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Facebook: Farm Town Cheats for PC
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Facebook: Farm Town PC Cheats

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Facebook: Farm Town

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Store facility products faster. 80%
In your facilities, when storing products, to speed up storage of items, start at the bottom of your "Whats Pending" section, and just click anywhere in the area of the product to store it, you do not have to wait for the [STORE] button to appear, even better is you can click all of the boxes as fast as you can click through them all and then just leave the facility, the Items will all be stored.
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Hire friends to harvest or plow 77%
How to: Instead of going to the market and hiring total strangers to harvest or plow at your farm, try asking your friends to visit your farm so that you can hire them. In return, perhaps they will hire you to harvest or plow at their farm.
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Triple farm planting capabilites 74%
Directions for tripling farm town plots.

Open a window with your farm on it. You must start with a clean farm so make sure you delete any plowed land (in the area you want to plow in triplicate).

Once you have your clean farm, save it and open farmtown in two more windows.

Now is the tricky part - make sure you are offline in all three windows.

Start with the first window and plow the area you want.
Save this farm.

Go to the second window and about 1/3 over (or the width of a tree) start plowing the same area. This is what causes the overlap effect.
Save this window.

Go to the third window and again about 2/3s over from the first or 1/3 over from the second start plowing the area you want.
Save this window.

Now close the second and third window and go online in the first window. You may have to close and reopen your farm but you should see the tripled plots.

The only catch is that from now on you will not be able to plow your farm. You will have to hire people to plow.

You can harvest and you can plant. It uses three times the fuel for harvest, plow and seed. It is three times the farm in one.

Try to hire people with equipment to harvest and plow because it is faster ...
Avoid hiring more than one person at a time because it bogs down the system..

Have fun!
By: msartlit(24)
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Leveling Up 69%
A friend of mine was told to plant raspberries to level up faster . It makes sense too if you think about it , your raspberries are ready to harvest every 2 hours , so you are harvesting and plowing every 2 hours which gives you more experience points more often . Not much money but you can make that up by working another farm while you wait your 2 hours on your raspberries !
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Flowers and trees on top of plowed fields 57%
Empty/delete your field. Next plant your trees or flowers, save. Then Hide your trees/flowers and reload. Now plow one spot then delete it. You should now be able to plow everywhere. One time I wasn't able to so I opened a second tab and did the same steps of plowing then deleting and that worked.
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No wait time on Planting, Plow, exc. 56%
Alright, I'm sure many people know this, but I don't see it on here so why not! OK, if you are Plowing a farm, if it's yours or if you were hired(Does not matter.), click on all the spaces and you notice your guy walks to all of them till the little percent bar goes to 100 right? Well after you do so and all the spaces have the percent bars above them, just leave that farm. When plowing someone else farm and you click on spaces the XP points are awarded per space you click and given to you right away before the percent bar goes up and when you leave you might get lag and "+1 XP" will pop above your head a bunch, but better then waiting. If you are plowing your own farm the XP is not awarded till the percent bar on each space is done. Let's say you click on 556 spaces, well when you leave "+556 XP" will pop up above your head. So there is no wait time. GOOD TIP RIGHT?!?!

P.S: This also works while planting trees or crops as well, so go nut!
By: KNAmbrose(21)
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Outstanding plow (plow in 1-3 minuts without having to keep clicking the button) 22%
CHEAT- To start this outstanging plow all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

. 1 you have to get your mouse and make a box where yuo want to plow...

.2 then click P then keep held down and press T hold both down together for 5 secounds thn release.

.3 This will activate the system to say' plow ........' (the dots are for however big the box you created to plow that much of area).

.4 In 1-3 minuits time your plowage will be done in 4 simple steps. :)
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