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Suikoden 2 Cheats for PSX
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Suikoden 2

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Hidden Scenes 100%
Bring Valeria to Banner Village to recruit Anita.

Bring Killey to Gregminster to recruit Lorelai.

Defeat Rowd in Kyaro when he comes to arrest you.

Speak to Gengen before you speak to Leona after you are asked to buy some flour from Ryube.

Take Flik or Viktor to Lakewest when recruiting Hix and Tengaar.

When running from the Unicorn Brigade, go north instead of east and examine just to the right of where you'll later leave the X mark. This is also a time saver.

Talk to Shu first the night before your battle with Luca Blight. Your responses trigger an extra scene with Apple the next morning.

Talk to Leona the night before you fight Luca.

Talk to Leona the night before retaking Greenhill.

Take different "pure women" with you to recruit Sigfried. We recommend Sierra or Mikumiku.

By: adventureboy(595)
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Maximum potch 100%
You must have already recruited the armor shop owner to your armies cause for this trick to work. Once this has been done, go to his shop.

This glitch involves some simple calculations, use the following example as a guide to see how it is done.

Equip one character with Dragon Armor (23,000 potch), and make sure that at least two other characters have no armor equipped, but can wear Draqon Armor.

You should also have 23,000 to 30,000 potch. Talk to the armorer, go to buy, then choose to purchase Dragon Armor.

When prompted to place it in the bag or to equip it, choose to equip it on the character already wearing Dragon Armor.

When prompted to sell the old armor or put it in the bag, cancel the action. You should still be in buying mode for the armor.

Simply purchase the two armorless characters Dragon Armor. The potch meter will reset to somewhere around 999,999.

By: adventureboy(595)
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Leon's Defeat Speech 100%
When you are invading Highland (Shu uses himself as bait), put Tsai in Viktor's unit. If you're lucky, the Fire Spear will defeat Leon, and you'll get to hear his very rare defeat speech.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Free Recover at Inn 100%
Step 1. Go to an Inn and choose to Stay

Step 2. Hit the cancel button to get out of the Save/Don't Save choice.

Step 3. Exit out of the Inn's options and you will see that your party is fully recovered.

By: adventureboy(595)
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Silent hill cameo?! 98%
At the college. (not sure of the name). search through the gilesplies and daila gilsplies name will pop up! The old woman from Silent Hill!
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Best Ending 97%
To get the best ending, you must have all 108 characters before you chat to Shu about the Rockaxe mission. Also when you near the end of Rockaxe Castle, when Nanami jumps out to protect you from Gorudo, you must answer very quickly (doesn't matter which answer you choose). If you did this correctly, after Dr. Huan reports of her unfortunate conditon, he should ask to chat to Shu in private. Did all that? Alright, then once you've beaten the game, head back to Tenzan Path (northwest of Kyaro) and return to that place by the waterfall. Jowy's there, of course, and you will go into a duel with him. Just keep on defending throughout it.
After that, he'll ask you to take his Black Sword Rune. Keep on refusing. Once you've refused enough, Leknaat will appear. I won't
spoil the rest, but those are the requirements for getting the best ending.
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Random Name 96%
When you are supposed to enter a name, press L1 + R1 or L2 + R2 to choose a name at random.
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Hidden Room in Radat 92%
When Viki teleports the hero from the headquarters to anywhere in the game, she sometimes mistakenly teleports you and says, "huh?". If you're lucky, you get teleported to the secret room in Radat, where there are some neat items.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Oulan 90%
3006AE3E 0007
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Add on to "Level up to level 35......" 100%
"After Victor and Flik saves you in kyaro,,then,,straight ahead where pilika lives,,,,then she will make you an errand to buy to a wooden amulet,,after that,,glitch at the matilda border and straight to the highway village into the inn,,talk to humprey then,,its up to you to continue,,(note: humprey and futch will not be your allies,,juz a parafernalia to level ok?)"
At this point you can also complete the Humphrey and Futch quest to get a dragon and have them for good. doing this will get you to around 37-40 depending on how much time you spend. Also this is a good time to buy thunder god garb at rockaxe for nanami and buy thunder amulets there as well. Fire amulets at the highway village. The rest of the game should be easy until atleast after neclord. Oh and Jowy's rune makes the harpy SUPER easy. Using this method I KO'd Flik simply by defending his Wild Attack when dueling before the fight to save the fort.
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Early leveling, recruit futch and humphrey befor muse 100%
As soon as you can get to the muse Matilda border you can push the gate back and forth. This allows early leveling and early access to futch and Humphrey :-)
I suggest having the fire rune first and having firewall spell. It's easy to die quick in this area.
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Extra Flowing and Mother Earth Runes 89%
Speak with the Rune Master at Gregminster and buy all runes that appear in Rare Finds. If there are no rare finds, then just select 'Quit'. Observe the cabinet behind the Rune Master and then speak with him again. There is a 60 to 70 percent chance that the Rare Finds will open up. Try this once during every trip to Gregminster.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Random Teleportation Trick 88%
When you get Viki in your group and ask her to teleport you somewhere, once in a while she will teleport you in the wrong place. One of which is a hidden room in Radat town. Here you will find many nice items.
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Character Codes 85%
Aldai 3006AE79 0007
Amada 3006AE35 0007
Anita 3006AE37 0007
Annallee 3006AE80 0007
Ayda 3006AE3B 0007
Badeux 3006AE43 0007
Bob 3006AE38 0007
Camus 3006AE31 0007
Clive 3006AE16 0007
Connell 3006AE7C 0007
Feather 3006AE42 0007
Freed Y 3006AE33 0007
Futch 3006AE19 0007
Gantesu 3006AE56 0007
Genshu 3006AE3F 0007
Georg 3006AE1B 0007
Hanna 3006AE27 0007
Hauser 3006AE32 0007
Hilda 3006AE6E 0007
Hix 3006AE17 0007
Humpfrey 3006AE1A 0007
Jess 3006AE6D 0007
Kasumi 3006AE59 0007
Koyu 3006AE4B 0007
Lepante 3006AE7D 0007
Luc 3006AE45 0007
Marlowe 3006AE88 0007
Mazus 3006AE4D 0007
Max 3006AE87 0007
Miklotov 3006AE30 0007
Mondo 3006AE4F 0007
Nina 3006AE47 0007
Oulan 3006AE3E 0007
Pesmerga 3006AE1D 0007
Raura 3006AE7F 0007
Ridley 3006AE85 0007
Sheena 3006AE15 0007
Shin 3006AE1F 0007
Sid 3006AE48 0007
Sierra 3006AE3D 0007
Taki 3006AE77 0007
Tessai 3006AE7E 0007
Valeria 3006AE1C 0007
Wakaba 3006AE54 0007
Zamza 300AE2B 0007
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Suikoden 2 Complete Character code 83%
Hero 3006AE11 0007
2 Flik 3006AE12 0007
3 Victor 3006AE13 0007
4 Viki 3006AE14 0007
5 Sheena 3006AE15 0007
6 Clive 3006AE16 0007
7 Hix 3006AE17 0007
8 Tengaar 3006AE18 0007
9 Futch 3006AE19 0007
10 Humphrey 3006AE1A 0007
11 Georg 3006AE1B 0007
12 Valeria 3006AE1C 0007
13 Pesmerga 3006AE1D 0007
14 Lorelai 3006AE1E 0007
15 Shin 3006AE1F 0007
16 Rikimaru 3006AE20 0007
17 Tomo 3006AE21 0007
18 Nanami 3006AE22 0007
19 Eilie 3006AE23 0007
20 Rina 3006AE24 0007
21 Bolgan 3006AE25 0007
22 Tuta 3006AE26 0007
23 Hanna 3006AE27 0007
24 Millie 3006AE28 0007
25 Karen 3006AE29 0007
26 Shiro 3006AE2A 0007
27 Zamza 3006AE2B 0007
28 Gengen 3006AE2C 0007
29 Gabocha 3006AE2D 0007
30 Kinnison 3006AE2E 0007
31 Shilo 3006AE2F 0007
32 Miklotov 3006AE30 0007
33 Camus 3006AE31 0007
34 Hauser 3006AE32 0007
35 Freed Y 3006AE33 0007
36 Kahn 3006AE34 0007
37 Amada 3006AE35 0007
38 Tai Ho 3006AE36 0007
39 Anita 3006AE37 0007
40 Bob 3006AE38 0007
41 Meg 3006AE39 0007
42 Gadget 3006AE3A 0007
43 Ayda 3006AE3B 0007
44 Killey 3006AE3C 0007
45 Sierra 3006AE3D 0007
46 Oulan 3006AE3E 0007
47 Genshu 3006AE3F 0007
48 Mukumuku 3006AE40 0007
49 Abizboah 3006AE41 0007
50 Feather 3006AE42 0007
51 Badeaux 3006AE43 0007
52 Tsai 3006AE44 0007
53 Luc 3006AE45 0007
54 Chaco 3006AE46 0007
55 Nina 3006AE47 0007
56 Sid 3006AE48 0007
57 Yoshino 3006AE49 0007
58 Gijimu 3006AE4A 0007
59 Koyu 3006AE4B 0007
60 Lo Wen 3006AE4C 0007
61 Mazus 3006AE4D 0007
62 Sasuke 3006AE4E 0007
63 Mondo 3006AE4F 0007
64 Vincent 3006AE50 0007
65 Simone 3006AE51 0007
66 Hai Yo 3006AE52 0007
67 Stallion 3006AE53 0007
68 Wakaba 3006AE54 0007
69 L.C. Chan 3006AE55 0007
70 Gantetsu 3006AE56 0007
71 Hoi 3006AE57 0007
72 Sigfried 3006AE58 0007
73 Kasumi 3006AE59 0007
74 Rulodia 3006AE5A 0007
75 Makumaku 3006AE5B 0007
76 Mikumiku 3006AE5C 0007
77 Mekumeku 3006AE5D 0007
78 Mokumoku 3006AE5E 0007
79 Chuchara 3006AE5F 0007
80 Jowy 1/2 3006AE61 0007
81 Apple 3006AE65 0007
82 Templton 3006AE66 0007
83 Kiba 3006AE67 0007
84 Fitcher 3006AE68 0007
85 Shu 3006AE69 0007
86 Tetsu 3006AE6A 0007
87 Leona 3006AE6B 0007
88 Huan 3006AE6C 0007
89 Jess 3006AE6D 0007
90 Hilda 3006AE6E 0007
91 Alex 3006AE6F 0007
92 Emilia 3006AE70 0007
93 Tenkou 3006AE71 0007
94 Barbara 3006AE72 0007
95 Richmond 3006AE73 0007
96 Yam Koo 3006AE74 0007
97 Teresa 3006AE75 0007
98 Yuzu 3006AE76 0007
99 Taki 3006AE77 0007
100 Tony 3006AE78 0007
101 Adlai 3006AE79 0007
102 Gordon 3006AE7A 0007
103 Hans 3006AE7B 0007
104 Connell 3006AE7C 0007
105 Lebrante 3006AE7D 0007
106 Tessai 3006AE7E 0007
107 Raura 3006AE7F 0007
108 Annallee 3006AE80 0007
109 Pico 3006AE81 0007
110 Alberto 3006AE82 0007
111 Jude 3006AE83 0007
112 Jeanue 3006AE84 0007
113 Ridley 3006AE85 0007
114 Klaus 3006AE86 0007
115 Max 3006AE87 0007
116 Marlowe 3006AE88 0007
117 Gilbert 3006AE89 0007
118 All Characters Above (GS 2.2. Or Higher Needed!) 50007901 0000
3006AE11 0007
By: Mhiggel(36)
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Armor Swapping Glitch 83%
Each character can wear different types of armor, and some can not wear some types of armor.

However, there is a trick to get around this. Just exchange equipment directly from the individual character's inventory! It is easy!
However, the person who is giving the unequipable armor to another has to be able to equip the armor that the other person is wearing.

For example, if Humphrey is wearing Knight Armor, and Luc has a tunic on, you could do this because Humphrey could wear tunics, however, if Luc is wearing Magic Robes, this will not work.

Also, if a character is wearing non-removable armor/accessories this won't work, and characters that can not use shields can not have shields swapped.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Infinite Money 78%
8006A4F8 423F 8006A4FA 000F
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How to kill the beast rune easy.... 77%
Be sure that the hero have a double-beat rune,violence rune and fury rune,,and accompany with you Shilo with cyclone rune,Hoi with a Mother Earth rune,Wakaba,Oulan and Bob,,be sure to attack first the rune then the left and right head only,,(dont waste your time in the feet ok?)
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All Characters Codes 75%
Riou 3006AE11 0007
Flik 3006AE12 0007
Viktor 3006AE13 0007
Viki 3006AE14 0007
Sheena 3006AE15 0007
Clive 3006AE16 0007
Hix 3006AE17 0007
Tengaar 3006AE18 0007
Futch 3006AE19 0007
Humphrey 3006AE1A 0007
Georg 3006AE1B 0007
Valeria 3006AE1C 0007
Pesmerga 3006AE1D 0007
Lorelai 3006AE1E 0007
Shin 3006AE1F 0007
Rikimaru 3006AE20 0007
Tomo 3006AE21 0007
Nanami 3006AE22 0007
Eilie 3006AE23 0007
Rina 3006AE24 0007
Bolgan 3006AE25 0007
Tuta 3006AE26 0007
Hanna 3006AE27 0007
Millie 3006AE28 0007
Karen 3006AE29 0007
Shiro 3006AE2A 0007
Zamza 3006AE2B 0007
Gengen 3006AE2C 0007
Gabocha 3006AE2D 0007
Kinnison 3006AE2E 0007
Shilo 3006AE2F 0007
Miklotov 3006AE30 0007
Camus 3006AE31 0007
Hauser 3006AE32 0007
Freed Y 3006AE33 0007
Kahn 3006AE34 0007
Amada 3006AE35 0007
Tai Ho 3006AE36 0007
Anita 3006AE37 0007
Bob 3006AE38 0007
Meg 3006AE39 0007
Gadget 3006AE3A 0007
Ayda 3006AE3B 0007
Killey 3006AE3C 0007
Sierra 3006AE3D 0007
Oulan 3006AE3E 0007
Genshu 3006AE3F 0007
Mukumuku 3006AE40 0007
Abizboah 3006AE41 0007
Feather 3006AE42 0007
Badaeux 3006AE43 0007
Tsai 3006AE44 0007
Luc 3006AE45 0007
Chaco 3006AE46 0007
Nina 3006AE47 0007
Sid 3006AE48 0007
Yoshino 3006AE49 0007
Gijimu 3006AE4A 0007
Koyu 3006AE4B 0007
Lo Wen 3006AE4C 0007
Mazus 3006AE4D 0007
Sasuke 3006AE4E 0007
Mondo 3006AE4F 0007
Vincent 3006AE50 0007
Simone 3006AE51 0007
Hai Yo 3006AE52 0007
Stallion 3006AE53 0007
Wakaba 3006AE54 0007
L.C.Chan 3006AE55 0007
Gantetsu 3006AE56 0007
Hoi 3006AE57 0007
Sigfried 3006AE58 0007
Kasumi 3006AE59 0007
Rulodia 3006AE5A 0007
Makumaku 3006AE5B 0007
Mikumiku 3006AE5C 0007
Mekumeku 3006AE5D 0007
Mokumoku 3006AE5E 0007
Chuchara 3006AE5F 0007
Jowy 3006AE60 0007
Jowy #2 3006AE61 0007
Apple 3006AE65 0007
Templton 3006AE66 0007
Kiba 3006AE67 0007
Fitcher 3006AE68 0007
Shu 3006AE69 0007
Tetsu 3006AE6A 0007
Leona 3006AE6B 0007
Huan 3006AE6C 0007
Jess 3006AE6D 0007
Hilda 3006AE6E 0007
Alex 3006AE6F 0007
Emilia 3006AE70 0007
Tenkou 3006AE71 0007
Barbara 3006AE72 0007
Richmond 3006AE73 0007
Yam Koo 3006AE74 0007
Teresa 3006AE75 0007
Yuzu 3006AE76 0007
Taki 3006AE77 0007
Tony 3006AE78 0007
Aldai 3006AE79 0007
Gordon 3006AE7A 0007
Hans 3006AE7B 0007
Connell 3006AE7C 0007
Lebrante 3006AE7D 0007
Tessai 3006AE7E 0007
Raura 3006AE7F 0007
Annallee 3006AE80 0007
Pico 3006AE81 0007
Alberto 3006AE82 0007
Jude 3006AE83 0007
Jeane 3006AE84 0007
Ridley 3006AE85 0007
Klaus 3006AE86 0007
Max 3006AE87 0007
Marlowe 3006AE88 0007
Gilbert 3006AE89 0007
Boris 3006AE8A 0007

Note: To Un-recruit a character, change '7' to '0'! Cannot activate Valeria and Kasumi code at the same time! Same for Feather+Sigfried and Abizboah+Rulodia+Chuchara
By: Volt46(10)
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Color Intro 75%
When you are preparing to jump into the river in the beginning, Rowd will have a group of soldiers attack you. When he runs off answer Jowy so that you won't jump off, Rowd will return with more soldiers. Do this 108 times for a color intro and to level up your characters as well.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Suikoden 2 74%
When you are leaving gregminister go back. There is a secret path to the forest to get to rokkaku hamlet.First when you get up the ladders and left the area.Walk around and then always go to the sides and you will appear to the secret path to rokkaku hamlet
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Suikoden 2: Unlock Mcdohl without loadsaving suikoden 1 and a special event 67%
Have you ever wanted to try to do McDohl's quest to find Ko who was lost in the woods then fight the boss (worm) that will transform into a Poison Moth without Loadsaving from Suikoden 1? Well here's a gameshark code for you.

Activate McDohl Plotline Without Suikoden 1 Data
3006AF6D 0023

Anyway, to recruit McDohl, talk to Ko and he will tell you that McDohl is in the Inn but he was Fishing. Gremio, he will block your way. Talk to Ko again and he will go up to the Hill. Talk to Gremio again and Ko will be shouting. Talk to McDohl. Leading the way to gregminster, just before you go to where you fought the first Worm boss, you will meet three guys. They will tell you that the monster attacked Ko. Fight the Boss. And Here's the special event. If you ever unlock Riou's last power, Forgiver Sign, after the fight, you will notice that you didn't gain any EXP. It's because you will go for another round for a fight with the Poison Moth then, Riou and Mcdohl will shine their rune then in for another battle. They will automatically use Forgiver Sign damage and Judgement. About 2000 Damage for both magic and the poison moth will instantly die in the second battle. You will not be controlling the characters anymore. Like what isaid, automatically, so nothing to worry about. That's the special event of Suikoden 2. I just found out about it because i'm always watching youtube. The Poison Moth Battle. But when I did this cheat, I just saw Riou and McDohl Shine their rune. That will only happen if, and only if, you unlock Forgiver sign.
Hehe, I hope i'm the first person who found out about that special event. Oh, I almost forgot, this will only work if you go to Banner Village only, and only after you defeat Luca Blight, just like the reall game. Of course this event is real. Try by founding out by yourself.
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Easy Stat Ups for Characters 67%
To take part in this in-game cheat, you must have at least one of the Stones (i.e. Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, etc.). Having multiple stones speeds up the process of gaining stats.

(NOTE: Make sure to SAVE your game FIRST before you try this!)

Use the stones on any character, then enter a battle and lose. (Tip: Unequipping all armor before the battle makes it faster to lose.) At the game over screen, don't give up. It will reload you to your last save. You will retain all of the items you previously had before your character died (i.e. the stones). You will also retain the stats that you gained from the stones.

This can be repeated any number of times on any character.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Play as McDohl 67%
First, you must have save data from Suikoden loaded into the Suikoden 2 file. Then, after you beat Luca Blight, go to Banner Village. Talk to the hero lookalike, and he will tell you McDohl is here. Go east of the inn to see Gremio or Ellie blocking the way. Go talk to the lookalike again, and he will divert attention. Talk to McDohl, and Gremio/Ellie will eventually tell you Ko, the lookalike, is gone. You, McDohl, and Gremio/Ellie go off to find Ko in the path to Gregminster. At the end, you will be face to face with Lepant, who offers McDohl the presidency. He and Gremio eventually go to their house in Gregminster, where he can be recruited at any future time.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Level up to level 35...... 63%
After Victor and Flik saves you in kyaro,,then,,straight ahead where pilika lives,,,,then she will make you an errand to buy to a wooden amulet,,after that,,glitch at the matilda border and straight to the highway village into the inn,,talk to humprey then,,its up to you to continue,,(note: humprey and futch will not be your allies,,juz a parafernalia to level  ok?)
By: CheatEngine(35)
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New save icon 60%
First, acquire the five squirrels by walking along the routes surrounding Greenhill alone, or with other squirrels. After obtaining all five (which can be time consuming), check your memory card icon on your playstation. There should be a new icon, and you also get another scene at the end of the game for acquiring all five squirrels.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Generate a Random Name for Hero 60%
When you start a new game and it gets to the screen to name the character, make sure the name box is empty and highlight "Determine," press "X" and it will automatically generate a random name.

but he's true name was RIOU.
By: adventureboy(595)
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How to get taki, oulan, tetsu without a castle??? 60%
When Riou and Nanami run away to muse city and going to coronet just don't get to coronet yet go to Matilda border in north west of the muse then push the wall. then, go to Matilda path then go to the two-river city from here you can buy fried tacos use it to riou or Nanami. then go to lakewest and recruit taki w/o a castle. and go to tetsu to recruit him and finally go talk to a kuskus town talk to an old woman near in the blacksmith area then just leave the kuskus town and go back again and then go to a bridge in the kuskus.
By: zethus(5)
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Solitude Rune 59%
Enter this cheat to riou have a solitude rune.This weapon only
By: bayoU(11)
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Extra Boots 57%
Before jumping off the cliff at the start of the game unequip the boots on Riou and equip them on Jowy. When Pohl asks you to get two pairs of boots take three from Barbara. Equip two pairs of boots on Riou and talk to Barbara again, she will allow you to take three more pairs of boots resulting in four free pairs.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Connot be killed 57%
90012028 03e7
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Leval Up Faster!!! 56%
Okay, When you reaches muse, and get your grandfather`s sealed rune, go to muse-matilda borders. Actually, there are so many strong monster. there is a glitch in the border. once you get to that place, if you talk to the gaurd they will say you can`t pass. Now here`s the glitch, did you know, that the closed gate on the main border, ``can be pushed like a box?`` now, to level up, go to highway village without encountering any monsters. If you do, you`ll be totally whiped out. now, when you talk to humhrey in the inn after he makes you stay there in two nights, there will be some people talking about kent missing. now, if you help them (futch and humphrey), they will join your party. do not fight harpy in mt. rakutei. just save your game first in the inn. now, go to the world map and fight monsters. make futch and humphrey fight those monsters, since they are 30 levels. now, if you defeat monsters ( so many many monsters ), you`ll be leveling up. walah! you`ll be leveling up until around 20 or 30 to 32 levels. enjoy your game. oh, and try jowy`s new powers, Hungry Friend and Piercing One. to try this new powers, jess must sent you to a quest. And yet, jowy must be still in your side. Again, ENNNNJOOOYYY!
By: gem115herrera(114)
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Two or More Rune Attack 56%
Once you have a lightning rune and fire rune, unlock the thor shot from lightning rune and explosion fire rune. To easilly beat the boss, have all 5 or 6 of your characters a fire rune and unlock the explosion from your fire rune. Now, have five of your characters attack explosion and have one character to attack thor shot. After all your Blah Blah Blah, five members of your group will attack the same. I`ll give a name to that attack, it is called the`` Volcanic Shock.`` Beating a boss by attacking him/her with 5x Volcanic Shock. Oh, I forgot to say, Volcanic Shock`s damage is 1000 or more. I`snt it COOOOL?
By: gem115herrera(114)
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Kill luca easy...... 56%
First,,attach to the hero a fire sealing rune,,then a hazy rune to avoid some physical attacks,then use Nanami as a support type character to heal Wakaba and the hero(be sure to attach nanami a water and wind runes for healing)
By: CheatEngine(35)
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Endings 42%
There are two endings in suikoden 2:
1st:Before you finish the wolf go to the main hall everybody is waiting for you.

2nd:Go to raykutei mountain north is of your hometown and find joey there and he will fight with you.
By: adventureboy(595)
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Life effects-soul reaver 38%
Pause the game, hold L1 or R1, and then press the following:

Life Effects:
Extend Life by 1 Level - RIGHT, X, LEFT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN
Extend Life to Maximum - RIGHT, CIRCLE, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP
By: CheatEngine(35)
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Abilities: 36%
Pause the game, hold L1 or R1, and then press the following:

Wall Climb Ability - TRIANGLE, DOWN, L2, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Force Projectile Ability - LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
Water Resistance (Swim Ability) - UP, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN
Constrict Ability - DOWN, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, UP, UP, DOWN
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Magic Energy Effects: 36%
Pause the game, hold L1 or R1, and then press the following:

Magic Energy Effects:
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Instant Level 99 35%
When a character is at Lv. 39 (Lv. 49 with a Fortune rune), go to L'Renouille. Fight a group of Highland x6. Kill off all party members but him, then defeat the enemy. His level should shoot up to 99.

By: adventureboy(595)
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