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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Cheats for XBOX 360
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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce XBOX 360 Cheats

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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Online Tips 100%
1) In the Online City Press L2 and a button (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE) to get the character to "emote."

2)In the Online City Press R3 to bring up the text bar so you can send messages.

3)In the Online City Press L3 to bring up the Message History.

4)A quick tip on item collection: On some Gaiden Levels just defeat the required Character or Machine then return to the city (getting the defeat message) but you can still keep the items you grabbed.

5)This is very useful for Liu Bei & Sun Shang Xiang's "Birds", just kill Sun Shang Xiang and do not waste an hour killing the birds just quit and get her item drops.
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Tactics 100%
Officer Relationship Combinations

Cao's InfluenceCao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
Sun's Bondssun jian, sun ce, sun quan
Brother's OathGuan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
Strategist's ReckoningSima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
Turbans SanctumZhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
Burning Lovecao pi, zhen ji
Young LoveZhou You + Xiao Qiao
Virtuous LoveYue Ying + Zhuge Liang
Devoted LoveLu Bu, diao chan
Pure LoveLiu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
Xiahou's SpiritXiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
Faithful Devotionsun quan, zhou tai
Warrior's GenerationGuan Yu + Guan Ping
Princesses Dancedong zhuo, diao chan
Nemesis BondCao Cao + Yuan Shao
Iron MenDian Wei + Xu Zhu

Type Combinations using 4 Cards

Imperial Majesty4 "Lord" Cards
Poison Strategy+4 "Wood" Cards
Engulf Strategy+4 "Fire" Cards
Heavy Strategy+4 "Earth" Cards
Stun Strategy+4 "Metal" Cards
Freeze Strategy+4 "Water" Cards
Seal Strategy+4 "Dark" Cards
Disband Strategy+4 "Light" Cards
Ingenious Minds4 "Strategists" Cards
Legendary Courage4 "Officer" Cards
Wei Phoenix4 "Wei" Cards
Wu Tiger4 "Wu" Cards
Shu Dragon4 "Shu" Cards
Chief's Oath4 "Other" Cards

Type Combinations Using 2 Cards

Imperial Presence2 "Lord" Cards
Poison Strategy2 "Wood" Cards
Engulf Strategy2 "Fire" Cards
Heavy Strategy2 "Earth" Cards
Stun Strategy2 "Metal" Cards
Freeze Strategy2 "Water" Cards
Seal Strategy2 "Dark" Cards
Disband Strategy2 "Light" Cards
Agile Minds2 "Strategists" Cards
Fearless Courage2 "Officer" Cards
Wei's Ambition2 "Wei" Cards
Sun's Solidarity2 "Wu" Cards
Shu's Aspiration2 "Shu" Cards
Chief's Union2 "Other Forces" Cards
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Alternate Costumes 100%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock additional costumes:

Fourth CostumeBeat 50 Quests with a character
Third CostumeReach Level 10 with a character
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Characters 100%
Description: The following characters can be unlocked by performing the actions below.

Diao ChanBeat Battle of Hu Lao Gate (5-Star Version)
Dong ZhuoBeat Battle of Luo Yang and Battle of Mei Castle (5-Star Versions)
Lu BuBeat Chapter 6 of Story Mode
Meng HuoBeat Unification of Nan Zhong (Beat Nanman Quests from the Second Gatekeeper in Chapter 3)
Yuan ShaoBeat Zenith Tower Request Mission
Zhang JiaoBeat Yellow Turban Rebellion (5-Star Version)
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32 Achievements
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Dynasty Warrior Dynasty Warrior
Gain all achievements.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Minnow K.O. Minnow K.O.
Defeat first rank and file soldier.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Weaponry K.O. Weaponry K.O.
Defeat first Weaponry.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Officer K.O. Officer K.O.
Defeat first Officer.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Budding General Budding General
Issue first command to Allied Officer.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Budding Strategist Budding Strategist
Use first Card Tactic.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Victory Toast Victory Toast
Complete first Quest.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Blacksmith Patron 1 Blacksmith Patron 1
Make first weapon.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Blacksmith Patron 2 Blacksmith Patron 2
Power up first weapon.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Academy Disciple Academy Disciple
Acquire first Chi Skill.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Workshop Patron Workshop Patron
Make first Orb.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Online Venture Online Venture
Connect to Online City for the first time.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Victory Banquet Victory Banquet
Complete first online Quest.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Mutual Exchange Mutual Exchange
Trade Officer with another player for the first time.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Invincible General Invincible General
Complete all Quests.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Collect all Weapons.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Chi Collector Chi Collector
Collect all Chi Skills.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Orb Collector Orb Collector
Collect all Orbs.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Card Collector Card Collector
Collect all Officer Cards.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Treasure Collector Treasure Collector
Collect all Treasures.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Legend Collector Legend Collector
Collect all Legends.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Grand Developer Grand Developer
Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Grand Strategist Grand Strategist
Use all Card Tactics.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Grand General Grand General
Reach Level 50.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Heretics Suppressed Heretics Suppressed
Completed Chapter 1 in any Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Traitor Crushed Traitor Crushed
Completed Chapter 2 in any Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Tyranny Sealed Tyranny Sealed
Completed Chapter 3 in any Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Three Kingdoms Established Three Kingdoms Established
Completed Chapter 4 in any Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Three Kingdoms United - Wei Three Kingdoms United - Wei
Completed Wei's Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Three Kingdoms United - Wu Three Kingdoms United - Wu
Completed Wu's Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Three Kingdoms United - Shu Three Kingdoms United - Shu
Completed Shu's Story.
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Tyranny Vanquished Tyranny Vanquished
Completed Chapter 6 in any Story.
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