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Cars Race-O-Rama Cheats for PS2
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Cars Race-O-Rama PS2 Cheats

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Cars Race-O-Rama

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheats List 91%
Description: Enter these codes in the Options Menu under the Cheats for the desired effect:

SLVRKEYUnlock Arcade Mode Events
GR8MODSUnlock Lightning McQueen Custom Kit Parts
EVRYBDYUnlock of Lightning McQueen's Friends
CARSHOWUnlock Paint Jobs for all Non-Lightning McQueen's Character
GOLDKEYUnlock Story Mode Events
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Acadamey chalenge secrets 58%
Ushuly the acadamey chalenges are the boss tracks backwards
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(play as monster McQueen) not in a Story Mode Events 44%
The code will be : (bigermc)
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Cars Race-O-Rama 602258Can two people play with two controls Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 672904How do you jump the hoop on photo op? cant get around corner with enough speed. Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 651441How to unlock motorpolis city Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 742632How can I get paint for lightning mcqueen my brother has paint but I dont please help Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 616707I have entered all of the cheat codes and can make modifications to McQueen's hood, spoiler, etc. but I still can not change McQueen's wheels or paint job. Anyone know if there is there is a separate code (besides gr8mods)? I am also unable to change the wheels when I enter Luigi's tire shop in story mode. Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 774207Where are all the 15 tires at luigies tire shop. Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 830265Is there a cheat to change the speed over to mph? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 951531Can I play all races minigames with 2 players on ps2? Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 990042How do you change cars Answers: 0
Cars Race-O-Rama 650170We are tryin to get the wrenches in one race but we cannot figure out how to break the rocks. does anyone know how to do this on dsi? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 645378Can I be moster Lightning McQueen not in a event Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 700832How do I get characters like doc? Answers: 3
Cars Race-O-Rama 810904I need to know how to customise lightning mcqueen in race 0 rama on psp Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 722726How do you change lightning McQueen?how do you change cars? Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 601659How do we customize lighning ? it says you can customize his wheels paint and spoiler, I already used all the cheat codes and cannot figure it out...... please help my son wants to have lighting mcqueen with a big spoiler Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 868446On the back case of cars Race O Rama. There is a race in willy butte ( a picture with tater or tater jr. ) how do I unlock that race. Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 935711Were can I find a manual for cars race-o-rama for ps2 Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 685145Hiw do you switch characters? We go to the garage but it only allows to switch parts, colors etc. Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 880780How do you change character in story mode? Answers: 2
Cars Race-O-Rama 914514How do you change your car in story mode Answers: 1
Cars Race-O-Rama 895244I need a cheat that can unlock all lightning mcqueens paint jobs Answers: 1
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