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Heroes Over Europe Cheats for PC
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Heroes Over Europe PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.01 by: Caliber Dec 22,2009
Trainer by: Caliber Dec 15,2009

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Heroes Over Europe

Rating: 1/5 VOTE

Planes 93%
Description: Beat missions on Rookie to unlock the planes below. On Pilot or Ace you need to beat a bonus mission as well to unlock the plane.

Beaufighter TF Mk XBeat Operation Cerberus on Pilot
Bf-109 E4Beat London Burning on Rookie
Bf-109 E4 AceBeat Heart of the Empire on Ace
Bf-109 G10Beat Heart of the Empire on Pilot
Bf-109 G6Beat London Burning on Pilot
Bf-110 C-4Beat Firestorm on Rookie
Bf-110 G-4Beat Firestorm on Pilot
Fw190 A8Beat Operation Jericho on Rookie
Fw190 F8Beat Operation Jericho on Pilot
Fw190 F8 AceBeat The Butcher's Birds on Ace
G41 Meteor Mk IIIBeat Eye of the Storm on Ace
He 219A-7/Rl OwlBeat Firestorm on Ace
Hurricane Mk I I-cBeat Phoney War on Pilot
Hurricane Mk I I-dBeat Defense of the Realm on Pilot
Ju-87-B StukaBeat Fighter Superiority on Rookie
Macchi.202 FolgoreBeat Defense of the Realm on Ace
Me-262 A-2Beat Operation Jericho on Ace
Me-262 AceBeat The Black Heart on Ace
Mosquito FB Mk V Series 3Beat Party Crashers on Pilot
Mosquito NF Mk V Series 2Beat Operation Cerberus on Rookie
P-38J LightningBeat Eagle Day on Ace
P-40-B TomahawkBeat Phoney War on Rookie
P-47B ThunderboltBeat Party Crashers on Rookie
P-47D-23 ThunderboltBeat The Butcher's Birds on Pilot
P-51A MustangBeat Eagle Day on Rookie
P-51D (NA-124) MustangBeat Battle of the Bulge on Pilot
P-51D MustangBeat Battle of the Bulge on Rookie
P-51H (NA-126) MustangBeat The Black Heart on Pilot
P-61 Black WidowBeat The Black Heart on Rookie
P-80 Shooting StarBeat Battle of the Bulge on Ace
Spitfire Mk I-aBeat Defense of the Realm on Rookie
Spitfire Mk IX-cBeat Fighter Superiority on Ace
Spitfire Mk V-bBeat Fighter Superiority on Pilot
Spitfire XVI-eBeat Party Crashers on Ace
SwordfishBeat Heart of the Empire on Rookie
Tempest FB Mk IIBeat Eye of the Storm on Pilot
Tempest Mk V-IIBeat Eye of the Storm on Rookie
Typhoon Mk I-bBeat The Butcher's Birds on Rookie
Whirlwind Mk IIBeat Eagle Day on Pilot
Yak-9UBeat Phoney War on Ace
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