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Spore Hero Cheats for WII
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Spore Hero WII Cheats

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Spore Hero Cheats

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Spore Hero

Rating: 3.9/5 VOTE

Kicking my buds for parts. 68%
If you kick spors that like you 9 times you will get a new quest body parts.
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Get Cool thing! 67%
When you kick Sage enough, he will battle you and he is hard but you get rewarded!
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Fruit cheat 67%
Feed a creature a fruit (healing fruit) then it gives you a part.
it works with other creatures not all of them.
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Making muscles 65%
First go to any nest.second push A on your hero's bones [only one bone].third press C to make your hero's bones grow bigger and you have muscles [it also works with body parts to].
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Hiden cave 65%
Kick the first baby you see and it will tell you about a cave
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Spore hero combat. 62%
When you are fighting someone NEVER stop shaking the nunchuck. You will keep knocking the person down as soon as they get up. Trust me, after I figured this out I have never lost a battle. Hope it helps.
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How to make a tail 62%
Place 1 arm where a tail goes take of the hand and you'll have a tail (it looks real cool).
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Secret area 62%
Go to Ancient Valley. Then go to the sing master, you will see a jump area that you need a double jump.u can go up to c 2 paths 1 leads to a secret plase where you can find the pose mster.the other 1 leads to the cave.

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Secret parts 61%
Kicking other spore a couple times gives you parts.
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How to get wings 61%
To get wings you have to free the yeti and then put the idol part on the stone statue and then the sage will give you level one wings.
By: sporling7324(219)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Easy way to kill someone 60%
Wait for them to charge at you then sidestep using up or down A. They wont move for a few seconds giving you time to charge at them.
go to the other side of the arena and wait for them to charge at you again.
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Multi fire spit 59%
If you have a lvl 2 or higher spit attack if you keep shaking the nunchuck it will fire more shots the lvl the spit is the same amounts of shots are fired (e.g lvl 4 spit 4 shots)
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Cause fights 59%
Keep kicking someone and they may give you a gift. keep kicking them and they may attack you.
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How to onlock idol parts 59%
The only thing you have to do is give fruits 2 spore monsters and they will give you a idol part
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Regeneration Taunt 59%
When you use the regeneration ability, enemies tend to use charge attacks on you, like spit and charge. This can give you more time to react, pretty much opening a free chance to use your strongest attack. This is very helpful due to the fact it can also heal you in the process.
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How to get to pose master 58%
If you go to the sing master walk around on the platform shes located at you will find a long green branch walk out on to it turn around and you will see the pose master. the double jump and fly (she will also give you a piece for the idol)
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Secret Parts 57%
Giving other spore a fruit gives you parts
By: Raymond23(208)
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Ultimit spit 56%
Go to the beach behind the wall behind the battle master then the idol will give you the spore-o-maga
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Fighting 55%
To defeat the fightmaster you just have to charge him over and over again.
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Unblockable attacks 55%
Get some strong hands (really strong, we got them on level seven) then in battle shake the Wii remote while pressing B. this move is unblock-able and it is french. good luck!
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Jumpin Around 54%
Jumping on items can get you to extrordinary heights. It can be used to get to the pose master without 2 star wings and yo get to the bone pile you cant get to on the tall mushrooms.

Submitted by Gavin Tam )
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Free the yeti 53%
Round up all the singing dudes and sing when your near the yeti!
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Making the muscles shrink 53%
Go to any nest. press a on any body part then press z. hope you like
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How to get parts 52%
Kick a lot of freindly creautures and monstors a lot
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Blocking to attack 52%
Right before an enemy hits you press your blick butten and your charecter will make your enemy wobble backwords.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Another way of dodging the charge attack 51%
When the opponent is either charging up for the charge or is charging towards you jump forward by press A while moving the joystick in the opponents direction
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Double jump 51%
Make sure you have 2 star jumping feet then you can just press A A.

Bogus - or Helpful? +
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Cheat zone 50%
Look at the back of the manual it will show you a cheat place
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Go Faster 47%
In a nest click and hold your spore keep holding and drag down.
By: Mystery101(32)
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Salmon run 45%
Go to the moonlit caverns. There will be a small waterfall. Want to go up?

1. go on stone on water

2. use 2 jump and jump to right hand side

3. double jump and fly
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500 extra blue shards 44%
First start playing the game. NOTE: this cheat can be done anywhere on any land. then on your wii mote hit A B A B A B. then look at your shards. you should have more than the amount you already had. the main reason for this cheat is to be able to buy any part for your sporeling when you go to a nest to buy parts for your sporeling. please vote for this cheat so it can be activated and used all around. thank you for viewing this cheat and again please vote on it. again thank you for viewing this cheat.
By: sporeling123(617)
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3 Parts 44%
There is a shortcut beneath your 1rst nest. When you get across it , on the other side there is a tree.Pass it .
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How to defeat the mushroom grove tribe members 43%
If you time it right swing the wii remote and tap B really fast a bunch of times until you defeat them(this is very very very hard to do)
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How to get rid of the moncsave supermeteorite 39%
In the part where thereare the linked meteors on moo cave get rid of the one with the pink crystal by first kcking the tewo guys by it and then talking too the dude near there
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat 39%
The cheat code on the back of the manual is : 15538
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

I found a cheat 37%
This is not a spam. It really works. See through a wall: It's very hard thing to do, but go to an area of water and a wall. You will be dunking yourself up and down. While that happens, move forward and press c and you will see whats behind the wall.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Floting body 36%
Press azbcb then your body shold flot. this is varry had to do!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

LIES! 34%
These are all lies! there are no cheats and none of these work all these "hints" are basic strategies or covered in game.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Dobble jump 32%
Pres b twice one time on ground and one in the air
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Mouthless 31%
Go into a nest and tap A. If it stays on go out of the nest and you should be mouthless
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Spore 30%
There is one cheat I know and it works if you want some thing badly for your spore creature remove some stuff thats on your spore for more money and than go to a place like mushroom grove and get lots of money for the items you removed
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Floating eyes 28%
To make your eyes float go to the body formation and choose the s like body the choose the one the idol has and if done right your eyes will float
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock all parts 25%
For this you must be in any nest that you have won. first go to the symbol with the wings.then you hit C,Z,Z,C,A,B,Z get out of your nest and you should have all parts including the idol.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat 24%
Do abab on the controller, an important note should pop up on the screen.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to shoot lazer eyes 22%
Press acbacb then automaticly shoot lazers
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Spore Hero 767237Ive tried over and over but I cant figure out what to use on yaque in the mushroom grove plz hlp me!( the king dude who got transformed by the red meteors Answers: 1
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Spore Hero 594286What do I have to do to unlock creature parts for my Sporepedia? Answers: 8
Spore Hero 618465Which pollen lets me use the spitflower in mushroom valley near the big monster? I have tried the stuff in the cave near it. Also got to top bit via gliding across gqp and using pollen on top of ridge but all disappeared by the time I get to the flower! Have one set of bones to find to complete tasks so wondered if this might blow me there. Answers: 5
Spore Hero 627786How do you give the claw of courage to the ancient guardian on creature beach? I have it in my inventory, but whenever I try to give it to him, it just drops back onto the floor. Answers: 8
Spore Hero 700699I'm stuck in Mushroom Grove. On the last set of red rocks before you can fix the king, how do you get to the highest set of red stone? I can't get to the top of the windy island thing. Can someone please help? Answers: 2
Spore Hero 758609How do you get the weapon for the gaurdian? Answers: 1
Spore Hero 766474In Moonlit Caverns, how do you break the crystal with the pink barrier? I have already kicked the friend into the water and tried to talk to Rikiko, but every time I do, he just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head. I've tried everything, but nothing works. What do I do? Answers: 4
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Spore Hero 839149Help! I am in mushroom grove and I cant find the cave that the king that got tranformed is talking about im level ten and I looked all week!... ... i need your help plz privite name :c Answers: 1
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