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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Cheats for WII
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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade WII Cheats

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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Cheats

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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Wizard's recipe. 84%
You'll need to complete the wizard's recipe in order to save the witch princess.
He'll ask you to get the following:
Hibiscus flower
Good cornmeal
Perfect Butter
How to get them:
Hibiscus flower:
-Travel to toucan Island
-Enter the inn
-You'll trigger a cutscene where you'll meet Selena and her parents having an arguement. When it's over, her father will tell you that he wont sell hibiscus flowers until Selena and her mom stop arguing.
-Talk to Selena. You can choose wether you want to see her dance or not.
-Then leave to the main island again, and you'll trigger another event where Selena has followed you to the town...
-Then, enter the bar when it's open, and Selena will give you a letter. Deliver it to her parents.
-You'll trigger another cutscene, and you'll recieve the hibiscus flower! Give it to the wizard.
Good cornmeal:
-Grow 30,000g worth of crops (Including flowers).
-Then, the next day, you've unlocked the corn seeds and other stuff.
-Grow the corns. They take 9 days to grow in the summer. (Less in better soil)
-Take any good, or better corn and mill it in the watermill in flute fields.
-Give it to the wizard.
Perfect butter:
Purchase a butter maker from the general goods store.
Have, or purchase a cow.
Raise her heart to 2 or more hearts, and she'll eventualy give you perfect milk.
Put it in the butter maker and give it to the wizard.
Then you'll trigger an event where you save the witch princess!
Talk to her again and she'll give you the green bell

---Hope it helped!
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How to know where someone is 78%
Do you want to know what someone likes?Or where she/him is?press c.Tilt the control pad on the wii mote until it says friends.If you press -,youll see their info,liked items,disliked items and birthday.If you wanna know where he/she is,press A when you select the person you want to know where it is,and when you exit the menu,the scren will show where that person is.For example:today summer 11 year 1,trying to befriend everyone since I only need the purple bell,i pressed A on renee's name and it told me that she is in the barn of horn ranch during this thyphoon.And for pressing - I know she likes eggs and fish and that she hates nothing.
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Increase Friendship Daily 77%
Everyone knows you give gifts to build friendship, but what about another way? Another way to raise friendship is to rub the characters. To do this, connect the second Wii remote and stand beside the person, then move the second wii remote over the character. You will first see a ? over the head, but that will turn into , which means you friendship is growing. You can do this 2 times every day. Hope this helps!
By: lovergirl126(418)
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The Town's Melody's recipe. 73%
Is something you need in order to play the blue bell.
You'll meet Paolo, at the lighthouse, as soon the wizard sends you for the quest of the potion that saves the witch princess.
Paolo will tell you about the recipe.
you'll need:
- ANY duck egg
- Black pearl (Found in floor 20 or more in the watery cave. Don't worry, they're lying on the floor, so you dont need a hammer)
-ANY fish. You'll NEED five(5) of them... ANY KIND.

As soon as you get them, talk to paolo, and he'll tell you to go place the ingredients in the right place.
In any order, place:
-The duck egg on the roof of the mayor's house, or the house that's near the school.
-Place the black pearl at the right side of the inn's house.
-Place five fishes on the square pond near the fishery's roof.
Talk to Paolo ad tell him you're ready.
you'll trigger the event and after that and then go to the blue bell, and that's it. hope it helped!

Talk to Paolo
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Rubbing 71%
If you connect a second wii remote you can rub the other people and raise there affection for you
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Tip: Mining 67%
When walking around the Islands, make sure you gather and keep any Common Mushrooms you find. Don't ship them. Common Mushrooms are found everywhere, and will build up easily. When you go mining and get fatigued, about ten Common Mushrooms will fill your bar mostly full again, and you can save the money you make instead of buying a bodigizer.
By: HarvestMoon131(217)
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If your kids are missing 64%
If your kids are gone all of a sudden (it will say unown name area wait about 3 days to a week and they SHOULD be back.
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Finding Eunice the Giraffe 60%
To make good herb fish 1 you buy some horse mackeral(1 exactly) Then you buy a seabream(1exactly) and finnaly you add 2 herbs of the same color.
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Free Folder 58%
I know this a lot better than buying it . purchase some grass seeds then plant them
once the grass has grown cut it with a sickle . it automatically adds folder to your stock!
and the best part is the grass grows back!
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This should help 52%
I know that Selena LOVES coconuts (witch you find on the island) and Kathy likes cranberry fruit. Luke LOVES shinning spinach and likes perfect cherry's,Thats who Im marrying
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Coffee Beans 52%
Here is how to get coffee beans. To get coffee beans you have to upgrade marimba farm to level 4 then you have to buy a seedling (because it's a tree.) Then plant the seedling in the middle of a 3x3 plot and water it until it grows into a small tree.
By: lovergirl126(418)
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Tracking People 45%
Want to know where someone is? Try tracking them! To track people,hold C until a menu pops up. Go to the Friends section. Scroll down to the person you want to track and press A. Now exit them menu and look in the bottom left hand corner. You will see a picture of the person and where they are. Thant is how you track people! Hope this helps!
By: lovergirl126(418)
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Well, I suppose this helps you. 44%
For you people playing as guys out there: marry renee. you may say: I dont like her/her look, I like someone else. well too bad then. she is an excellent possiblity. why you ask? well, shes right by your house so you can visit her frequently, good personality, easy things to get that she likes, (she LOVES hot milk, she loves (not as much) any kind of berry), nice kids, and shes just practical. SHES A FARMER/RANCHER MAN! PLUS FOR U FISHERS SHE LIKES TO FISH! sometimes people dont realize this stuff.

Also, I dont know how you trigger it, but in town you will enter a cutscene with Yolanda and that knitting grandma person, Shelly. Yolanda starts blabbering that you should help shelly and blah blah blah. Shelly wants 10 green herbs, wool (i think), and something else that you can buy. (you have to find the 10 herbs) once you give it to her she will expand your rusack by five spaces. after that she needs more crap. get that n she will expand your rusack and so on.

By the way before you get your cow pregnat, just so you know you cant ride it or get milk. same for sheep, goats, etc.

-If she loves you let her go, cuz love only gets ya down.
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Get a Fishing Pole 43%
Love Fishing? Don't Have a fishing pole? No problem! When you meet Toby, he will give you a free fishing pole! Hope this helps!
By: lovergirl126(418)
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Working code in dolphin 25%
Have all outfit
0410C590 7C6B1B78
0418B7D8 38600001
0418B7DC 906B79D8

Run faster (boost me up to 10%, somewhere near it)

046B5994 41000000
By: kanalove(19)
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