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Katamari Forever Cheats for PS3
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Katamari Forever PS3 Cheats

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Katamari Forever

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Minigames and Modes 98%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock modes and minigames.

Katamari Drive ModeComplete the game once and see the ending
Beautiful Katamari Hard MinigameBeat Katamari Drive Mode
Beautiful Katamari Normal MinigameBeat Katamari Drive Mode
Katamari Forever Ending CreditsBeat the game
We Love KatamariComplete all requests in all game modes
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Graphics Filter Selection 96%
How to unlock: Complete a level to unlock graphic filters for that specific level/mode.
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Music Selection 94%
How to unlock: Complete a level to unlock music options for that specific level/mode.
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Stage 2 cousins 67%
Dangle: Find him in the first room hanging on a ruler
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Ginger Bread House 50%
Honey: Honey is located on the sides of the hill. Note if you're over 50cm you can roll over her on accitdent
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Stage 4 Cousins 50%
Hans:Hans is in the sumo area on some bags of rice bags
Ichigo Note hard!:Ichigo is in the "happy flower" on the shelf. First get big to roll a person then roll up the plant and Ichigo.
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33 Trophies
Katamari Forever - Platinum Katamari Platinum Katamari
Collected all trophies.
Katamari Forever - Completist Completist
Completed 100% of the Collection.
Katamari Forever - Congratulations! Congratulations!
Completed all Requests in Katamari Forever mode.
Katamari Forever - Katamari Fanatic Katamari Fanatic
Completed all Requests in Classic Katamari mode.
Katamari Forever - Katamari Speedster Katamari Speedster
Completed all Requests in Katamari Drive mode.
Katamari Forever - Present Collector Present Collector
Collected all Presents.
Katamari Forever - We Love Cousins We Love Cousins
Rolled up all Cousins.
Katamari Forever - Creator Creator
Created 200 katamaris.
Katamari Forever - Endurer Endurer
Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.
Katamari Forever - Enormous Katamari Enormous Katamari
You made a katamari over 2,000,000km!
Katamari Forever - Eternal Roller Eternal Roller
Completed all Requests in Eternal mode.
Katamari Forever - Hi-Scorer Hi-Scorer
Obtained 50,000 points in the ending mini-game.
Katamari Forever - We Love Stardust We Love Stardust
Turned 50 katamaris into dust.
Katamari Forever - Big Katamari Big Katamari
Created a katamari over 500m.
Katamari Forever - Collector Collector
Completed 80% of the Collection.
Katamari Forever - Cousin Friendly Cousin Friendly
Rolled up 30 Cousins.
Katamari Forever - Fashion Conscious Fashion Conscious
Collected 30 Presents.
Katamari Forever - Fast Roller Fast Roller
Performed the Dash exactly 6 times before completing a Request.
Katamari Forever - First Katamari First Katamari
Completed a Request.
Katamari Forever - Hopper Hopper
Performed the Prince Hop exactly 7 times before completing a Request.
Katamari Forever - Huge Katamari Huge Katamari
Created a katamari over 10,000km.
Katamari Forever - Katamari Destroyer Katamari Destroyer
Destroyed the katamari 50 times before completing a Request.
Katamari Forever - Mini-Gamer Mini-Gamer
Played through all mini-games.
Katamari Forever - Movie Fan Movie Fan
Watched 5 movies in a row in Movies.
Katamari Forever - Multiplayer Multiplayer
Played through VS Battle or Co-op 30 times.
Katamari Forever - Music Lover Music Lover
Listened to 5 songs in Music.
Katamari Forever - Photographer Photographer
Viewed a photo in the Photo Album.
Katamari Forever - Quick Turn Expert Quick Turn Expert
Performed the Quick Turn exactly 5 times before completing a Request.
Katamari Forever - Rankings Lover Rankings Lover
Viewed the Network Rankings 5 times.
Katamari Forever - Rolling Expert Rolling Expert
Rolled up 7,650 objects before completing a Request.
Katamari Forever - Single Player Single Player
Played through 50 single player Requests in a row.
Katamari Forever - Stardust Stardust
Turned a katamari into stardust.
Katamari Forever - Unforgiving Unforgiving
Punished over 50 times.
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