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Tales of VS Cheats for PSP
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Tales of VS PSP Cheats

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Tales of VS

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Characters 100%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock the following

Chester / ArcheView and beat them in extra events in Luke / Tear and Jade / Anise's stories
Cless / KratosBeat Lloyd and Colleteís Story
DhaosBeat every story besides Dhaos and Mint / Barbatos
EugeneBeat all 20 Special Battles
Jade / AniseBeat Luke and Tearís Story
Luke (Short Hair)Beat Luke and Tear Story. Select Long-Hair Luke by holding Start
Mao / CaiusBeat Yuri and Farahís Story
Mint / BarbatosBeat Dhaos Story
Nanaly / HaroldBeat her in an extra event in both Yur i/ Farah and Mao / Caius stories
Philia / KongmanView and beat in extra events in Luke / Tear and Jade / Anise stories
PreseaFight in an extra event in both Yuri / Farah and Mao / Caius stories
RichterView extra events with him in both Loyd / Collete and Cless/Kratos' Stories
Rita / JudithDefeat them in extra events in both Loyd / Collete and Cless/Kratos stories
Ruca / IriaBeat them in a Leon / Kyle story Extra event. In Stahnís story beat them (with Presea) in the main story, then view an event to the nw
SenelFight in an extra event in Jade/Anise story. Go to the Mao / Caius Story and view his Extra event
Shing / KohakDefeat them in extra events in both Loyd / Collete and Cless / Kratos stories
StahnBeat Leon and Kyle's Story


CelsiousBeat Wallbreakers in 5 minutes or less
FrioBeat Wallbreakers
KyaroAt the 'Results' screen, press L & R repeatedly and move the penguin across the screen
ValkyrieAt the menu, move the analog nub up and down, then alternate pressing L & R until Sandra moves across the screen. Speech bubbles will appear
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