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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Cheats for WII
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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga WII Cheats

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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Shared Closets? And Unlimited cash 71%
Ok so in the starting town (Vestilla) towards the north exit is your house. There are a bunch of options but one of them is the closet. You can deposit weapons and items and armor and stuff. Just basic storage right? Wrong, the closet is linked to your other save files in the game, same with the bank. so you can move powerful items and weapons to your brand new game! Also you can deposit money in the bank and withdraw it from a different save file. I have exploited this to give my character weapons that can one-hit kill all the begining monsters. It rocks. Also you can give yourself an unlimited amount of cash. You start a new game and unequip all your stuff and put it in the closet and then deposit all your money in the bank. You then erase that save file in the game menu. You can then start a new game with all of the cash from the bank and all your weapons. If you repeat this enough you can get all the money you want. Real useful for getting the expensive weapons from the different shops. I hope this helps.

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Invincible weapon in chapter 1 41%
Once upon a time there was a little toad who stole a king's sword he ran far far away through a forest and into the swamp. This toad can now be killed in chapter 1 right after you kill Sebastian and before you meet aiden in south forest. to do this you have to get to suzuri by using a priest's teleport spell if you walk through the south gates to go to suzuri u'll run into aiden and be unable to get the weapon. When you get to suzuri head straight into the wandering swamp and run into the deepest part to where the guardians were, go into the next part there should be a few beetles, kill 1 then use an escape card to go back to suzuri and go back into wandering swamp, now kill toads till they drop a sword go to the shop in suzuri and have them appraise it. This sword should have 120 WL, 2weight and 2 jewel slots. This is the best weapon avaliable to you in the entire game. and is able to KO nearly any enemy with it's high level.
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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga 849048On the Cheats page it someone submitted a post saying that there was an "invincible" weapon to be found after defeating Sebastion, and before Aiden. It says to go to the marshlands, to where the guardians were, and go to the next area (the Inner Marshes) and Kill (1) Beetle, then use an escape card to head back to Suzuri. Then Re-Enter the marshes and kill some(it provided no rough number or anything) toads, until they drop a sword. This sword should have the following Stats. 120 WL, 2 Weight, and 2 gem slots. My question is the following, Has anybody attempted to try this? If so did you actually find the weapon? How many times did you try this and how many were successful? I would appreciate any and all feedback on this. Answers: 2
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