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Spectrobes: Origins Cheats for WII
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Spectrobes: Origins WII Cheats

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Spectrobes: Origins Cheats

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Spectrobes: Origins

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Card Input Codes 98%
Description: Unlock the following tools, minerals and Spectrobes with these codes. You will get the Card Input after the fourth Planet.

014-087-331Galaxy Axe
183-631-190Galaxy Blaster
134-903-170Galaxy Glove
334-944-377Galaxy Lance
679-142-964Galaxy Sword
329-712-150Gem Sword
976-777-874Giga Axe
953-316-291Life Mineral
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Silver Komainu 98%
How to unlock: After beating Krux, save and continue to unlock Silver Komainu in the incubator.
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Metallic Leopubar & Rygazelle 96%
**You will need a copy of Spectrobes. Beyond the Portals and a DS for this.

After getting the 3rd Shard, speak with the largest member of the "three shady characters" with Jeena with you. He will let you link to your copy of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals for the Nintendo DS to unlock these two Spectrobes for your Incubator.
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Card Passwords 95%
Description: Enter these passwords into the card input feature to gain the following Spectrobes and items:

Attack Mineral650-110-743
Galaxy Blaster183-631-190
Galaxy Gloves134-903-170
Galaxy Sword679-142-964
Guard Mineral295-128-009
Life Mineral953-316-291
Optoger Graphic Novel Card258-441-816
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Metalic Ryza and Leo 91%
Before creating a file, enter this code for metallic versions of Ryza and Leo (in your incubator) at the title screen: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A
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Gold Komainu 91%
Complete the lab system database to unlock Gold Komainu.
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Spectrobes: Origins 544986On the second planet how do you make that spectobe fly? Answers: 6
Spectrobes: Origins 787417Where do you buy just the cards for spectrobes origins? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 671203How do I beat Drilzon on Doldogo? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 784101I need to find the last spectrobes in the Database.How do I get them? i'm talking about the last five before Pegatinum. Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 791251How do you fly. Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 811793How do I have a charge attack on a spectrobe I got from a card? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 812776Which krypto should I use for a zappira? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 824666On the desert planet in the ruins after the first boss on that planet (the cactus snake thingy), how do you get through the rotating room? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 943098How do we use flying spectrobes? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 949723How do you beat the giant krawl on menahat? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 950226What is the circuit card code for the graphic novel card? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 954180Can you evolve Spectrobes without evolve minerals? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 974732Where are the last ruins Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 979281I am on the ice planet and I have already beaten the giant krawl, I go to the giant cave where it sas to go but there is nothing in there, what do I do ? Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 567809How do I beat the boss in the ice cave Answers: 5
Spectrobes: Origins 609038What kind of kryptos is the best for certain property spectrobes? Example: Would a fire, water, leaf, earth, sky, or light kryptos be most likely to level up a Spikan? Answers: 2
Spectrobes: Origins 668057On the fourth planet, where is the entrance to the ruins? Answers: 2
Spectrobes: Origins 714963How do you beat the krawl that is protecting kamtoga in the fire place Answers: 0
Spectrobes: Origins 671201If I already have the codes for the card input machine, then why does not any websites put the circuit entry that needs to be with it? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 639325In the ice cave when I destroyed the first krawl the door was going to open but I went outside and then I went back in and the door was closed Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 624397Where do you put the card codes in? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 671202How do I beat Drilzon on the fire planet? Answers: 1
Spectrobes: Origins 796612How do you defeat the huge Krawl on Wyterra? Answers: 2
Spectrobes: Origins 665191OK so I'm on wyterra now and I have to go to the pool of awakening I already found it but I need to find where mayapod is. I know it is on Menahat but can you people tell me where I can find it on Menahat. Answers: 2
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