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Cars Race-O-Rama Cheats for WII
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Cars Race-O-Rama WII Cheats

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Cars Race-O-Rama

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheats List 92%
Description: Enter these codes in the Options Menu under the Cheats for the desired effect:

SLVRKEYUnlock Arcade Mode Events
GR8MODSUnlock Lightning McQueen Custom Kit Parts
EVRYBDYUnlock of Lightning McQueen's Friends
CARSHOWUnlock Paint Jobs for all Non-Lightning McQueen's Character
GOLDKEYUnlock Story Mode Events
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Cheats 24%
Well a cheat I know is to unlock all of lightings wheels it is wheelgog
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Cars Race-O-Rama 585785How do you find multiplayer in arcade mode on raceorame? Game cover says it is for 2 players but can't locate it - please help have two kids fighting over this game! Thanks Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 810736How do I type in the cheat codes Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 875302How do you change your cherecter from mqueen to someboby else Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 570064Is there multi player? Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 768675In arcade mode it only says single player - I cant scroll across to get two players to come up? Help - got two kids coming home from school to play it! Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 798440I can't get my single player mode to change to 2-player. Any suggestions? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 808958How to play in 2 players? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 882974How to change lightning mqueens color Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 889521How to take pictures during photo op challenges? What buttons on the remote do youuse? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 919863Where is the market? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 933456How do you unlock monster mequeen on cars race o rama Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 963093How to get the multi player mode? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 981131How to get Monster McQueen? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 998139How do you change characters that you unlocked? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 567140Why dont you have cheats for CARS-RACE-O-RAMA Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 722434What cheat can you use to unlock all lightning mcqueen and monster mcqueen paint jobs? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 886930How do I put other cars paint jobs on Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 703379What is the cheat code for unlocking lightning mcqueen's wheel jobs in cars race-o-rama for wii? Answers: 2
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