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Deca Sports 2 Cheats for WII
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Deca Sports 2 WII Cheats

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Deca Sports 2 Cheats

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Deca Sports 2

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To get an easy point on Tennis Singles 67%
WHEN U ARE SERVING, press the right arrow button, and you will go to the end of the court, then serve. You might get a point, or else you will get a smash or volley to the other end of the court to get the point. WHEN THE OPPONENT IS SERVING, run to the half-line, and when he serves, late-time volley him, and if he put a power serve, then still volley back to him, and 99.99%, you will get a point.
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Tennis, two shot point! 33%
Ok, so whoever you're playing in Deca Sports 2 tennis SINGLES, to get an easy point, just go up to the service line, about 3 feet away from it between it and the base line, and when your opponent serves, try to hit the ball down the line, and when they hit it back, you volley it cross-court, it works better if they hit it to your backhand if you're hitting it on the right side of the court, and forehand if you're hitting it on the left. even if they hit a powershot, just time it correctly, and your opponent might be even slower, and give you a smash! Hope this helps!
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Swimming 25%
When you are playing swimming swing your hand to get a excellent
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