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Mystery Stories Cheats for NDS
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Mystery Stories NDS Cheats

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Mystery Stories

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

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Mystery Stories 618420Where do I find the construction light for the battery for mystery stories for nintendo ds? Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 616003How do you get the coins into the display case? Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 553521Im stuck on level 113 at the end it says 'a trip to rome' cant find it anywhere please! Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 558150Where is the construction lamp Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 587783Level 38 ! where is the construction lamp for the battery? Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 547215Battery into construction light - what is this cannot find on screen? Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 612224Where is the vase in level 113 Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 664179Where is the saw on the boat on level 5? Answers: 0
Mystery Stories 685132How do I get 3 coins into the display cabinet cheers Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 703399How do you insert four teeth Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 738329How do I paint the wall 3 times on level 39 Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 746377On level 38 on mystery stories berlin nights it tells you to put battery into construction light. I cant find either of these and I am stuck. Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 8087021.How you manage crew and ship certificate ? 2.What different Statutory Certificate and class Certificate ? 3.What different between DOC and SMC ? 4.What is Master's overriding authority ? 5.What is Master's responsibilities and duties under ISM code ? Answers: 0
Mystery Stories 554151How do you feed the seagull in level 14 Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 620417Put the film in the camera In level one if you have found all the items. The last words are "Put the film in the camera" How can we do this ? Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 626095Unable to place battery in construction lamp.Any advice please! Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 637921Where are sunglasses on level 14? Answers: 0
Mystery Stories 650211How do you switch to TV on in Level 36 Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 667162How do I get the third pappaya into the bucket Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 670232Level 99 - Where is the screwdriver? Answers: 0
Mystery Stories 670327I cant figure out how to switch on the telly! Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 696287I am totally stuck on the page with the waterfall, the boat, the glade and the beach have solved all puzzles but can't move on Answers: 0
Mystery Stories 700803I am totally stuck trying to put a battery into a construction lamp on one of the levels. I have found all the objects and can move the battery but for the life of me can't find a lamp any advice welcome Answers: 1
Mystery Stories 701697Where and how does the game actually end? I was somewhere in Berlin tapping through a dialogue bit and all of a sudden it was back at the start screen. This has happened twice now and don't know if my games faulty. Answers: 0
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