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Horse Life Adventures Cheats for WII
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Horse Life Adventures WII Cheats

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Horse Life Adventures

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Take care of him 43%
Take him for rides to charge his energy, not competitions but rides along the beach and thru the countryside
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Horse Life Adventures 643097How do I get the horse out of the pasture? Answers: 3
Horse Life Adventures 842729My seret myre Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 867517I am getting this game in about 2 days and Im so exited! Real quick, what is the seceret myre that every1s talking about in this game? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP! Answers: 1
Horse Life Adventures 872147What happens in the game after you and jack ride toward the sunset? I am a champion in the regular cross country, show jumping, dressage, and eventing. Is that the end of the game or does more happen? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP! Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 881790Do you beat horse life adventures after you do all the compitions for wii Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 899017After owning 3 or 4 horses at once, can they all be in the pasture together at the same time? Or is it just one horse at a time? Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 959696How do you get out of the pasture Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 978335How can I go to other countries, for example Africa or The USA? Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 991720How do I earn cross country racing? Answers: 0
Horse Life Adventures 802388How do you make the jumps perfectly? Answers: 1
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