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Mini Ninjas Cheats for XBOX 360
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Mini Ninjas XBOX 360 Cheats

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Mini Ninjas

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Xbox Live Gamer Picture 98%
You can unlock a Futo Gamer Pic by getting the 'Stop! Futo Time!' Achievement (Use Futo in combat on all levels).
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Messing With Their Heads 67%
The samuri are pretty stupid and really weird. It has nothing to do with this hint, but here's some dialogue I can picture them saying to one another:

*Hiro rushes past a pair of samuri while using the Spirit Form spell to control a fox.*
Samuri 1: Ooo, a fox! Catch it, catch it! Master will be most pleased!
*Hiro-Fox gets away, and Hiro uses the Camoflage spell to look like a bush so he can sneak up on them.*
Samuri 1: Awww, the fox got away... Well, at least-
Samuri 2: Hey, hang on a sec, I think that bush just moved!
Samuri 1: Really? Cool, I bet it was a rare Walking Bush! You're really lucky to have seen one, they're supposed to bring good luck!
*Hiro uses the Spirit Form spell to posess Samuri 2.*
Hiro: Oh, they bring good luck? It's a shame you didn't see one, then.
*Hiro destroys Samuri 1, who turns back into the chicken he was to begin with and wanders off.*

Sorry, just had to put that in there.
Anyway, once you reach the level cap (on the Xbox 360 version, at least) you can use the Spirit Form spell to control the small samuri. It doesn't matter what kind of little samuri you take control of, they all wind up as the blue, sword-wielding ones.

The samuri never seem to notice that the one you took over is acting differently now, so feel free to pick them off whenever you're ready, but be careful. Some do notice, and they tend to figure it out pretty quickly, but once you attack one, even if no one realizes it's not a samuri, they all start attacking you. Also, if even one figures it out, they all start attacking you.

Once you release the samuri from the spell, it turns back into an animal, like it would if you defeated it.

Good luck, have fun, hope you enjoy messing with the samuri's heads!
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QMP 50%
Found Shun
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Easy killing against large numbers near grass 47%
When enemies are wondering around near grass ALWAYS sneak up on the best enemy and kill him then stun a few enemies and kill the ones that arn't stunned then kill the ones who have just been stunned.
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Tornado Style 42%
If there is a large mass of enemies or a small bunch summon a tornado right in front of you then get the enemies attention then when they run towards you they get sucked up then die you might not get it right first time though but when you manage to do it successfully you literally become unbeatable.
By: energyrogue(17)
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Enemies below 40%
If there are lots of enemies and you find it hard killing them try hiding in a bush or above them then when the've almost passed your hiding stop jump out and do an ariel sword attack or use a spell such as tornado or firebolt and then jump out and stun and kill its simple.
By: energyrogue(17)
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Full health 38%
Press while playing:left up up x right square and triangle
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35 Achievements
Mini Ninjas - Off You Go Off You Go
Completed basic training
Mini Ninjas - Found Futo Found Futo
Find Futo
Mini Ninjas - Found Suzume Found Suzume
Find and free Suzume
Mini Ninjas - Found Shun Found Shun
Find and free Shun
Mini Ninjas - Found Kunoichi Found Kunoichi
Find and free Kunoichi
Mini Ninjas - Found Tora Found Tora
Find and free Tora
Mini Ninjas - Lost and Found Lost and Found
Retrieve all five missing ninja
Mini Ninjas - Off The Richter Scale Off The Richter Scale
Defeat Boss Lumbering Fool
Mini Ninjas - Smell You Later Smell You Later
Defeat Boss Windy Pants
Mini Ninjas - Tripped and fell Tripped and fell
Defeat Boss Timid Swimmer
Mini Ninjas - Crash landing Crash landing
Defeat Boss Screeching Owl
Mini Ninjas - Restore Balance Restore Balance
Defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord
Mini Ninjas - Animal Friend Animal Friend
Free all caged animals
Mini Ninjas - Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
Shake 15 trees
Mini Ninjas - Sage of Philosophy Sage of Philosophy
Reach level cap
Mini Ninjas - Avalanche Avalanche
Defeat an enemy as a snowball
Mini Ninjas - Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing
Flawless Great River Canyon rafting
Mini Ninjas - Little Ninja Little Ninja
Complete game on easy or medium difficulty
Mini Ninjas - Hard Little Ninja Hard Little Ninja
Complete game on hard difficulty
Mini Ninjas - Bow Before Me Bow Before Me
Defeat 50 enemies with the bow
Mini Ninjas - Stop! Futo Time! Stop! Futo Time!
Use Futo in combat on all levels
Mini Ninjas - Eat My Dust Eat My Dust
Travel far in full gallop
Mini Ninjas - Pied Piper Pied Piper
Incite 50 enemies to dance
Mini Ninjas - Poker Poker
Defeat 30 spearmen with the spear
Mini Ninjas - Don't Blame it on the Sunshine Don't Blame it on the Sunshine
Bring sunshine to all denizens of the graveyard
Mini Ninjas - No Conjurer of Cheap Tricks No Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
Expend 1500 Ki using Kuji magic
Mini Ninjas - Now You See Me ... Now You See Me ...
Defeat 100 enemies with stealth attack
Mini Ninjas - Big Guy Big Guy
Defeat a large one
Mini Ninjas - Boardom Boardom
Defeat 10 enemies as the boar
Mini Ninjas - Bear With Me Bear With Me
Defeat 10 enemies as the bear
Mini Ninjas - Silent Assas... Ninja Silent Assas... Ninja
Complete a level without being seen
Mini Ninjas - Botanist Botanist
Collect one of each ingredient
Mini Ninjas - Completist Completist
Collect all Jizo statues
Mini Ninjas - Tengu Friend Tengu Friend
Complete all Wandering Tengu quests
Mini Ninjas - Sightseeing Sightseeing
Visit all temples

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Mini Ninjas 638385How do you defeat the ghosts in the graveyard? Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 685515How do I get out of the flooded valley ? Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 560929How do you defeat the red enemies that disappear and reappear? I can't seem to touch them. Answers: 7
Mini Ninjas 762659How do you get the giant koi fish to shore? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 828802On some levels there is this masked guy who floats and fires purple missiles at you. How do I kill him? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 734977How do I get through the door of the Bamboo Forest? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 811200I am stuck I need help getting through the flooded gates to speak to the birds uncle help! Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 871667How do you get the fishing rod Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 900562What level is the meteor shower in Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 915567How does tora gallop?:( Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 970280What level do you get meteor storm on? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 665844How do I defeat the warlord in his fortress of doom? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 780814How do you get the time stop thing Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 572805Mountain road checkpoint, I don't know how to kill master? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 607707How do I get the Animal Friends Achievement? , Having a hard time getting that any help will be helpful. Answers: 2
Mini Ninjas 623767How do you get across the Waving Grass River? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 744968How do you escape the avalanche after you defeat boss screeching owl? I have tried again and again, but I can never get away! Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 747706What Shrine In What Level Do I Get Meteor Storm On? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 785843How do you get though the temple on the flooded valley? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 711833How do I defeat the big warrior? Answers: 1
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