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Cars Race-O-Rama Cheats for NDS
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Cars Race-O-Rama NDS Cheats

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Cars Race-O-Rama

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How to get the camera on traflin pass1 67%
Where you see the road sign press x when you have inflateball tyres and drive to the boat house really fast and then jump through and you have it woo hoo
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How to get the camera in motoropolis 1 54%
The way to get the camera in motoropolis 1 is that you need to get the magnetic tires which are 30 wrenches then go in the spot which is blocked by cones then go on the yellow jump and at the end of the jump press x and drive on the blue wall and then drive to the camera
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Tornado distracter 50%
If you need to get passed a tornado you can honk and will be more easy the get passed. NOTE: this efectts all tornados so your enimie can get pass them be carfull.
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Mater The Greater 49%
Win a gold medal in single race, Beat the clock, Drift challenge and Cone chaos in postcard events radiator springs 1.
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Mater toyko drift 38%
Beat hit chick to unlock
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Fartaot 19%
If you like to fart pressL3,L2,xx
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Cars Race-O-Rama 874375How to unlock mater the greater Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 790233Where is the camera / photo op on Radiator Springs 2 / Sharp Turns & Short Tunnels? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 700804How to get foto in radiator springs 3 Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 760013How do I take a pic in ornament valley 1 Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 766222Where do I get the camara's on motoropolis 1, santa carburera 2 and radiator springs 3?pppplllleeeezzzz help me I am getting annoyed not being able to do the levels on pe Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 799985How to unlock tokyo mater. Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 850417How do you get wrenches in tailfin pass1 Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 941284What do you have to do to get the cars such as: Emma, Filmore, Sarge... etc after you have all the cameras? Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 655353How do you buy things at the market? my son has wrenches but can't figure out how to buy anything Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 686337How do you power up the horn to scare the tractors? Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 701276What is a it the same as a camera.. Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 752604How can I unlock the last race on Postcards events? Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 789882How do you get the camera on Santa Carburera 3. I know you have to use the magnetic tires, but I don't know how to get on the rail to get the camera! Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 789884How do I get the camera on Santa Carburera need magnetic tires but I can't figure out how to use them correctly! Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 822905How do I get the wrenches and camera thats are in the air? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 887897Where can I find the 6th wrench in Autovia 2? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 940636How do you get new cars after you have all the cameras? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 660696We bought the horn, but when we try to use it the car jumps instead of honking, what are we doing wrong? Answers: 4
Cars Race-O-Rama 707563How do I get to the wrenches on nap time at the topdown if I can't get through the gate Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 708006Where are the wrenches in santa carburera 2 Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 720998How do you play different tracks in single card multiplayer. Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 747819Where are the wrenches in Hill Chapel, South of The Border? I have all but 1. Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 799059How do you beat mater the greater ..i always fly in the air but I never make it Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 809898How do you play the games that are listed under Masters tall tales. such as master the greater and tokya Master Answers: 1
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