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Quick Hit Football Cheats for PC
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Quick Hit Football PC Cheats

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

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Quick Hit Football

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Interceptions 75%
Pick mike blitz 2 and press b
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Making fumbles 70%
To make a fumble when you get close to the offense player tap the space tab
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Unlimited everything 35%
You can get unlimited coach points unlimited quick cash and every person on your team on level 100
By: beverllynerd(198)
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How to get 50,0000 quickhit points 32%
Keep winnig and den dey give you dis you have to win 13
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Qc cp 26%
You have to save your cp by leveling up and save them. The way to get quick hit cash is to buy it or compete nfl gameplay for 4 and 25.
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How to get 50,0000 quickhit points 25%
Keeep winnig and den dey give you dis you have to win 13 games
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Quick Hit Football (PC 21%
Chose sam play everytime
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56 quick cash 18%
Type the code DECLARE in the redeem code section in the bank area in quick hit football and get 56 quick cash the stuff you usually have to buy
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Quick hit 17%
How to get in free
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Roblox 15%
On roblox to do a moon walk you push o and down button
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How to redeem 5000 coaching points 13%
Quick hit coaching points
By: swaggaphreash(67)
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Cheats 12%
Type, 344456gvfrrjl
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Miracle 12%
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Quick Hit Football 957938In Quick hit can you give cp points to anyone. Answers: 0
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Quick Hit Football 868991How do you get unlimited qc and cp. beverly said she could but how Answers: 1
Quick Hit Football 638550How to change camera view for quick hit game Answers: 1
Quick Hit Football 791655How do you untrain players that you don't use & add to players you do? Answers: 3
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Quick Hit Football 784705How to get a free legend? Answers: 4
Quick Hit Football 784857How do you find out your promo code Answers: 1
Quick Hit Football 866364How do I put the cheat in cause I dont know how to activate it im beverllynerd Answers: 1
Quick Hit Football 827161Are there superbowls and playoffs Answers: 2
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