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Risen Cheats for XBOX 360
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Risen XBOX 360 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Infinite Experience & Gold 100%
How to: Go to Bandit Camp and talk to Rhobart. Collect 10 reeds of Brugleweed and give them to him in exchange for 70 gold and 50 XP. Now, attack him until he falls unconscious (do not kill him). while he's out, steal the Brugleweed you gave him. You can now repeat the quest!
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Risen X360 - Achievements 100%
Description: Complete each achievement to receive the listed score:

Adventurer (10)Found way out of the first ruin
Archer (10)Found first bow
Beginner (10)First monster killed
Ferocious wild boars (10)20 wild boars killed
Fervent swimmer (10)Caught by the tideworm 10 times
Field hand (10)10 grain plants collected
Idiot (10)Fell to death 3 times
Jester (10)25 Jest spells used
Ladies' man (10)"Woman beater" completed
Map reader (10)Found first map in the game
Master thief (10)50 pockets picked
Ogre friend (10)Rescued the ogre, Drok
Philanthropist (10)"Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed
Safecracker (10)100 locks picked
Terror of the hens (10)20 chickens killed
The brave little tailor (10)Seven grave moths killed
The fourth triplet (10)10 treasures found
The merciful one (10)The farmer's sick wife completed
Weaponsmith (10)100 weapons forged
Well-to-do (10)1.000 gold coins obtained
Archaeologist (20)"The mystery of the eastern temple" completed
Expert (20)100% achieved in an attribute
Family man (20)"The sons of Tilda" completed
Ghost hunter (20)"Find all the vassal rings" completed
Gladiator (20)Every close combat talent learned
King of the handymen (20)20 tool bags collected in inventory
Little hero (20)"Where is Patty?" completed
Mage (20)All crystals learned
Rune master (20)"The fourth seal of rune magic" completed
Samaritan (20)"Medicine for everyone" completed
Sharpshooter (20)Every ranged combat talent learned
Sidelined (20)"Power struggle" completed
Wise man (20)"The test of Master Ignatius" completed
Workaholic (20)Every profession learned
Beast slayer (30)500 monsters killed
Fence (30)"A package for the Don" completed
Master of the classes (30)100% achieved in three attributes
Moneybags (30)100,000 gold coins obtained
Peacekeeper (30)"Peace and order" completed
Big game hunter (50)2000 monsters killed
Hard worker (50)250 quests completed
King Midas (50)300,000 gold coins obtained
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Money and xp 71%
Money and XP Glitch
cheat: Early in the game you meet a NPC that leads you down to the swamp. Follow him and head north until you are at the "Don's Temple" (you'll know where you are because a guard stops you from going in).

Head east past crates and barrels and follow the path up the hill. Turn right heading up the hill and you'll come across a house in the middle of a pond.

Talk to a man named "Rhobart", he will end up giving you a quest to find "10 Brugleweed" so he can make beer. There is a heap around the pond and the swamp.

Once done talk to Rhobart and give him the 10 Brugleweed. He will give you 70 gold, 50XP every time you do this.

After that's done it's a good idea to save you game after each encounter as it's a pain to have to redo these tasks.

Now for the cheat! Attack Rhobart until he falls to the ground, then put your weapon away and then pickpocket. You'll get all of your Brugleweed back so when he wakes up again you can repeat...

PS: Be careful, when you knock Rhobart down, that you don't keep attacking as it will perform a finishing move making this cheat useless. That's why I recommend saving frequently.

PPS: The more Brugleweed you find the quicker you'll get rich and level up.
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50 Achievements
Risen - Field hand Field hand
10 grain plants collected
Risen - Philanthropist Philanthropist
"Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed
Risen - Samaritan Samaritan
"Medicine for everyone" completed
Risen - Peacekeeper Peacekeeper
"Peace and order" completed
Risen - Fence Fence
"A package for the Don" completed
Risen - Ladies' man Ladies' man
"Woman beater" completed
Risen - Sidelined Sidelined
"Power struggle" completed
Risen - The merciful one The merciful one
The farmer's sick wife completed
Risen - Wise man Wise man
"The test of Master Ignatius" completed
Risen - Family man Family man
"The sons of Tilda" completed
Risen - Archaeologist Archaeologist
"The mystery of the eastern temple" completed
Risen - Little hero Little hero
"Where is Patty?" completed
Risen - Rune master Rune master
"The fourth seal of rune magic" completed
Risen - Ghost hunter Ghost hunter
"Find all the vassal rings" completed
Risen - Beginner Beginner
First monster killed
Risen - The brave little tailor The brave little tailor
Seven grave moths killed
Risen - Ferocious wild boars Ferocious wild boars
20 wild boars killed
Risen - Terror of the hens Terror of the hens
20 chickens killed
Risen - Beast slayer Beast slayer
500 monsters killed
Risen - Big game hunter Big game hunter
2000 monsters killed
Risen - Ogre friend Ogre friend
Rescued the ogre, Drok
Risen - Hard worker Hard worker
250 quests completed
Risen - Expert Expert
100% achieved in an attribute
Risen - Workaholic Workaholic
Every profession learned
Risen - Mage Mage
All crystals learned
Risen - Gladiator Gladiator
Every close combat talent learned
Risen - Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Every ranged combat talent learned
Risen - Master of the classes Master of the classes
100 % achieved in three attributes
Risen - Fervent swimmer Fervent swimmer
Caught by the tideworm 10 times
Risen - The fourth triplet The fourth triplet
10 treasures found
Risen - Idiot Idiot
Fell to death 3 times
Risen - Jester Jester
25 Jest spells used
Risen - Safecracker Safecracker
100 locks picked
Risen - Weaponsmith Weaponsmith
100 weapons forged
Risen - Master thief Master thief
50 pockets picked
Risen - Well-to-do Well-to-do
1.000 gold coins obtained
Risen - Moneybags Moneybags
100,000 gold coins obtained
Risen - King Midas King Midas
300,000 gold coins obtained
Risen - Adventurer Adventurer
Found way out of the first ruin
Risen - Map reader Map reader
Found first map in the game
Risen - Archer Archer
Found first bow
Risen - King of the handymen King of the handymen
20 tool bags collected in inventory
Risen - Master detective Master detective
Find Hemlar's murderer completed
Risen - Death of a legend Death of a legend
'The legend of the Gyrger' completed
Risen - Freedom fighter Freedom fighter
'Esteban's return to Harbour Town' completed
Risen - Defender Defender
'Secure the volcano keep' completed
Risen - Pandora's box Pandora's box
'The Titan trap' completed
Risen - The traveler The traveler
'Find all the teleport stones' completed
Risen - Showdown Showdown
'The Inquisitor is dead!' completed
Risen - Titan Lord Titan Lord
'Defeat the Titan!' completed

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