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NBA 2K10 Cheats for PS2
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NBA 2K10 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
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NBA 2K10

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Believe it or not 100%
360 lay-up
do this in the right joystick
up down up down up down
it must be fast
nicely done a 360 lay-up
By: cytaq(3)
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Believe it or not 100%
360 lay-up
do this in the right joystick
up down up down up down
it must be fast
nicely done a 360 lay-up
By: cytaq(3)
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Cheat Codes 88%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes:

otnresla2010 Dallas All-Star Jersey
agsntrccaiBobcats Racing Jersey
aifnaatccvCavaliers Cavfanatic Jersey
wasshcicslHardwood Classics Nights Jerseys for Cavaliers / Jazz / Magic / Raptors / Timberwolves / Trail Blazers / Warriors
asrdirmgaHornets Mardi Gras Jersey
aihinntslgtLatin Nights Jerseys for Bulls / Heat / Knicks / Lakers / Mavericks / Rockets / Spurs / Suns
nreoggeNation Basketball Green Jerseys for Bobcats / Bulls / Nuggets
riiasgerhSaint Patricks Day Jerseys for Bulls / Celtics / Knicks / Raptors
eydonscarSecondary Road Jerseys for Grizzlies / Hawks / Mavericks / Rockets
ycprtiiTrail Blazers RipCity Jersey
2kchinaUnlocks the 2k China Team
2ksportsUnlocks the 2KSports team
payrespectUnlocks the ABA ball
nba2kUnlocks the NBA 2K development team
vcteamUnlocks the VC squad
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NBA 2K 10 cheats (PS2) : 69%
Here are some cheats below for nba 2k10

Unlock ABA ball
type in payrespect

unlock visual concepts team
type in vcteam

unlock 2k sports team
type in 2ksports

unlock nba 2k team
type in nba 2k

unlock Blazers and rip citys uniform
type in ycprtii

unlock all jerseys
type in ClassicThreads

unlock china
type in 2kchina

unlock hardwoods street clothes
type in wasshcicsl

last cheat I havent tried it but my cousins says it works
type this in eydonscar
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To alley oop 66%
To alley oop just press l1+r1+O= alley oop
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Aba ball and teams 66%
Aba ball - payrespect
visual concepts team - vcteam
2k sports team- 2ksports
? team - nba2k
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Draw Charge and trade 63%
An easy way to draw a charge is watch for the player youre gaurding to do 2 crossovers then press O to get the charge

To trade if both teams have enough money, it doesnt matter if the team declines to the trade because you can just press FORCE TO AGREE and the trade is accepted..
it worked when I traded luke walton for jr smith andtraded sasha vujacic+dj mbenga for blake griffin and r.Butler
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Easy Dunk 61%
To do an easy dunk wait the clock for 10 seconds and when you have a path do a dunk.

Intentional Foul
To do an intentional hold L2

Easy Free Throws
Hold the R analog stick for one second or you could wait until you see the basketball at his fingers.
By: Shaquille ONeil(98)
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Ball 61%
Pay respect = aba ball

Can unlock a RED,WHITE, AND BLUE ball
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Kobe24bryant 40%
Make kobe bryant automatic at the 3 point line
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Make every shot with no sliders 36%
1)start nba2k10 on xbox 360
2)go to menu and select "options"
3) go to codes and enter 2kshotmaker
4)go to practice and everything will go in
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Dardevilteam 28%
Dardevilteam the super star team
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To unlock jordan 26%
To unlock m.jordan just type AIRJORDAN23  all capital letters...
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Cheater 25%
When your guarded and no ones open, go to options and lower the charging foul to 0. Then charge the player and dunk it. Or back up and try your chances with a 3 pointer.
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