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Marvel Super Hero Squad Cheats for WII
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Marvel Super Hero Squad WII Cheats

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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Captain America costume. 83%
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How to unlock the aim agent for battle mode 77%
When your on the main menu go to options and then it will come up with four titles click on the one that says enter code then type in this code using the numbers next to the card 246246 now click on the green tick and then you'll have the aim agent to use in battle mode.
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Cheat List 76%
Description: In the options menu, choose "Enter Code" and enter the following codes for the desired effect.

111111Iron Man,Iron Man(War Machine)
222222Hulk,Hulk(Grey Hulk),Hulk(Red Hulk)
444444Thor,Thor(Chain Armor),Thor(Loki Thor)
555555Silver Surfer,Silver Surfer(Anti Surfer),Silver Surfer(Gold Surfer)
666666Falcon,Falcon(Ultimate Falcon)
777777Cheat(Super Knockback)
888888Cheat(No Block Mode)
999999Dr.Doom,Dr.Doom(Ultimate Dr.Doom),Dr.Doom(Professor Doom)
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Getting storm 72%
To unlock storm, you must beat thors adventure with storm.
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All cheats!!!! 66%
Infinite shard duration cheat 742737
Grounded cheat (hovering disabled in Battle mode) 476863
No Blocking cheat 888888
One Hit Kills cheat 663448
Super Knockback cheat 777777
Captain America US Agent costume 925627 or 956278
Captain America Ultimate Captain America costume 177674
Doctor Doom Ultimate Doctor and Professor Doom costumes 999999
Falcon Ultimate Falcon costume 666666
Iron Man War Machine costume 111111
Silver Surfer Anti-Surfer and Gold Surfer costumes 555555
Spider-Man Symbiote Spider-Man costume 925678 or 925628
The Hulk Grey Hulk and Red Hulk costumes 222222
Thor Chain Armor and Loki-Thor's costumes 444444
Wolverine Brown and Feral costumes 333333
A.I.M. Agent and Blue Suit A.I.M. Agent costumes 246246
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Takedown! 65%
Please vote me helpful. To takedown it only works when fighting bosses. When the boss is blinking red press down on the D-pad and then direct the wii remote down.
By: Coolboy24(1307)
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Unlock characters for battle. 63%
111111- Iron Man- War Machine
222222- Hulk- Grey Hulk- Red Hulk
333333- Wolverine- Brown Wolverine- Fearl Wolverine
444444- Thor- Chain Thor- Loki-Thor
555555- Silver Surfer- Anti Surfer- Gold Surfer
666666- Falcon- Ultimate Falcon
999999- Dr. Doom- Ultimate Dr. Doom- Professor Doom
925678- Spider-Man- Black Suit Spider-Man
925627- Captain America- U.S. Agent
177674- Ultimate Captain America
246246- AIM Agent- Blue Suit AIM Agent
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Where to find the secret tokens 61%
Goto wolverine level and its on the ship go to hulks level and somewhere after you destroy the rock structure thor level go southwest and then you will see a red car and go to the other side and you will find it go to iron man somewhere around the 4 energy boxes and silver surfers at when you charging the blue crystal look in the bottom right corner hope this helps!
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Unlock spiderman without cheat code 55%
Find the secret token in all the levels
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Unlocking characters 52%
You unlock diferent people when you chose different partners in story mod :]
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Magneto and spider man 52%
To get magneto Go to battle mode and fight with spider man and Dr. Doom on galactas's place. To get spider man collect the secret coin on every stage.
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Unlock arena 45%
I unlocked the arena evil villiani. to do this you have to play dooms mission a lot.

by ethan
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How to unlock the Thing for battle mode 43%
You must defeat Loki to get the Thing in the Thor level.
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How to get Storm 34%
You get Storm by winning 111 battles.
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Unlock Spider-Man 27%
925628(if it doesn't work, you don't have the walmart version)
By: DJ Kid Itch(192)
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Unlocks spiderman 18%
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Lasers Guidance 13%
Description: To access the Laser's Guidance, enter the code 123456.
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Marvel Super Hero Squad 741611How do you release agents behind first door in the adventure Answers: 4
Marvel Super Hero Squad 840271How do you make more then three droids with doctor doom it only lets me make three tell me and dont say you cant. Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 785408How do you get the bridge down in level 1? Hulk destroyed ice pipe but bridge is still up? Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 859435How do you make doombots Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 806584How do you open doors in the first level? Answers: 3
Marvel Super Hero Squad 744838How do you use and get fractial energy to defeat the barrier on silver surfer Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 761623How to free the trapped soldiers on level one? Answers: 5
Marvel Super Hero Squad 804788We have wii super hero squad, is there a way to play two plays at the same time and fight together against bad guys? Answers: 4
Marvel Super Hero Squad 817417How do you throw Wolverine onto the Helicarrier? Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 849084How do you get past the gates in the falcon level? Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 789643How do you defeat abomination Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 817379How does aim agent fire grenade Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 827916How do you complete Thor's level, stuck at bridge, knocked down crystals. What is next? Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 880167How do you unlock spiderman? Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 955921How to unlock venom suit for spider man in super hero squad Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 796120Where is spiderman token in ironman adventure Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 805683How do I make lightning come out of Thor's hammer? Answers: 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad 809207How do you revive after kO. Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 818799How do I beat the second part of the first stage Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 823065How. Do I get the hulk to pick up rocks and throw them at the rock structure Answers: 3
Marvel Super Hero Squad 827612How do you unlock/get Ms. MArvel or Storm? Answers: 3
Marvel Super Hero Squad 828536What are the subterranea codes? Answers: 0
Marvel Super Hero Squad 838434How to fnidh the chapter 3 lava stage Answers: 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 841111How do you make 40 doom bots at once and can make at least 40? Answers: 3
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