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MySims Agents Cheats for WII
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MySims Agents WII Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
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MySims Agents

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Costumes 74%
Enter the following codes at the Create-a-Sim screen to unlock the costumes below:

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MySims Agents Wii - Recruits 70%
Do the listed task to gain a recruit for your HQ
This can entail completing a part of a game, doing dispatch missions or other similar tasks

Annie RaddComplete dispatch mission "Roadie Despair"
BeebeeComplete the Snowy Mountains level
Elmira ClampComplete dispatch mission "Assistant Librarian"
GonkComplete dispatch mission "Gonk Need Food, Badly"
GordonComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
HopperComplete dispatch mission "Tainted Broth"
King MikeComplete the Jungle Temple level
LeafDuring Evelyn's house robbery case, dig around one of the holes west of the Forest Park -
If you dig in the right hole, Leaf will be found
LibertyComplete dispatch mission "Snake on the Loose!"
LyndsayComplete the Jungle Temple level
Madame ZoeComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
MagellanComplete the Jungle Temple level
MakotoComplete dispatch missions "High School Yearbook" and "Prom Date"
MarlonComplete dispatch missions "Magical Assistant" and "Magical Disaster"
Master AranComplete dispatch mission "Penguin Style"
Ms. Nicole VogueComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
PetalComplete dispatch mission "Failing Forest"
PinkyComplete dispatch mission "Blue Thing!"
Preston WinthropComplete the Snowy Mountains level
Professor NovaComplete the Snowy Mountains level
RenéeComplete dispatch mission "Pig, Camera, Action!"
RogerComplete the Evelyn robbery case
Rosalyn P. MarshallComplete the Snowy Mountains level
Sir SpencerComplete dispatch mission "H4XXOR3D!"
Sir Vincent SkullfinderComplete the Jungle Temple level
StarComplete dispatch mission "Blade of Destiny"
Trevor VerilyComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
Vic VectorComplete the Snowy Mountains level
Violet NightshadeComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
WendalynComplete dispatch mission "Reagant Run"
WolfahComplete the Snowy Mountains level
Zombie CarlComplete the Boudreaux Mansion level
TravisAvailable to recruit by default once you become a special agent
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Medical gear 67%
To unlock medical gear, go to the construction site in the city and under patricks trailor, there is some unlockable medical gear
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Get more Hair styles 66%
In shirleys hair salon, under the hairspray counter at the back of her shop on the left, there are free hair styles to unlock. theres like a mowhawk included
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My sims agents hint 62%
If your stuck on the part where Patrick asks you to find his keys you don't have to go to toolbox! you have to pick the lock to the safe and the keys are in there (p.s. I hope that helps)
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Play plane vs eye. the real game on mysims agents! 62%
On the video game on the 3rd floor in the HQ, go to the video game machine. then when you see the eye in the corner, click on it and play plane vs eye instead of boring agent games
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How to get evelyn back at end 62%
Finish all your dispatch missions to save Evelyn.Good luck!
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Industrial zone 60%
If your wondering who stole the car engine in the industrial level look in one of the metal containers...
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Viking Invasion!!! 55%
During the Snow level, wander around in the cave. In one part, there's a Viking suit.
By: RyRutD(59)
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Crane Keys 54%
1.Go in Patrick's trailer
2.Examine his safe.
3.With your techno-tool pick the lock and walla
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Skullfinder 53%
To get skullfinder to move [on temple mission] get the golden idol in the sun room and give it to him =]
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Ddeetteeccttoorr 51%
How to get a item:
DETECTOR:Go in DR.F's house and talk and before you go out he gives you the item.this will be exchanged with your magnifine glass.where and how?:go to the indestructibly whatever place and move the tire to the chest (treasure) and pick lock the trapdoor with your T.T.(techno tool).go take out spare parts with your T.T. and go back to tobor and he will be fixed,but you have to use gears and wires and fix im'.he will tell you the code (a bunch of 1s and 0s)and you can go inside his lab.PS:Press a button on a computer and you get these following items for the HQ:1000 fold computer
100 fold computer.
hope this helps
By: awesoume(341)
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Listen 50%
For more instead just go to YouTube : ) See the video: Cheat Video See the video: Cheat Video See the video: Cheat Video See the video: Cheat Video
MySims Agents cheat video Cheat Video
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Get rid of yuki ouside of your headquarters 49%
To get rid of her, unlock the beach place on your map, and she will stay there for the rest of the game
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TO patrick's tool box=
You need to 1st do the obstacles starting at the crates near the construction site [near Patrick's house or trailer] jump [press Z in your nunchuk] until you get on the top of the building then work your way through the obstacles to get to the parlor[WITHOUT FALLING!]


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Computer 45%
When your at d.r. f's lab next to were you mod your phone click on the next to it and you get some computer
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How to get past the beach wall? 42%
You use the two differrent blocks to make a ladder. The block with two square stick out you put at the top left hand corner space-the three square stick out block you put a the bottom right hand corner space.
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Stealth suit 41%
Press: 'left-right-left-right-up-down-up-down' when you change your suit to get a stealth suit
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Tresure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 34%
In the swamp, jump(z)on thouse masave mushrooms,and open the door.walk in and............................walla!
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Finish the game 23%
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MySims Agents 632117I finished the part where Brandi and Esmi trying to frame dj candy, AND the one with Dr. F. Now I don't know what to do. I can't find a mission to do! Help Answers: 8
MySims Agents 734370How do you find the robot in the second mission after you have upgraded your tools? Answers: 3
MySims Agents 799552I'm at the part where you have to fix the submarine and I cant figure out how to fix it! Someone please help! Answers: 2
MySims Agents 559821Where are all the garbage cans at to put the censors on? Answers: 10
MySims Agents 730147Where are the tea cups? Answers: 6
MySims Agents 732483How do you get to the mountains? Answers: 7
MySims Agents 799483I'm at the part where you analyze the crystals in the secret passage and I cant seem to figure it out! Please help! Thanks Answers: 1
MySims Agents 810938How do you get out of the sewer? Answers: 4
MySims Agents 819255I have finished the first part of the game, I just have the last misson to do AFTER I finish all the dispatch missons. My question is was I suppose to do the little minor cases back at the beach BEFORE sending Tabor down into the water? If not then how do I get them back? (like the goth boy wanting you to go see if his tattoo was finished) Answers: 1
MySims Agents 835533I finished looking for poppy's letters... I went back to the hq but ive been there for a while what do I do next? Answers: 1
MySims Agents 637662Ok i can not figure out how to get in the sun temple can someone please help me Answers: 9
MySims Agents 725375How do you get on top of the buildings in level 1 Answers: 5
MySims Agents 732095I have finished Industral area it didnt give me anything else to do but send people on missions what do I do Answers: 4
MySims Agents 734824How do you get to the next level on the map next to headquarters Answers: 2
MySims Agents 839045How do you find the yeti Answers: 2
MySims Agents 778730How do you get back on the top of the 1st manhole by the junkyard Answers: 1
MySims Agents 803866How do you get the warrant on My Sims Agents? Answers: 3
MySims Agents 829359Where do I enter cheat codes for my sims agents? Answers: 0
MySims Agents 832618Im stuck on analizing the water pump in the temple bit help pleese? Answers: 1
MySims Agents 897509How do I fix chaz motorcycle? Answers: 0
MySims Agents 582614How do you get up to the radio towers? I got to the one next to the train station, but I can't get to the others. Answers: 9
MySims Agents 583763How do you open Patrick's safe to get his keys? Answers: 9
MySims Agents 650227Trying to fix the robot's remote on the beach. I know how gears and wires work but how do I use the mirrors? Answers: 9
MySims Agents 621470Secret admirer - can't get into the mayor safe to verify handwriting. Did the construction site and got the tool box. Climbed the ladder for the mayor window but can't figure out what I am supposed to do next. Answers: 10
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