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Cabela's Outdoor Adventures Cheats for WII
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Cabela's Outdoor Adventures WII Cheats

Rating: 2/5 VOTE
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Cabela's Outdoor Adventures

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Majestic Sitka Easy Kill (Game Finale) 100%
Once you are at your last checkpoint (in the rock cover), do not call the buck as the guide instructs. Instead, crouch down and go to the last set of bushes on the right. The doe's will not sense you until you call the buck. I use scent cover for good measure. Call the buck with the antlers and wait. Stay perfectly still. The buck will come right in front of you. You can shoot the arrow without pulling the bow back.
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Colored bouys 69%
A bouy will be green during fishing when there is fish and yellow when their is no fish.
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Trophy Caribu!!! 57%
All right for those who are worried about the trophy caribu all you have to do is stay on the path crouched and put on scent cover. then when you get to the log use the antlers to lure the smaller one closeer to you then a cut scene wiil pop up and the bigger caribu will be close enough for a shot.
By: Bubbles10102(125)
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50 pound Rainbow Trout 51%
Hope this helps, but after trying awhile, we let the lure sink a bit then reel in.. This finally worked, unless pure luck!
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Unlimited ammos and shotgun 35%
(during game play) press A,A,A,C,Z,C,Z,A,A,A  then press start and you should have it
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How to get the 2 big bucks 25%
I have a hint for you. if you are shooting two big bucks. shoot one and then the buck and his herd will stop get closer
untill you
got a good shoot shot and you got him
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Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 583142How do you exit the tree stand Answers: 7
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 627162How do you kill the bear I got killed twice I need help please help im in need of you Answers: 5
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 674453How do I shoot both bears with the muzzlerloader in alaska? Answers: 2
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 700534Why do black tail deer always run away in the british columbia hunt, even when I shoot either buck it says I scared the target animal away? Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 823940After completing the fishing abjective and the guide tells you to get to the dock. How do you get out of the boat. I drive to the dock and run out of time becuase nothing I do works Answers: 3
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 585730When you mount the tree stand someone answered "A to bring up the menu, highlight the rangefinder, press C ...." is the A the "A" button. Can't seem to make it work, help! Answers: 9
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 632303I followed instructions, so why can't I get the fisherman to cast? Answers: 5
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 634451How do you get to go fishing? Answers: 4
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 673212I'm fishing for brown trout in area 4(?).....have to catch 7 fish, but live well only holds 5. I return to the dock as instructed with the 5 fish, but how do I empty the live well? Help, please! Answers: 2
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 690965How do you get a muzzleloader to shoot a deer? Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 692909Does anyone else besides me want to take a few rounds out of the warden and guide every now and then? How about the programmers of Cabelas Outdoor Adventures? I'd like to give them a peice of my mind! Answers: 4
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 663073I can't read the instruction on for the duck call do not know if i'am doing it right Answers: 6
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 618169When hunting bear 2 of them come to the scent what one to shoot I have shot each one and it still tells me target animal got away Answers: 2
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 618202Where are the flounder on fishing? Answers: 2
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 619403How do you get rid of subtitles on the screen? Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 622760When I kill the 10 point white tail deer in Kansas, by the lake on top of the ridge the warden says hunt failed and I have to start over. How do I get past this stage of the game? Answers: 7
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 625527How do you get the second elk in Idaho to come in to range? Answers: 3
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 626750How & where do you catch the 6lbs crappie? Answers: 2
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 632037Is there a trick to catching the 100# Chinook Salmon in Alaska? I'm getting plenty of salmon bites, but none are big enough. Answers: 6
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 666944How and where do I catch the 22lb walleye? Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 674113Are there any turkey hunts after you unlock the turkey call and turkey gun? Can't find any. Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 677513How do I exit out of this game & save the progress I've made? I keep having to start over at the beginning each time! It's very frustrating! Answers: 3
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 686551Stuck in Alaska trying to kill Trophy Stitka. In stand, calling with Atlers but trophy does not seem to come close enough...PLEASE HELP Copgal75 Answers: 1
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 690916In Alaska how do I kill small buck with bow from tree stand? I can't get him closer before they get spooked and run off. Answers: 2
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