite 40%
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All stars 37%
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Master, game complete! 37%
With the wii I have completed the whole game ,all drifting, turn and then turn the same direction then wip the car the other direction while applying brake, you will get multiplier
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Pop a wheelie! 37%
As you may not know, some cars can preform wheelies! And here's how to do so:

Make sure you are driving a muscle car (like the Corvette Sting Ray, Dodge cars, etc). At the start of a race, fill the top bar of your nitro and activate it as soon as you start (also known as a perfect launch). Your muscle car will pop a wheelie and the bottom bar of your nitrous bottle will be filled up! (you're still using nitro!)
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All cars unlocked 33%
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This how you win 29%
Wen you are using the steering wheel press and hold 2 and keep driving and when you get unuf nitro press and hold A and dont forget to press R to brake
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Need for speed nitro 29%
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Stars 29%
Stars are important in the game as they mark your performance for an event. The more stars you have, the more bonuses you receive. I'm talking new events, new cars, more money, decals, and so on! Here is (most) star information!

Circuit and elimination races have 5 stars you can get, the rest of them have 3. Here are the ones you HAVE to be on the lookout for:

1st/2nd/3rd place: That's right! You get one star for third place, 2 for 2nd place, and 3 for first place! These are the most important ones. They are found in circuit, elimination and drag races.

(Insert score amounts for Speed trap and drift here) points: In speed trap and drift races, you have to get a score high enough to get 3 stars, which is scored like the positions in a drag, circuit or elimination race.

(Insert amount of style points here) style points: Style points are important to scoring well. To get style points, you can stay in first place, draft an opponent, drift, catch some air (I mean get in the air for a long time), or use the nitro for a long stretch of time! For elimination and circuit races only.

(Insert lap time here): Yep, you need to go fast to get a star. You can use the nitro, take shortcuts, drift, etc to help you finish a lap in a record amount of time! You only have a couple of tires to do so, however. For circuit and elimination races only.
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Cars 28%
If you dont have enough money for a car do all stars on places which are easy like ron jeon place the first you get to race on and unlock them and use them
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Wheel 23%
Wait to add the stars untill you get 50 then buy a cheap car
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