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Cursed Mountain Cheats for WII
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Cursed Mountain WII Cheats

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Cursed Mountain

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

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Questions & Answers
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Cursed Mountain 540463Can not get past first door with key and the third eye Answers: 3
Cursed Mountain 714123Where is the bell hidden in Bennet's room? Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 725744How do I use the tape recorder Answers: 2
Cursed Mountain 763055Im stuck at twilight of bardo... when i go to the gate wth flying demon, green mist came and writing says "jump" and i did. but, after jumping, suddenly writing says something but too fast, go left- right something. but, character always fall down, i couldnt pass the gate :((( Answers: 2
Cursed Mountain 812512In the cellar, cutting through ignorance level, ive found a pot under the stairs, I need to find a door in cellar I think, for next piece of fragment, but cant find the door, its pitch black, ive tried walking around the walls but no luck, im not sure if there is a door, please help :) Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 873593I'm stuck at the very start of the game. I don't know what I do on the mountain? Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 908385How do I fight the ghosts in the mountain fallen after crossing the spikes? Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 919589How do you defeat the demon in the circular arena in Twilight of the Bardo? Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 950745In the pc game what key do I click to get down the ladder? Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 958831What are the incense for Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 973687Compassion ritual Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 985796How do you purify the buddha Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 708732How do you kill the ghost after you get the bell? Answers: 2
Cursed Mountain 764524How do I get into Bennets house.The symbols on the door tried all the moves arghhh help Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 568882How do you defeat the the ghost that protects the shrine at cuttin through ignorance? Answers: 6
Cursed Mountain 549534How do you use axe at first house? Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 831850I am stuck on the first level - when I have been dropped by a sherpa in the village. I found a key, axe and note. Thats it. I don't know what to do next or how to go to next level. Please help. Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 863979In the into darkness where fallen into chasim how do you activate the wrath of ekajet mantra to get past the arms on the walkway. I die every time and it goes back to where before getting the mantra thing. Answers: 2
Cursed Mountain 756988How do you kill the main ghost in the section "A Ritual Disturbed"? Answers: 0
Cursed Mountain 544859How do I defeat the shiine keeper ghost. Answers: 2
Cursed Mountain 632637How do you defeat the monster at the twilight bardo , when you have got through the gate? Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 648424How do I defeat the black bird man and the three monsters Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 825072How do you open the sealed door at the temple Answers: 1
Cursed Mountain 605324How do I kill the 3 ghosts Answers: 1
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