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My Boyfriend Cheats for NDS
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My Boyfriend NDS Cheats

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My Boyfriend Cheats

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My Boyfriend

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Dress Code & other.... 75%
I've only played the atheletic guy version... (may not be in order)

1. His friends say your not part of the group you....
Buy the blue striped top and the light blue pants that have the whit cuffed bottom

2. Motto Outfit....
Buy any of the clothes that have a symbol with it eg: peace sign, cowboy hat, anchor ect..

3. Disco....
Green Top with Belt

4. Movie Tickets...
The Agent one

I really don't know how to get a suitable outfit for the football game that you have to play, if someone knows that would be a big help
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Dress Code & other.... continued (footballer) 67%
5. football game....
wear the green striped top with the red pants

After the game it is the end of of the GAME pretty short but you had to use your head I guess.
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My Boyfriend 862374How to see if im rated ? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 886902What do I wear when you replace the drummer on My Boy Friend DS Answers: 0
My Boyfriend 887635How do you get to the mall? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 910421What should I do after geting the right outfit for the disco? Answers: 0
My Boyfriend 916830What clothes do you have to wear to convince the dream guy's friends? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 946147How & Where to Challenge the Ex-Friend ? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 748143Where doe's the dream boy hang out Answers: 2
My Boyfriend 785875I've just started and I'm at the beginning and the tip says look for the guy and when I'm at the exclamation marks it doesn't do anything. Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 697609Where is the old ladies cat? Answers: 0
My Boyfriend 753883How many pool items are there and WHERE ARE THEY? Answers: 0
My Boyfriend 752640What sort of outfit is said to be a motto out fit Answers: 2
My Boyfriend 787661At the beggining of the game, when you have to give out ten flyers in 43 seconds to your boyfriends mates to find out where he hangs out...i can only manage nine and I can't find the tenth person...HELP ME! Can you tell me where they all are? Like a description or a map...much apreceated... Answers: 2
My Boyfriend 825353How do I get the green t-shirt under the tree near the pool? Answers: 0
My Boyfriend 815088How do you get the clothes fro the athlete! his friends keep sayin i'm not dressed properly and all that! Answers: 2
My Boyfriend 842503On the tip: gain street cred with a great look,what do I do ? Answers: 6
My Boyfriend 840206What do you were to get the friends of the footballer to let you pass Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 842062On the tip: accept student jobs,what do I do? ive got 999 money? Answers: 2
My Boyfriend 800617What to wear when I meet my boyfriend in the mall? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 679112I need a walkthrough for the game anyone know were one is? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 805415What do I do when im looking for where he hangs out and the guy and girl say I dont look like part of the group? Answers: 3
My Boyfriend 816867Where do you have a kick out with your ex-friend on my boyfriend the DS game Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 873981I need to no what to wear when you replace the drummer ? Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 632674How to get the items by pool Answers: 1
My Boyfriend 662095How to collect items by the pool Answers: 1
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