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CSI: Deadly Intent Cheats for WII
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CSI: Deadly Intent WII Cheats

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CSI: Deadly Intent

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Accomplishment Awards 95%
Description: Perform the actions below to unlock the following awards:

Broken HeartedComplete Case 1: Broken Hearted
Chemistry MasterIdentify the chemical for Riley in Case 2
CinephileWatched a movie from a case file
Coulda Been a ContenderComplete Case 2: Coulda Been a Contender
Crime Scene ImpersonatorComplete Case 5: Crime Scene Impersonator
CSI: Deadly IntentComplete all five cases of CSI: Deadly Intent
Deadly SecretIdentify the makeup worn by the victim
DNA MasterIdentify the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3
Document MasterIdentify the Document for Nick in Case 4
ExtinguishedComplete Case 4: Extinguished
Fingerprint MasterIdentified the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1
GearheadViewed the Options screen
Heart MenderReassemble heart-shaped ashtray in Case 1
Just for Good MeasureIdentify both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began
Last GaspComplete Case 3: Last Gasp
Rub It InInterrogate Horace Willingham after he confesses
Strong ReaderVisited a case file
Touch of the IrishCollect all the bottles of Classic Cork
We Love CSI Fans!Viewed the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent
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Questions & Answers
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CSI: Deadly Intent 613346We can not seem to assemble the heart shaped ash tray. We have the piece from the shoe, pieces from the motel, her neck and the piece from Kat's room. When on the table it appears assembled, but when opening to dust we can not dust because the "shoe piece" does not appear in the ash tray as it does on the table. Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 633027Have all but 2 files checked off, how do you check off the evidence file? Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 621499How do I get the missing part of the ashtray from charles shoes? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 644585I am trying to get the phone of kathy, so I can bring charles in for questioning, but I ask her if she killed lynn, she says no but no evidence. I ask if she saw lynn after she was murdered she sed no, I show her the glass ashtray but she jus says anyone could of brought it to her house, what do I do to get her to blame charlie? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 715022I need help im stuck in level one and cant find any other evidence I have found the finger prints in the chair nd the two pieces of ashtray where can I find more ? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 596355How many fingerprints are there in pleasure city Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 599545Where is the clue in the rv in crime 5 Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 604851Case 4: what do I do with the antifungal cream found in mother's purse?.. Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 616303I can't use the collection kit on the bath in the honeymoon suite. Every time I try Nick says something inane, the collection tool pops back up, and it cycles over again. How can I use the collection tool here? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 619575Lockeroom fingerprints Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 621720How can I get the hotel guy into the question room Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 623021Anyone know where the letter is for level 5 I can not it anywhere Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 624264Where can I find the letter from the gas company telling the doctor/landlord to fix his pipe system? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 626731In case 4, how do you match the chisel to the cast? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 628737What does the thread mean Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 638839Do you no where the other part of the ashtray is please? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 636534Why is it not allowing to use evidence found at crime scenes for warrants? Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 639582Case 4: I'm stuck iv got the doctor in interrogation asked all the questions but there is 1 left, its about the generator, its says " did you tamper with the generator ?" then the evidence thing pops up but I have not got the evidence to prove it was him iv cleared the room where the bloke was killed but I have not cleared the boiler room or his house what I'm a doing wrong? HELP! Answers: 2
CSI: Deadly Intent 669481Where do we find the Hack's phone in case 2 Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 674356Case 2 : how do you complete case 2 Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 708681How do I compare fingerprints on AFIS - it doesnt give me teh option when I load a fingerprint on the evidence side? Answers: 0
CSI: Deadly Intent 742956Im stuck on level three, I cant figure out what the thread means. and I dont know where to go with the ring. Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 747990I have completed the ash tray using the last piece off the bottom of the shoe but I cant use it at all in the interigation and my case file says process evidence, what do I do? did I miss something? Answers: 1
CSI: Deadly Intent 751616Case 1: I can't find more evidence on the club, only the finger prints... I can't find the tissue that kathy used.. where is it? Answers: 2
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