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Mini Ninjas Cheats for WII
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Mini Ninjas WII Cheats

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Mini Ninjas

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Defeat the super fast guys! 72%
I just figured out a tip/cheat for deafeating the guys that run really fast! You first come across them at the water castle, when you get in, you turn to your left and go in that door and you come to the guy. But, you take out Shun and don't use a power attack, repeat-DO NOT USE POWER ATTACK!But just attack him normally with shun, he can't block the attacks. Oh yeah, and when hes in the air making the noise, you get ready to jump, when he comes down to take away a heart, you jump and then continue to attack him. Also, you may have to attack him for awhile, some take patients, others just die!
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Easy way to kill guys 67%
The requirements for this cheat is pretty simple.  Get on to of a rock or roof with Shun and start shooting people! it is effective, except on the big monster evil samurais.
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Blocking flaming arows 67%
When you are a distence away from an enemy archer he might shoot a flaming arrow change to hiro and hit it with you sword when it hits you and it should reflect and this might work with diffrent arrows I havent tried it
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East Way To Kill Big Ninjas 59%
(You will need at least one red power attack marker for this) First climb up a wall close to the big ninja with Hiro or Shun.
Then change to Suzume, and when the big Ninja turns so it has it's back to you jump off and play the Flute (special move)
After that change quickly to Futo and attack with the prompts until the big ninja dies!
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Fast to defeat warlord 58%
To defeat the warlord when he throw the purple orbhit it it will reflect to him then when his down us the kuji spells flamethrower thunder meteor shower when the signs are red it means it will explode if all the signs ha exploded it means his is defeated
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Kuju magic 55%
Find kuju shrine
go into animal but when you get you to level 15 you have all your heats and power and it lets you go into normal evil guys[awesome]
lightning storm
wind blow
ice shards
sun light
meteor shower
i think I forgot 1 or 2 or I got them all if I didn't I will tell you guys the rest
By: Zeb O Rama(282)
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Shortcut to 2nd boss 51%
Once you climb the first rope to the boss door climb over the roof and head to the lit up side
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Idea 41%
Jump of wall when enemy is near to dogde
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Morepowerfull 40%
Play levels again to earn more 'exp' so you can do better on over levels like castls and bosses.Thnx (:(:(:(:(:
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To find slow time 40%
When you go to winter rage at the very last part were the gohst are theres gonna be a small opening were theres torches are on the wall there is gonna be a hole but first get the flower it is in a small pond get it and go through the hole and there you have it
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Kuju magic 39%
I remembered the other 2 it is:
slow time
By: Zeb O Rama(282)
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Farther jump 36%
Run and jump at the same time
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QMP 25%
Found Shun
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Mini Ninjas 656101On level three, I climbed the waterfal and found a shrine but I cant get the anemone to unlock it. Where is the anemone? Answers: 5
Mini Ninjas 627052For wii, on level 5 there is a shrine on the waterfall but I can't find the white flower. where is it? Answers: 9
Mini Ninjas 652454How do you defeat the samurai warlord at the end Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 618530How do you beat the weird really fast ninjas you get on the water level and after? Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 636063How do I defeat the Master at the end of the game in the castle? Answers: 5
Mini Ninjas 643932Where do I get the anemone flower by the waterfall shrine- level 3 Answers: 4
Mini Ninjas 697392How do I defeat the boss? on the wii? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 731252How do you get by the Haunted Forest? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 849946How do you beat the snow boss? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 889717Where are both of the shrines and amenomes in the level where you find the fireball? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 602411How do you kill the big ninja on your way to the castle? Answers: 2
Mini Ninjas 606860Were can I find the sacred lotus flower because I really want to make the fish essence potion Answers: 4
Mini Ninjas 615115How do you kill the big boss in level 4 Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 688992Ok,i have finished the game but there still seems to be 2 spaces when I go to those hut places where the crows are I talk to him instead of going to recepies I go to wepons and ther is 2 empty spaces why ? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 690360How do you defeat the water boss Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 714749How do you get to the place where the lord is waiting in chapter five? This would be after you meet the tengu crafter. Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 729569How do you get to boss "timid swimmer"? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 740735How do you play suzume's flute? Answers: 3
Mini Ninjas 742935How do you climb the leg of the moving castle? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 742973HOw to beat the ninjas in the temple on bolt wii? Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 749179Where do I find the anemone for the 5th scroll? Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 751018Where are the levers in the flooded valley Answers: 0
Mini Ninjas 776949How to defeat boss Answers: 1
Mini Ninjas 782987How do you get the spells in level 2? Answers: 0
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