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Undead Knights Cheats for PSP
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Undead Knights PSP Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE
Undead Knights Cheats

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Undead Knights

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Killing a executioner,dreadnought and make it your minion 92%
First,fill your wrath until its full,next throw zombies at it executioner 3 zombies,dreadnought 5 zombies,then use your special move
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Unlock Special Weapons 100%
Every character has a Special Weapon. You can unlock the weapon for each character by beating the game with them.
By: Roku1234(4)
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If you want the exoncutioner became your servant 75%
Attack until it became red then turn them into a undead

you can only attack when they faint

by:unDEAD teKkeN
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Killing Each Bosse Per Chapter 61%
With most bosses you need to throw three zombies at the boss to stun it. After you've stunned it you can do a ton of damage, especially if you use the attack you need to charge up. Don't use normal attacks.
By: droyvig(68)
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Character traits 54%
By: Silviarules2326(90)
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Getting Special weapon. 52%
If you wan to get special weapon clear all the Easy,Normal and Hell level to unlock the special weapon.(Special Weapon no effect it just the shape)
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EZier levels 51%
Level up one character at a time for best results don't go past ch.1 without getting the upgrades for quick undead, weapon lvl 2, health lvl 3, and charge attack for the shield soliders, then full health and abilities for the same one you've lvld up.
By: Silviarules2326(90)
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When facing off against ANY large enemy watch the map for their spot and dodge/attack them. always try throwing undead on them unless a post says you shouldn't
By: Silviarules2326(90)
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FIGHT. 48%
When fighting a boss a little boss call your zombie on them and that them do the job but when you run out find enimes and hit 0 and make how many you what to fight the boss.BIGGER BOSSES-if you are fighting a bigger boss thier are two ways to defeat the bigger boss 1 grab enimes untill your special move come but if you are looseing health grab your undead and block with them or roll.2 just throw your undead on the boss how many times you want but if you throw more you will get more hit that=damage. this has ben adarius telling you this hints
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Derics works 45%
If you want to get fast energy try chapter 3
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Freezing Game or Known Glitch 37%
The trick to bypass this is.. is to not save, go to customize, save and you'll be alright to play and save normally after that. Detailed procedure is below:

1. clear first stage
2. when prompting you to save , press the right arrow button and select "No".
3. go to customize character / option and edit something and then save from there.
By: droyvig(68)
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When facing the elite holy knights, make like oranges and juice(sacrafice) your undead as the undead won't latch on to them. whenfacing the knights commander throw 5 undead on them and unleash your wrath(O+A) to destroy him
By: Silviarules2326(90)
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Poop 25%
Press up down right side left side trangle+circle and you take a dump write there were your standing
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