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NBA 2K10 Cheats for WII
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NBA 2K10 WII Cheats

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NBA 2K10

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Make your players the best 100%
Go into rosters go to your favorite team press a player press edit player then make all of the things to 99 but not the ones that say must add up to 100 because that will mess everything up make sure you make your worst favorite team terrible
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Codes 98%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes under Codes in the Options menu for the desired effect.

2kchinaUnlocks the 2K China team
2ksportsUnlocks the 2KSports team
payrespectUnlocks the ABA ball
nba2kUnlocks the NBA 2K development team
vcteamUnlocks the VC squad
classicthreadsUnlock alternate jerseys
Blazers "Rip City" uniform
eydonscarUnlocks new secondary road uniforms for the Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavericks and Rockets
ycprtiiUnlocks the Trail Blazers "Rip City" home uniforms
wasshcicslHardwood Classics uniforms / CLE / GS / MIN / ORL / POR / TOR / UTA
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Trading 73%
If you go to the rosters and choose who you want, you can lower their salary to the lowest possible, except $0. Then you can get the best players for a low price.
By: pause(30)
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Cheat 50%
2kchina for china team
and 2ksports for 2k team
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Unlock machiel jordon 15%
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Unlock machiel jordon 15%
Press start then press yellow blue l1 twice then r1
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NBA 2K10 803505Do you need the nunchuck for NBA 2k10 Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 684500Whenever I play a game in NBA2K10 except in my player mode, the game always stops at end of 3rd quarter then there's a long time-out which I cannot override. What should I do to go to 4th quarter? Answers: 2
NBA 2K10 787801Okay im on creat a player not my player mode but I fill the guy up and it say it say's set up to 100 on setup pre dribble I can't do it I need to know how thanks Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 787946How come every time I try to steal the ball I jump? Answers: 2
NBA 2K10 583689How do you dunk I do not no Answers: 10
NBA 2K10 739989What are some teams a point guard should play for? Answers: 4
NBA 2K10 916148In my player im in the d league and the guy who grades you has told me that the gm has released me but then the same team resigns me. can I still make the nba Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 794105How do I get 12 minute quarters for my player mode? Answers: 2
NBA 2K10 798059How do you block another player Answers: 2
NBA 2K10 821977Enable full court press Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 852053What do you do if you do bad in the summer circut and get sent 2 d-league? Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 852815How do you change the black scereen to normal? Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 865424Why is the code classicthreads not working for me I put in right Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 868773Once I put in the cheat code and click Enter it says Invalid code - for every code you show. What am I doing wrong? Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 876357How do you alley oop? Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 914541How do you do a 360 between the legs dunk for wii? Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 915672How do you get the game to stop trying to sign into the internet? Answers: 1
NBA 2K10 916985How do I get my player to the nba as fast as possible Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 931915If iv never made a season howdo I make one ? every time I try I dont know how to complete making it Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 933331How do I put nba 2k12 on the classical contraler mode Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 938778Nba 2k10 how to my player practice to 360 dunk keybourd keys Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 943082How can I activate the other controller for two players play together or against each other? Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 949767How do you change accounts? Answers: 0
NBA 2K10 974677Where I can change controls in NBA2k10 ? Answers: 0
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