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Super Mario 64 Cheats for N64
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Super Mario 64

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A million of coins 100%
First you need two cheats first moonjump ,
D033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033AFA1 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033AFA1 0020
8133B17E 0880
second is coins come out when mario hits stuff,
812AC68E 09A4
812AC69A 0074
812AC88E 09A4
812AC89A 0074
start the game behind you find the mountain you go on it, use moonjump to climb and you go up and you will have a million of coins.
if you make many of coins the game will freeze.
hope I helped you.
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Walk on lava & walk on water/walk underwater 100%
Walk on lava

81250900 1000

lava mario

8107EC20 AA00

walk on water

81381764 0800

walk underwater

A1253DAC 0000

water mario

8107EC40 00C8

And I have two surprises

coin colors mario

8107EC40 0000


810EE060 802B

Hope I helped you

by: Adam Fezzi
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First use this code

ride yoshi
8134209C 8019
8134209E 4E28
813420C4 8015
813420C6 0B74
8134225E D0BC

and moonjump
D033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033AFA1 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033AFA1 0020
8133B17E 0880

make ride yoshi on go on him and mario is going to use him like koopa use moon jump and you can go SUPER RAPIDLY JUMP SONIC YOSHI MARIO.
make the code ride yoshi off if you are going into the castle, if you didn't the game will freeze.

hope I helped you

by: Adam Fezzi
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First star 98%
To get the very 1st star, enter the doorway on the far left of the castle (marked with a star). Give a hip smash to the post that Chomp is
chained to, and when he breaks the fence he will release a star! You can now venture into any level with a "1" on the door.
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Power restore 96%
Whenever you find yourself low on power, look for the nearest large body of water. It will restore your power.
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Flying level 95%
After you collect 10 stars, stand on the sunburst in the Main Hallway and look up. You will be transported to a flying level. Activate the red switch to get the winged hat which lets Mario fly!
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Piranah plants 93%
The only way to eliminate these plants is to sneak up on them while they are sleeping, then bop them.
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Bowser 91%
You will confront Bowser 3 times. Run behind him and grab his tail. While you are swinging him around to throw him, switch camera angles so
you can see the spike bombs on the side of the arena. One hit on an exploding bombs will do him in, until the final confrontation, in which you must throw Bowser into a bomb 3 times.
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Sea world 91%
After completing most of the the Sea world, try coaxing the eel out of his cave. He has a star attached to his tail.
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Clock stage 91%
On the clock stage, enter at 3, 6, or 9 o'clock for all the gears to stop working.
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Holds hat in hands easly 100%
First beat a course. and when mario take his hat in hand use moonjump rapidly and you will hat in his hand.

hope I helped you

by: adam fezzi
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Don't have hat easly 100%
You need cheat code d-pad caps.

D033AFA2 0008

go to yoshi and take the fly cap in the red block, when your cap is going to disapear click
d-pad right you will have normal cap and it's going to disapear and you will don't have your hat

hope I helped

By: Adam Fezzi
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999 lives 84%
When you get 120 stars, go to the right of the castle, into the cannon, and blast onto the roof. You will meet Yoshi up there. He will give you 999 lives and a cool triple jump.
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Secret star #1 75%
(you need at least one star for this), go into the castle and go up the stairs to where the big locked door is, then go to your right and you should see a door that has a 1 on it.go into it and you will see 3 windows with princess toadstool (peach) on them,jump into the third window(the one on the right) and you will be in a room with a huge slide, go down it and stay on the path until you slide into a red room, there will be a ! block on the small stairs, just jump in it and then you got a secret star.
By: ROCKER360(200)
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How to spin bowser like crazy! 75%
Switch to mario's camera (you have to be at a bowser battle)
(R) then start spining bowser. Watch.
By: SpiderManLover(6)
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Mario holds hat in his hand 73%
First go to the sand place let the bird take your hat try to get it back make it stay on the pillar to NOT get the hat go to the tree close to you, you will teleport to somewhere else then teleport back and forth at least 4 times now get the hat back and you will be holding the hat in your hands.
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Huge penguin 71%
Get all 120 stars and then go to big penguin race in cool cool mountain, then go into the chimney and the penguin will be way bigger than before
By: ROCKER360(200)
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Black room of doom 67%
Messed-up Room
After you get all 120 stars, shoot yourself onto the roof where Yoshi is. Then get the winged hat and jump off the roof. Now go back into the cannon and shoot yourself back onto the roof only this time aim for the highest "tower" (in the direct center of the castle). Go to the left side of the wall, facing the castle and before the perpendicular wall, and do a jump-dive into the side of the wall. You should fall through the castle into a "black room" that is a major glitch.

Escape the Black Room of Death
For years people thought that the only way to escape the Black Room of Death (the bug where you jump into the middle pillar of the castle) was resetting the game.¿Well, I have found the way to escape it.¿When you are inside the Black Room of Death on the inside view of the castle put yourself against the right side of the room.¿Make sure that you cant see Mario.¿Now run or jump towards the wall that would be on the side of the door to the outside.¿You should jump through the wall and be free of the Black Room of Death.
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Easy life 67%
If you need life, go to the bomb level, and get the 2lifes in there.
1) In a flower patch surrounded by coins. Its right before the gate to the mountion.
2)Under the bridge to the mountain.

By: XPSJJJ(96)
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Coin cheat 67%
If you need an extra life and your in the castle go under the bridge to the front door do a wall kick to get the coins and once you get both of them you get a secret one up
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It's very big secret-PLAY AS BOWSER(but in 3rd boss) 67%
Here is GAMESHARK- 813408DC 8018
813408DE 3C10
81340904 8015
81340906 05B0
80340A47 00FF

By: Max X(28)
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Invisible mario(no shadow) 60%
First you need a project64 then get a L for burn mario code after go to any world that has a cannon when you go into the cannon target anything but don't fire press l and burn mario when you jump out you will be invisible
By: Aric666(8)
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Extra lives 60%
Go outside the castle, near the waterfall. Climb the third tree from the waterfall. Do a handstand on top of the tree to get a one-up. Then, enter the castle's first floor. Now return outside and climb the same tree. Do another handstand for another one-up. Repeat this trick to collect an unlimited amount of lives.
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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GUYS it's simple and I try.....IT's 2 Metods.First put gameshark MOON JUMP and when you get some doors with a star for example "first boss door" and when door open you hold A and when you need to open door you cannot.Second metode-PUT this GAMESHARK-8133B18F 0001 and all doors you cannot open...and this all guys.

GUUUYS it will worKs ReAlLy!
By: Max X(28)
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Glitch in the snow course(not snowmans land) 56%
OK,here's a freak,you start out with you on top of the mountain.Go ALL THE WAY DOWN and you'll see a penguin looking for its,you can see her blinking repeatedly,right?So, go off the edge.MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO DOWN TO FAR!Hurry!press pause!if done correctly,you should see nothing moving but the penguins eyes blinking!Now,of course I discovered this on accident while messing around.Useless, but cool,Huh?

Submitted by-Joshua Castilleja
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How to get Luigi 56%
First of all, this is FAKE! However, I have a theory on how to get him, so would you please read this? MUST HAVE ALL 120 STARS! Okay: So everyone knows about the star plaque in the courtyard. (says "L is Real 2401") Well, the 2401 part is the key. First of all, get 100 coins EXACT in all of the courses, sequentially! Remember to get the stars for them! So now you have a total of 1,500 coins. Now go to the three bowser places, and get 100 coins there, but DO NOT FIGHT THEM! Doing so won't get you Luigi! Now you will have 1,800 coins. Repeat that 2 more times, and then you will total up to 2,400 coins! Now grab one of the four coins on the ledges in the lobby be VERY careful NOT to get TWO coins, otherwise you are screwed. Once you got the coin, return to the courtyard. Now we all know that Luigi is afraid of ghosts. (In the ds version he was held hostage in the ghost place.) So go to the ghost place, and beat the three big boos: The one on the first floor, then the one on the wheel, and the one on the balcony, but do NOT get the stars. Instead exit out of the course. Again, instead of returning in the castle's lobby, you'll fall down in the courtyard. Get up on the star plaque, and punch the star. Once you've punched the star, it'll float and glow and play the special event music. It will trigger a special door on the wall. Go inside the door, and you will be in a room where you'll encounter a door and a sign. The sign says: "Inconceivable! Only an extraordinary SM64 player could ever find this secret. Only a few made it this far, and your one of the few! You have found ALL of the secrets in this game! Though it's the true end of this game, with no more to seek, it's not the end of the fun! As a result, we'd like to present you an amazing gift. Hope you like it! The Super Mario Team." So now go through the door, and Luigi will be there! Here is Luigi's quote: "M-m-mario? Is that really you? IT IS YOU! Wow! I can't believe you actually found me. I was stuck inside here for ages, because of that mischievous boo! But now I've been rescued. Is it true? Have you really found all of the secrets in this entire game? Wow! I missed a lot. Wait, you've beaten bowser TOO!? And saved the princess once again? That's insane bro! Well, I once miss anything anymore. I can't wait to go on your adventures. If you want to play as me, I'll be right here, and if you are playing as me, and you want to switch back, come back here. Remember my abilities!" Okay, let's set off on a new journey!" So there you have it. That's how you get Luigi! Remember this is fake, but it's my theory :) Thanks
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Yoshi waving(ending) 54%
OK,here's a little thing I like to call,Yoshi waving(ending).This will only work with all120 stars.Beat the game,OK?Wait for credits to end when successively beat the game.Then, every body will be waving.look somewhere on the rooftop and Yoshi will be waving too!

submitted by:Josh Castilleja.
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Go to hazy maze cave and look for slime on the wall when you see slime jump up you will be hanging on a ledge
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Funny glitch of death 50%
This glitch is wierd it makes you die for nothing first go on top of the castle(u need 120 stars)(or know how to glitch and get up the castle) first get in to the cannon then shoot dont turn wonce your on go to your right where the end is try get down and up three times mario will say wow three time4s if done right and in the right place and done three times mario will die for nothing )
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Secret star hint 50%
There is exactly 15 secret stars in super mario 64 so if you think you have them all and you don't have fifteen you need to look for more stars
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Secret star 50%
O.k. go to jolly roger bay(the door on the far right) DONT jump in the painting. go to the right look up you'll see a black square jump in it finish the course and theres your star
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You can only have 100 lives
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Teleporting 47%
After you defeat bowser #1 and 2, go to the curving stairs. when you enter, walk against
the wall to the left and then jump 1 or 2 times. then you will teleport through the stairs.
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Super mario 45%
First star:
To get the very first star, enter the doorway on the far left of the
castle (marked with a star). Give a hip smash to the post that Chomp is chained to, and when he breaks the fence he will release a star! You can now venture into any level with a "1" on the door.
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Get the star collect the caps 45%
In dire dire docks where thew sub is get the vanish cap first and go through the wall and get the metal cap and go in the water walk in the cage thing and jump to get the star.
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HEY GUYS THIS Is Code-8133B176 001E YOU CAN METAL AND INVICNIBLE have flying CAP but you cannot fly!

By: Max X(28)
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Backwards long jump 33%
By far the most usefull, easy, and cool glitch ever. thats right. the backwards long jump. to do a backwards long jump on a steep hill (like where the water and the wall meet.) and start pushing the jump button rapidly (i forgot what it was I think it was "A") and you should go really fast. you can use this to go through walls and doors.
By: yoshi764(116)
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By: Max X(28)
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Top o' castle 27%
Cannon 120 stars,+seeing where yoshi goes
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PUT THHIIISSS gaaaameshark guuys-8134021D 0000
8134047D 0000
8134741D 0000
8133FFBD 0000
813406DD 0000
813419DD 0000
8134CBFD 0000
8134CE5D 0000

IT's a secret I can't ......I know it
By: Max X(28)
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Cheats for super mario 64 24%
Level Select a032d58c0001
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Unlock Ness 4%
Choose link and beat game on hard with five lives.....Chalenger Aproaching...
By: nintendo64andyj(2)
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