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Need for Speed Shift Cheats for PS3
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Need for Speed Shift PS3 Cheats

Rating: 4.4/5 VOTE
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Need for Speed Shift

Rating: 4.4/5 VOTE

Performance Tuning 88%
This video focuses on performance tuning in Need For Speed Shift
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Leeling up tips 88%
Here are some tips on how to level up fast in Need for Speed Shift.
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Drivers 101 video 86%
Here is a video with some tips for Need For Speed Shift.
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Performance Tuning 83%
Its pretty simple. You have a car and want to win races. In SHIFT, the tuning options available will make your car scream and put a smile on your face.

Every car has a number of performance upgrades available from new tires to a more powerful engine to aerodynamic body paneling, the power is yours to turn your car into a snarling, race-winning beast in SHIFT.

But be wary, over-tuning your car can have disastrous effects on race day, leaving you struggling behind the pack, or worse, careening into wall after wall.

Cars will need different configurations for different tracks, so make sure the tuning on your car is set right before taking it out on the track in SHIFT.
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Drift Mode 83%
A short video on the development of drifting in Need for Speed Shift
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Quick Level and easy Cash 82%
Go to HazyView oval, set 15 opponents and 20 laps and pick whateva car you want, I prefer the Lambo under Loaners and I set the outside view (mainly becaus eyour windshield gets smashed fast) and just go to work smashing everybody, you will quickly badge up if you get your 2x multiplier running and just go to work! I filled up mad clean takes, tradin paint, dirty take etc etc and its 4Gs cash for every #1 and your sponsorship money comes really fast thru leveling! I got 18,000 points in one race! Good Luck!
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Easy Money 80%
This video shows how to get some easy money in Need for Speed Shift
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Easy Increasing Skill Level! 77%
-Okay, First you wanna select the Quick Race Option.

-Second, Make your option on the race as follows.
-MODE- Race
-LAPS- 10
-Car Class- What ever you want.
-TIME- May be whichever you prefer.
-TRACK- Is best with Hazyview Oval.

After doing this select your fastest car and then just run up on guys slam them around and keep on going your objective is to bang up as many of them as you can. Just play around you get 25 points a hit and they add up quick on such a small track I usually come out with 2500 points in agressiveness or precision whichever one it is and I still manage to boost into first place in the last 2 laps. I was a level 7 when I started and am now a 13 I believe and that was within 20 minutes. You will also max out your trophies for dirty overtake and trading paint by doing this. GOOD LUCK HOPE IT WORKS!
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Car List 77%
Need for Speed Shift Official Car List All Vehicles
Need for Speed Shift cheat video Cheat Video
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Race Strategies v1.0 76%
A Few Tips From the Reckless One:

Whutsamatter driver? still can't get out of tier 2 or 3 yet? Used all the game cheats and still no go? You should know that the game cheats listed here will only help you get more money and/or points. If your driving sux, so will your game experience. Better to forget the cheats and concentrate on strategy and skill for this one.

Assuming you have obtained a sufficient race worthy machine... (use the game cheats for that) there are some methods that I have determined will help you to get to the front of the pack.

First off, the game itself possesses THE most realistic physics that I have ever experienced. As in true racing the cars are very unforgiving, particularly at high speeds. All it takes is one little mistake, one oversteer and you're toast!

FINE TUNE YOUR CAR - The most important thing is to have the 'feel' of your car. To do this you have to fiddle with the game control settings (under options) until you get it right. Understand that any major movement on the wheel is going to translate into major movement on the road, so teach yourself to avoid jerking the wheel... be steady, efficient.

SET BRAKE BIAS - Under the OPTIONS menu look for the Gaming options and go to the "Tuning" section. Unless you are a major NFS racer (in which case you don't need my tips) don't fool with anything like castor and cambor or wing degree. What you are mainly concerned with is the brake bias.

You will notice that the bias is default set to about 25% toward the front. This causes the car to understeer dramatically when you go into a turn with the brakes on, this causes you to compensate by turning harder. The result is that the second you come off the brake the car will oversteer causing you to spin out.

To correct this, reset the brake bias to 25% to the rear.

This will ease the problem of your always winding up in a wall or off in the dirt on high speed turns. Assure that you do this with each car.

DRIVING TIP - Use the *late braking / early acceleration technique to tear through the pack on turns. The games AI follows tight procedure and will not use such methods, allowing you to creep up on the head of the pack and gain ground on each turn. Be careful, the games AI cars will always slow down in the decel zone, that's where you blow their stinking doors off!

SHORTCUT - This may be the only effective cheat. There are some tracks that go into a series of "S" turns. Leave the road and hit the gas... tear across those dirt spots in between and get in front of at least five to ten cars. Each time you do this you will be cautioned, up to four times. That leaves you three good shots. Because the game forces you to start each race way back, this method may be your only shot at getting ahead on certain tracks. Lap time will not count, but make the choice, lap time or win!

RESET - Tenacity! that's the only way I can describe it. When you blow a race... quickly hit Restart and go again. You will learn to work your way through a race one turn at a time. Rather than accept a 10th or 12th place finish, reset and start over.

ALERT - Stay away from the Buggatti. I suspect that the car is a plant. This is an old NFS trick... what looks like the fastest car is too hard to drive, and loses races. I have beaten the Buggatti using the CCX many times.

SETTINGS - The ideal setup is as follows:

Set your driving level at CASUAL
Leave all the car assists (abs, traction, etc) to ON
Set the steering assist to ON
Set the braking assist to OFF - if you don't you won't be able to use the late braking / early acceleration technique.

WARNING - the game tends to cheat! Several times I have been cheated out of a first place win by the AI. Also, the AI cars apparently are not hindered by the games physics the way players are, and basically has the luxury of not being affected by things like car ratings either. That's why you will spin out on the same turn and the games AI cars will not. Here's an example: Let's see you drive a Corvette the way the AI does!

The code writers of this game are bums!

It's hard and frustrating! And the music sux too!

But I love it anyway!

*Late braking / early acceleration - Put simply, stay on the gas when entering a turn until way into it. Then slam on the brakes until you slow down enough to avoid crashing (practice). Be ready to pass cars as they slow down before entering the turn. Don't wait until the turn straightens out before getting back on the gas again... gradually press the gas as you round the apex of the turn and go full out as you leave it. The key here is precise control, don't fight the fish tail... go with it.

Reckless, Central Virginia, USA
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Works Versus Racers (Tip) 75%
Here's a few vital tips from the reckless one.

First and foremost, NFS Shift is more like a racing simulator than a game. If you are into Mario carts or think you can excel at this game by using a game pad or joystick... good luck.

This game requires true driving skill and no cheat codes are going to help (only those codes that make you win more money, of course) But if you are a good race driver and pay attention to the following you won't need them.

The game was released early in October. At this point after spending three days with the game I have amassed nearly 800 grand and entered into level four with a maxed out Mercilago. (est cost: +/- 500 grand)

VITAL -->A good wheel and pedal setup is required for best experience.

Question: Are the works cars faster than the all-out race machines?

As a result of my experiments I have determined thus far that the "works" cars are better capable of winning races. (With the exception of the Pagani Zonda R and the Bugatti)

Put simply, a "works" car is one that you have developed yourself through serious upgrades. You have to buy past all three levels, buy all the aftermarket stuff (wings, body kits, etc) and then buy into the works category.

As in real life racing, speed is just a question of money... how fast you wanna go? Bear in mind that a full out works car may cost you twice as much as purchasing a race machine, but the benefits are worth the effort. The games AI increases the performance of the rival cars to match the performance of whatever car you are racing in. In other words, if you show up to a race with the Pagani Zonda R or the Bugatti your rivals will be capable of matching your cars speed in every way. However, if you show up in a level 3 car that has been maxed out (works) it will be matched by the games AI with the same type of car... less the upgrades. This gives you a clear advantage over the AI cars.

RULE 1: You are mistaken if you think that the fastest cars will win the most races. It makes no difference if you get to the turn first and you slide off into the guard rail. Always, when choosing a car lean towards handling and acceleration rather than top speed.

RULE 2: Remember that upgrading a lower level car is more successful than blowing all your money on new cars all the time.

RULE 3: Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Choose your cars well! Go for cars that are FWD, or AWD. Unless you are a master stay away from anything that is RWD (One exception: the Lamborghini's)

RULE 4: Unlike other NFS games it's not always necessary for you to win each race. A podium finish (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will still get you cash and upgrades. Remember that when you find yourself running in third place and decide to push it that extra inch to win and wind up crashing on the last turn.

RULE 5: Unless you are a sucker for punishment (like me) stay away from those American made cars with big motors and rear wheel drive. Sure, they're fast... but the extra skill required to coax one around a sharp turn at high speed will invariably lead to the FWD cars behind you catching up and passing you. On the other hand... you should have one in your garage because they are unequaled at drifting. I have noticed that it takes an American driver to handle those muscle cars and you Euro types can't handle it!

RULE 6: Don't keep older cars laying around in the garage. Although it's great to have the garage filled with lower level cars that you have gained along the way, it's more important to upgrade your current car. Once you have passed into a higher level those cars are worthless anyway, they cannot win. Cars at levels one and two are worthless and aren't capable of accepting a full works refit.

RULE 7: Your goal should be to obtain the Pagani Zonda R. The rest is downhill all the way.
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Super easy experience and cash 75%
Goto single race drift on the small oval. select the viper out of the loaner cars set it for 20 laps. opponents dont matter. as soon as race starts peform a quick 180 and come to a complete stop. hold down L2 and go in reverse pushing left analog stick to right. by the end of first lap you will be times 2 and just hold it down till race is over.i racked up 130000 driver points in 15 minutes. gained 4 levels and as you gain levels you gain sponsor money. at level 24 right now figure ill be maxed out in 2 or 3 hours. so easy a caveman could do it
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Late Braking/Early Acceleration (Walkthrough) 74%
Here's Another Tip From The Reckless One

My methods rely heavily upon dashing to the front at the start and staying there. Anyone that has ever raced a real racing car will tell you that the race is won in the first turn! The late braking/early acceleration technique has consistently allowed me to barge my way into the lead every time.

Learn it !

1) Late Braking:

When flat out through a long straight section, the games RACE LINE will turn yellow or red as the car approaches the turn ahead. And on the right side of the track you will see a set of signs that measure the distance to a turn. This is known as the DECELERATION ZONE. Rather then using this and the RACE LINE as the AI cars will do, continue at speed and move to the outer edge of the turn.

Actually use the DECELERATION ZONE to pass your opponent.

Then comes a mad dash to slam on the brakes in time to avoid going straight off the turn into a wall and manage to get ahead and stay there.


Select an AWD car

in the games TUNING section, reset the bias values towards the REAR. This will avoid understeer when using the brakes into turns.

Enlarge brake holes (extra cooling):
Another trick is to fine tune your car so that the BRAKE VENTS are enlarged, To accomplish this look to your TUNING section under the BRAKE icon and reset it's values. You will sacrifice that inch of speed to gain the ability to brake hard.

Rear Spoiler:
Change the settings under TUNING so that the rear spoiler presses down harder. Again, sacrificing a measure of speed in order to gain the ability to perform "outside the envelope"

2) Early Acceleration:

If you manage to slow down in time you will notice that the car has a tendency to want to stop! Immediately come off the brake and very lightly feather the gas as you round the apex of the turn. The more into the turn you get, the more you accelerate. (Like when you drift)

Be careful not to accelerate too hard (especially with a RWD car) or you will cause the rear wheels to break loose and spinout.

This method, when practiced correctly, will cause you to sacrifice MASTERED TURN stars every time. But the advantage of getting to the front of the pack is worth it.

The end result will be that your passing zones will no longer be on the straights but in the turns. With this in mind you must set your strategies accordingly.

All of the games AI cars function on strategies based on holding to the RACE LINE, you must learn to use that as a weakness. In other words, create your own version of the race line based loosely on it's real position. Don't be afraid to stray from it when it means passing or gaining ground.

But be aware that if you tend to ignore the RACE LINE completely you will never manage to advance on the faster cars ahead of you.

REMEMBER: The RACE LINE is your friend and their enemy!

Still Having Troubles?
Train your eye to remain on the car ahead of you and bring yourself to sacrifice 1st place to a 2nd place. If you manage to keep your eye on the lead car and do what he does, it will act as a sort of guide for you. Stay on the guys bumper! Not to mention it really looks cool when you trail the guy the whole race then blow his doors off on the last turn to the finish line!

Reckless, Central Virginia, USA
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Superfast level up-tested and works!!!!! 72%
Hi there!

To level up really fast just do the following...simples!

1. Go to quick race and choose drift.
2. Choose the Hazyview figure of 8 track and your easiest drfit car.
3. Set opponents to "0" and laps to "20".
4. Drift around until you get 2x points multiplier and just keep going!
5. Repeat in all 3 heats to level up by 3 to 4 levels a go!

TIP: Avoid hitting the tires and blue crash sponge thingys as these can interupt your drifts later. Score clean sections, hit clipping points, red/white drift arrows and high drift angles to max out your score. I cannot believe it took me so long to think of this!

Angry Jedi, Southampton UK
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Best car on game! 71%
OK now listen up this is Nitro Racer if YOU want an undefeatable car then you want this. Go buy a corvette (and yes I said a vette). OK now go get all the upgrades including WORKS buying the car,upgrades and WORKS should cost about $822,000. Then get bbs lm rims 18 in. after that get the firey vinyls done you have created a 731hp 744.05lb. torqued monster I like to call the Firey Dragon. This car can beat every other on the game. Its rating is 20.00 the 2nd best rating on the game don't forget to tune it to match your driving style!
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Works lambo murcielago 63%
Buy a lambo murcielago do everything to it and buy the works kit it will beat anything!
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American Muscle Car Eats Buggatti's 58%
Another Tip From The Reckless One

CHEAT: Use Drift car in Race mode

Build The "Cherry Bomb" Ford Mustang Shelby GT500:

Hey Driver, got a thing for the American-made muscle cars? Like me )

Follow these instructions precisely to build the winningest of all the American muscle cars in the game. Not only is this car a marvel, it's probably the cheapest race machine you can buy, and you can race it in tier 2 races as well.

Estimated cost: +/- $750K

Rating: 11.3

This is one American muscle car that eats Buggatti's for lunch!

I call this car, the Cherry Bomb. If you follow my recipe precisely you'll see why when you get her built. She's a Ford Mustang Shelby, about an '06 or an '08 I think. Her paint is that awesome new stuff that changes color when viewed at different angles (Flip). She has black rims (chrome is not for racing) and red stripe sidewalls that match her body too. And her acceleration curve rivals that of the Buggatti.

About 750 grand cash
Unlock "Flip" paint


Select from your MY CARS menu: CAR LOT

Navigate to the DRIFT CARS menu, that's right, she's a drift car. Don't worry about running her in a non-drift race, trust me!

Locate the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and buy it. This car is not available in any other tier.

Then WORKS it out. This is the hard part, this will cost you about 680 grand total to pull off. When you eyeball the new body kit you'll see that it's all worth while.

You will have to buy through the tier 2 menu in order to unlock the tier 3 along with all the upgrades listed under the wing icon, and the roll cage icon. Otherwise the BUY WORKS upgrade light will not even come on.

Select the VISUALS>PAINT menu and set it to the FLIP paint, then choose two shades of RED as primary and secondary. Or select Red as primary and BLACK as secondary for a more dramatic flip.

Select the VISUALS>RIMS menu and scroll through to the BBS LM set. You'll know them when you see them, they are the ones with the red sidewalls. Don't forget to make sure the settings are set to 19" and ALL 4. Select them.

Now all you have to do is overcome her speed to cornering issues. Put simply, the cars engine (as typical in real life) greatly overpowers and overshadows the cars maneuvering and braking abilities. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. But this can be overcome by learning to feather the brake and accelerator. Plan ahead, know that if you stay on it when you go flat out that she'll break loose in the back on you. All you have to do is pull off the pedal for a split second BEFORE the bend in the road, then immediately get back on it. This creates a sort of a whiplash effect.

Above all, learn that there are more positions on the accelerator then off and on the floor.

When you get good enough you can learn to use the fact that she will fish tail on you as an advantage in order to slide around a turn. This allows you to come alongside an opponents car on the inside and hit the gas sliding your rear end out and scoring a perfect spinout.

The cars unbelievable acceleration curve will allow you to blast through the pack at the start and afford such a lead on the opposition that you will be amazed.

I suspect that the fact that she is essentially a drift car may be why this car is so awesome in race mode.

Even though she's a drift car, you will find that the car does lousy in drift races. The maxed out engine makes it too hard to control on the drift and she tends to throw out too far on the outside causing the car to veer wildly toward the inside wall. But in regular race mode she absolutely cannot be touched!

Reckless, Central Virginia, USA
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Go to home then select quick race set the settings to:

Mode: race

Laps: 20

Car Class: anything you want


Time: anything you want

Track: Hazy View Oval

Then pick THE FASTEST CAR YOU HAVE and when the race starts just go and KILL EVERYTHING and you'll get about 5,000 agression points and then most likeley you'll advance and get alot of money from sponsership
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Easy driver points 56%
Just go to Quick race and choose time attack with no opponents. Go to a place like London river with wide corners. Then test a few cars here by doing donuts in a corner. Some cars like the Porsche's [sometimes doing reverse donuts] will get you corner drift points by doing repetitive donuts [in a corner]. You can do as many as you would like, and then just cross the finish line and also get money. Its a win-win situation. The trickiest part is getting the cars to do the donuts tightly and having it count for corner drift points. The last setup that worked for me was the Porsche gt3rs in tier3. I setup the suspension very stiff and basically went to the first corner after you take control of the car and stopped, and then went in reverse and did reverse donuts and it worked like a charm. I also think I turned off traction control altogether.
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Need For Speed Shift PS3 53%
If you go off the track & stop or are 'wrong way' press the select button and you will jump back on the track facing the right way.
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How to master all corners 52%
All you have to do is buy a nissan gtr r-35 and do all performance upgrades and then do a works upgrade and I tell you what it is a corner master it is the easiest car to drive and it will beat the buggati veyron

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Great works converted and cheap cars 2 buy 52%
I works converted my shelby gt 500 now has 857 bhp and i did the same to my lambogini murceilago it has just a bit more than my shelby. my shelby's top speed is 160mph and lambo's speed is very fast i don't have enough staright to test on spa gp. the lambos expensive but totally worth it. if ur lookin for a car 2 start off with in tier 1 use da golf gti. tier 2 shelby or bmw m3 e46. tier 3 aston martin db9 or lambogini murcielago(which i think is the best tier 3 car). tier 4 zonda r or koenigsegg ccx because the bugattis fast but hard 2 handle unless ur a pro. c ya
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Driver Icon 50%
Go onto quick race and do the smallest track there is also as may laps and racers there is then pick any car and when racing crash into all the cars you will get about 7000 points a race which increases your driver icon
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How to get a good launch from start line 50%
When the race start and the forst red light comes on all you gatta do I switch the gear from N to 1 gear and step on the accerlator. then when the light turns green you should hit 0 - 50 in no time
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Awesome accelaration method!!!!! 46%
This method helps you accelerate in a fast way.

first you start the race normally, if you r half way through the first lap and your still no.6 and above use this method.
first press R2 as hard as you can, then as you reach a straight path, let go of the R2 button for 1 second (slow second) then directly press it as hard as you can. you will notice the speed-do-meter's arrow will go back then go very fast forward.

this method always works with me.(i swear 2 you my reader that no 1 in the world knows this method)
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Easy money 44%
Make the first race of level 4 in car battle take the porsche carrera gt, it's an easy and short race and you get 80.000$
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Easy level up 44%
Buy a silvia s15 or a rx-7 prepare all not works and go to quickrace a do some drift at tokyo it a 10 lap race you make about 60000 points
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Full level in 6 races (ps3) 44%
Go to quick race go to drift tokyo track 20 laps the race has 3 rounds highist score wins iv had 150,000 point plus doing it works better if you do a bit of the game first get used to the car you pick.
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If u want 5 free tier 2 cars come here 43%
If u want it u need playstation network go on it find need 4 speed shift i will say team racing(it's free) u download it takes a second u go on shift my cars u have a load of old cars apart from ones a toyota sadly u cant sell them but u can pimp em there great wen u fix em up!
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Easy Money 43%
(this does not require a fast car) In quick race mode change the settings to:

Mode: Race
Laps: 1
Car Class: -
Opponents: 0
Time: -
Track: Hazyview Oval

This race is very easy and very quick to complete.
You will be rewarded $20,000 for every race.
To get up to $1,000,000 it should take you 40 - 50 minutes
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Car a la Cal (Car of California) 42%
How 2 build one of my fav. cars the one I call the Californian.

2 build: Lv.23 Team Racing Download around 500k

1.To start go on psn and download team racing for shift
2.Select 67 Shelby 500
3.Select Paint
4.Select Flip Paint
5.Primary= Green or aqua green
6.Secondary=Blue or baby blue
7.Select Rims
8.Select Konig rims
9.Select Imagine rims
10.Max out all upgrades
11.Tune to your liking
12.Enjoy your car!

This car does not have very responsive handling but has a good accel and is drift capable. Its a cool classic car. U can also make an 06 shelby gt 500 by buying the modern v. and following the above steps.

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Easy Money 41%
Go into Quick Race and find one that you are good at. Get first place and collect first place winngs. Then just repeat the same race over and over and watch the cash stack up!
By: CFlaggard(41)
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Easy money 40%
Simply enter any Quick Race event, with no opponents, and one lap. Presto, easy $40,000!
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1 Bad Datsun (Only Classic Car) 40%
Another Tip From The Reckless One

Build The "1 Bad Datsun" Car

Tier 1 (Competitive in Tier 2 races)
Rating - 8.0
Type - *Classic
**Right-side drive

*--> The only classic car in the game.
**--> The only right-side drive car in the game

That's right I said Datsun, about a '74 or 76 at the latest. This is one Tier 1 car that can take you on a Sunday drive to the podium! Follow my precise recipe below and you too can experience this classic race winner. Of course, the first step is to cook it down into a serious race machine with a WORKS UPGRADE.

It goes without saying that any of the WORKS UPGRADE cars will get your career in gear like none other. In fact, you should make it your goal to have every car you own a WORKS UPGRADE car.

Another advantage of the WORKS cars:
All of the cars in the game and more are available in the QUICK RACE mode so anybody can drive them. But the only way to even be able to see the incredible changes the WORKS UPGRADE puts the car through is to build it, I find that quite a challenge.

+/- $400k


Select CAR LOT and set it to the Tier 1 group. Slide to the NISSAN SKYLINE 2000GT-R (C-10) and select it. It's the one with the mirrors on the front fenders and black wheels. Even though it says Nissan, if you look closely at the rear panel before the upgrade you'll actually see a Datsun emblem.

The car is a Tier 1 sluggard when you first buy it, you need to "works" it out. Start with phase 1 and select every upgrade listed. When you come to a locked part you must buy the lower level part in order to upgrade to a higher level. The phase 2 and 3 sections will not even unlock until you purchase the phase 1 parts. Repeat this step for all three phases. Afterward, select the parts under the "wing" icon and the "roll cage" icon and buy each of them as well. Remember that you will not be able to complete the WORKS UPGRADE until all of the parts upgrades have been bought. The only parts that you will not purchase, will be body kits 1 and 2, buy kit 3.

Select the black BBS CH rims, set them to 19" and the LIVERY 3 vinyls to complete the look. This gives the car a black finish with a kewl yellow double racing stripe. The black mirrors on the front fenders will blend in perfectly with this livery.

I guarantee that you will get a kick out of watching a right-side drive Datsun work over a Porsche 911 and those Vipers!

Reckless, Central Virginia, USA
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Need for Speed Shift(PS3) - Trophies 34%
Complete each task to earn the listed Trophy

Trophy - How To

Bronze Collector (Bronze) - Earn 15 Bronze Badges
Bronze Earner (Bronze) - Earn 5 Bronze Badges
Bronze Hunter (Bronze) - Earn 10 Bronze Badges
Bronze Master (Bronze) - Earn 20 Bronze Badges
Chance of a Lifetime (Silver) - Reach Tier 3
Driving Amateur (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 5
Driving Hero (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 40
Driving Legend (Gold) - Reach Driver Level 50
Driving Pro (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 20
Driving Rookie (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 2
Driving Semi-Pro (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 10
Driving Veteran (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 30
Epic Collector (Gold) - Earn 15 Epic Badges
Epic Earner (Silver) - Earn 5 Epic Badges
Epic Hunter (Silver) - Earn 10 Epic Badges
Epic Master (Gold) - Earn 20 Epic Badges
Gold Collector (Silver) - Earn 15 Gold Badges
Gold Earner (Silver) - Earn 5 Gold Trophies
Gold Hunter (Silver) - Earn 10 Gold Badges
Gold Master (Silver) - Earn 20 Gold Badges
NFS Live World Champion (Gold) - Win the NFS Live World Championship
One Small Step (Bronze) - Win your first event
Road to Success (Bronze) - Reach Tier 2
Silver Collector (Silver) - Earn 15 Silver Badges
Silver Earner (Bronze) - Earn 5 Silver Badges
Silver Hunter (Bronze) - Earn 10 Silver Badges
Silver Master (Silver) - Earn 20 Silver Badges
The Final Countdown (Gold) - Reach Tier 4
Trial By Fire (Bronze) - Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Unlocked all of Need for Speed: Shift's trophies
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M3 gt2 race car 31%
Under redeem codes type
go to quick race or online and you should find it under loaner cars or special cars
btw it is a uk disk code
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Porshe cayman s 30%
By: bccfc(19)
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New cars 30%
Go to quick race. select race. 10 laps. any track. 1 opponent. win the race and do that combination 100 times and win each time for a Ferrari enzo and 10,000 for any car of your choice.
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My car owns the other cars 29%
I bought the chevrolet corvette and ive done the works conersion on it and now it owns every car, it has a rating of 20 I think it cost me like a million dollars
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Morbious 28%
To drift, tap the brake lock (square for the PS3, X for the xbox 360) and turn hard.
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Porsche Cayman S 26%
To get a fast porsche cayman S in quick race enter this code:


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Better take off from the start 25%
At the start of the race don't start off at first gear or N you want to start off at 2nd gear for a bigger and faster launch off the line
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Unlock the elite series 23%
Exit out of stories go to options and go to redeme codes and put in 3BDU-D7UQ-KW4B-6RDB
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When at start up screen press left, right ,triangle , x, up, down, up, down. Afta you hav dun dis a skreen wil cum up and say congratulationz you hav infinite NOS enjoy Submitted by ^^U_MAYD_BRA^^
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Pes 2009 18%
Press L1+triangle to perform a short and L1 +0 to perform a long cross
By: dezzylopez(10)
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New Competition Code 17%
After winning the NFS Nationals for the first time I was awarded a code that unlocks a new competition.

Give 'em hell driver!


Reckless, Central Virginia, USA
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Nascar 15%
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1 billion 12%
Put I AM LEGAND for 1billion$
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$10.00 8%
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