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Bakugan Cheats for PS2
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Bakugan PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE

500,000 BP 72%
Enter "26037947" if you are starting a new game (at the name)
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100,000 BP 72%
Enter "18499753" at the name
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Here is a list of name cheats for the PS2 version of the game. To access these codes, you must enter them on the Name Entry screen when starting a new game.

1. Get 100,000 BP – Enter: 18499753
2. Get 500,000 BP – Enter: 26037947
3. Unlock the Bronze Warius – Enter: 44982493
4. Get 1000 Battle Points – Enter: 33204429
5. Get 10000 Battle Points – Enter: 46836478
6. Get 5000 Battle Points – Enter: 42348294
By: HEEM(160)
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Easy defeat 64%
To defeat axe viladator firstly you will have to go to the shop and purchase a card on which hydroniod 's bakugan is drawn and another card which gives you 150g power on enemy gate card and then go to the tournament and first we will choose the card choose the card which gives haos or leonidas special card and then you have to fail in thae first throw and then he will throw his bakugan and then goto each hydronoid,s tail and get in and do it to all hydrnoids tails and collect minimum 180g power and then leonidas power becomes 610+180=790 and viladators g power will be 710 and then he will use one of his ability cards that will increase 150g power it becomes 710+150=860 you dont have to use an ability card and defeat him ..and do same thing in the next matches and you will be able to defeat him easily in the last round by using all the ability cards...bye
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Here is how to get the unlockable “evolved” Bakugan after completing the story.

1. Battle Axe Vladitor – Beat Marduk without giving up and cards.
2. Blade Tigrerra – Beat Runo in a battle royal.
3. Delta Dragonoid II – Beat Dan in a battle royal.
4. Dual Hydranoid – Beat Masquerade in a battle royal.
5. Hammer Gorem – Beat Julie in a battle royal.
6. Omega Leonidus – Get before doing the last battle in story mode.
7. Preyas II – Beat Marucho in a battle royal.
8. Storm Skyress – Beat Shun in a battle royal.

Here is how to get the unlockable Protagonist Bakugan after completing the story. All battles must be done in the park.

1. Cycloid – Join Julie In a Tag Team Battle.
2. Dragonoid – Beat Dan in a One on One Battle.
3. Fortress – Join Dan In a Tag Team Battle.
4. Gorem – Beat Julie in a One on One Battle.
5. Harpus – Join Shun In a Tag Team Battle.
6. Preyas – Beat Marucho in a One on One Battle.
7. Sirenoid – Join Marucho In a Tag Team Battle.
8. Skyress – Beat Shun in a One on One Battle.
9. Tentacler – Join Runo In a Tag Team Battle.
10. Tigrerra – Beat Runo in One on One Battle.
By: HEEM(160)
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To end the game easily using haos leonidas 58%
First you have to use this 3 gate cards(omega Leonidas,mega warrior,sunrise)
the key to win the battle is to organise the gate cards, tough if you win with any kind of cards that is fine too. the second key is to use all your ability in the first gate cards you set. which I would prefer sunrise. then the most important step you have to do before every bakugan battle is to let Marduk shoot his bakugan first. then after that you do that you shoot omega Leonidas to the hydra statue(both of them & watch your fuel) if you succeeded perfectly you will have an addition of 240 g power. each and every time. also you should use omega Leonidas's gold gate card in last, because if both battle it should end up in a tie you're gonna have a lot of trouble. you should buy time battle card ability if you prefer time battle, because for me shooting battle is hard and also the roulette g ability with maximum addition 400 g power
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Beating battle ax vladitor!! 58%
All you need is his gate card omega Leonidas and his special 1 omega eraser then get mega warrior I would choose dark us if you have 2 wins and it's your turn for laying down a gate card-lay down mega warrior omega Leonidas will get 550 gs total and if you  have omega eraser still you can get 950 gs exactly how I beat him hope it helps
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How to get Tegrera 56%
Beat Runo 5 times in the park
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Get a bakugan 55%
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How to get Battle Ax Vladitor 53%
First,you must have beaten the game.After that you have Leonidas and Omega go to the park and duel Marduk.After that buy Vladitor in the shop and duel Marduk again And You can buy Battle Ax Vladitor in the shop.You can also do this with the other brawlers but remember to buy it first for get Vladitor but you cannot get Battle Ax vladitor if you didn't buy Vladitor first
By: Fallen angel(457)
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423482942968 - 10,000 BP 53%
423482942968 - 10,000 BP
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10,ooo bp 51%
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Up,left,down,right,L1,R1 IN MAIN MENUE
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Bakugan points 43%
Go to the park and battle shougi again and again
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Gorem 42%
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Bakgun walkthrough 41%
Follow this video
Bakugan cheat video Cheat Video
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How to beat beople 34%
My strategy is make lenders level 880 and just beat every body you know
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Drago 24%
By: avatarz10(21)
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Bronze warius cheat is only for ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24%
Cheat 44932493 for bronze warius is only for nintendo DS(DSI)
By: blasteralien(162)
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