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Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Cheats for GBC
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Super Mario Brothers Deluxe GBC Cheats

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Super Mario Brothers Deluxe

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Yoshi's Eggs 100%
When you find one egg, go to the toy box and you unlocked a code to find any of the eggs.To find the 1st egg go to 1-1. Now, go to the 2 pair of steps, jump in the middle and move to the left and jump and an egg should pop up.
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Switch Marios 100%
To become a more powerful Mario, select Boo from the MAIN MENU screen.

Then when you're at the level select screen, keep pressing Select until you find the mario you want to be, such as: Super Mario or even fireball Mario!
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Level Warp 100%
At level 4-2, go to the right of the 1st falling platform (under the 3 boxes) and jump under each one of them to get the 3 hidden blocks. Use these blocks to hit the 1st blue block to get a beanstalk. Climb this beanschat to warp to level 6, 7, or 8.
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10 Lives 100%
At the Menu screen, select the toy box and play the card game. Continue to play the game until you get a card with the princess on it. Now exit and start a game. You will start with 10 lives.
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Super Mario Bros-DX Version - Skip 5 worlds xD 100%
Press original and then press "A" at new file. complete level 1 and go to level 2. kill the bad guys, then smash open all the boxes with ? marked on them. one of them will have a mushroom, use that mushroom. smash open all the bricks. stand on some. then jump on to the roof. you will be smashing the roof bricks. now jump through the hole you made in the roof. run across the bricks on the roof. keep running and jump when you need to jump. keep going, thats it, you're almost there, keep it up..... you're there! when you fall and the screen wont allow you to go any further, you will see some words - welcome to warp zone - now go down the highest numbered warp zone. your next level should be something like 1-5 or 2-3.
By: cheatguy29(7)
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Extra lives 50%
At the very end of level 3-1 get to the very end and get the second duck or whatever you call it and make sure its on the stairs and let the first one go and then act as if you are going to kill it then jump on it and just keep it there lives galore you can get up to like 130 I think.
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Shortcut in ghost race 1_1: 50%
When you get by the place where it is surrounded by blocks jump ON the block with the frowny face and jump on top of the blocks on top. Run/or hold B and keep running. you should now be ahead of boo.
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Level warp 33%
Wen yer in the blue castle deal thing and you see the platforms goin up and down go on the up one and then jump off and land on the cieling and still run you can see er s feet running in this little space now youl come 2 the platforms again and do wat I just sed there you will find a lvl warp zone try it out
By: Hunter1234(167)
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