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SimAnimals Africa Cheats for WII
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SimAnimals Africa WII Cheats

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SimAnimals Africa

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Pink Elephant 88%
Press The 2 button on your wii remote and select enter codes. Then enter the code:
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Rainbow zebra 87%
Press the 2 button on your wii remote selcet cheats enter 45sbyv wait a little then the zebra will come type this in lower case letter.
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Cheat Codes 82%
Description: Pause the game and head to the Code Menu. These codes are case sensitive.

fcwj6w - Unlocks Pink Elephant
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Charisma and strength 76%
Use any animal and eat the violet flower all the charisma will go up eat kings protea flowers to get strength up
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How to make a lion or crocodile friends with a zebra or thorsom gazelle 75%
First find a zebra or gazelle totem cookie. Then make sure that a crocodile is friends with a crocodile or a lion friends with a lion or best friends. Feed one of the friends a zebra or gazelle totem cookie. Now it's a zebra or gazelle and still friends with the lion or crocodile but the lion or crocodile isn't friends with the zebra or gazelle. Control the lion or crocodile and frolic and greet the zebra or gazelle do it with a lion and zebra. You can get a medal for this.
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Fruit for Leo! 73%
Feed the lion a boxthorn fruit!It will actually like it! This works on wii,Ds I don't know.
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Fcwj6w- unlocks pink elephant wii idk if it works for ds 73%
Fcwj6w- unlocks pink elephant
45byv - unlocks rainbow zebra
By: vampirechick123(23)
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Tips,hints 72%
To make animals shrink feed them a giant milly bug
By: jpasfield(107)
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Rainbow zebra breeding 72%
If you unlock the rare rainbow zebra code (45byv) if you breed a zebra three times you get a rainbow zebra
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Save Zebra or Thomson Gazelle 69%
If your pride of lions get hungry, fallow these steps!
1: play as a lion
2:attack zebra or thomson gazelle
3:Stop playing as a lion QUICKLY And when you see it roar behind the attack,GRAB IT QUICKLY!
Then your animal is saved!
I don't know about the alligators or crocodiles,but I'll try! This works on Wii.Ds I don't know!
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Petting medal 68%
Are you having trouble getting the petting medal for your animals? try petting a baby version of that animal, and then it is easier to reach the itchy spots. If you still have trouble, then feed the animals a giant millie bug. (you have to get a score of 46 or above.
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Twin your animals with any thing 68%
Omg try feeding one of your animals a fruit bug or special item with powers but double click as you do it i accidently did it with a rhino and it twinned it i named one twig and one stone idk if it works for nds i only have it on wii
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Steak Tree on Wii 68%
Are you tired of feeding your animals to your Lions or Alligators? Well here's how to get a Steak Tree. Get a Zebra that has full charm and full strength. Then take your Zebra to the Giraffe Area (Long Neck Plateau), and find an Acacia Tree. Control your Zebra and make it kick the Acacia Tree. Keep kicking the tree until all the fruits fall off. If no Steak appears, go to another Acacia Tree and kick the tree until all the fruit falls off. Keep doing this until you get a Steak. Then you can plant the Steak but it has to be in grass. Then you just feed your Lions and Alligators the Steak and they will like it.
(Warning- When you feed a Lion or Alligator the Steak, it WILL NOT FEED THE REST OF THE PACK OF THAT ANIMAL!)
Hope this Helps! )
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Survivors 68%
If you are like me, you hate to see your Gazelles and Zebras killed. But, there is a way to avoid this! Fortunately, it's simple and easy. When a Lion or Crocodile has just caught your animal, simply pick it up using "B" with your Animal Wrangler Power from the Zebra Totem at Memory Falls! Happy Gaming!
By: Cara Corals(39)
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To stop a fight 67%
If a lion tries to eat your zebra put another animal on the fight and the animal pops out but the lion will still hunt it I love this game thank you! :)
By: kristclnt(101)
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How to beat the last level 67%
First you have to play ring toss with a rino until you get to level 2 rino then you have to hit all the 4 stones then you have to pet a gorilla until a stone pops out then prees A by the stone and then your gorilla climbs on top of the stone and does chest pound then the tree of life is cured.
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Struggling at crocodile hunting 65%
If you are struggling at catching either a zebra or a gazelle I would suggest taking your crocodile to swala steppes where there is only one source of water so you have more chance of catching an animal )
By: dapatty96(59)
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Simsanimal africa cheats for ds 63%
Crscvb=candelabra tree
2tn6zx=pink elephant
rrc2hk=green hippo
tzckws= african violet
hvrgr3=mangrove tree
f2zpyv=pearly shell dweller
grrrwp=physical down
v8wwdt=fig tree(nut)
rrcpsn=common dotted border
6n6vmf=small striped swordtail
py52rk=african carrion flower
kv9dvq=black charaxes
ts34kg=boabob tree
sj9qsc=veined swordtail
4qugyr=fling fruit
jhr8qd=african swordtail
v8wcr7=banded swallowtail
brkprv=daffodil fish
you can get a meat tree by catching all the fish
in the jungle ruins you can get a fire breathing velociraptor if you complete all the gorrila goals
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Clone your animals 62%
You can clone your animals using the Deaths Head Bug but if its a baby it will grow up
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How to eat in water 61%
If you are a crocodile, you can eat in the water, you will have to sneak up on the animal while the animals is the water, when your near the animal, press A then your crocodile will eat the animal.
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Fruit Collecting 61%
If you dont have zebras or girraffes and you want to harvest fruit then pick up an animal and drop it on the tree

I think it only works on WII

Bryce D.
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Renaming Your Animals 59%
If you don't like the name of your animal or want to change the name of your animal, there's a simple, easy trick that you can do! Here are the steps:

1) Go to your animal's info box (the one on the VERY VERY left)
2) Click on the info box
3) Find the name at the top middle of your screen
4) Click on your animal's name

Voila! You can rename your animal anything you want! But there is limited space on what you can name your animal so choose a reasonably short name! I believe it is 16 or less characters, but I'm not absolutely sure. Happy Gaming!

~Cara Elizabeth Corals
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Magic cookie 57%
If you have a elephant cookie feed it to a any animal but not a elephant I feed one to my fav lion I did not no this was gonna happen she turend in to a elephant so be very care full
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Animals Have Different Talents 56%
You can always pet or play with your animals, to make them stronger. When you do this, your animal will then be able to find rare items that can help you, by using their talent to hit the fruits out of trees, or dig deep into the ground to look for rare roots or bugs. Every animal has it's own talent that can be powerful, if you know what to do with it. :)
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Food for lions, no kill! 56%
What you do is, you start controllling a (preferably strong lion) and attack a zebra/gazelle and then press B then you drag lion away, viola fully fed lion + zebra/gazelle still there! I do it all the time :)
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How to make your lion sneak 55%
You will have to move the nunchuck a little bit then your lion will sneak.
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To break trees. 54%
Use a rhino to break a tree but charge.
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Cheats for SimAnimals Africa NDS! 54%
Here are some SimAnimal Africa NDS cheats!


If you want more, find every animal, insect, fish, plant, and rare food, and complete every goal and you will unlock a crystal that will give you more cheats! Yay!
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To help an animal 54%
Do you have fav animal?is a nother animal hunting it?to save you unlock the grabing power and you pick up the hunting animal or your fav animal.
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Not Get Eaten 54%
If you do not wabt your favourite zebra or elk to be eaten, then you use the zebra and befriend all the lions and crocodiles so they will decide to not kill you. really why would you eat your best friend?
By: katluverz101(896)
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Dont sit through the long wait of feeding the animal (WII ONLY!!!) 53%
While feeding the animal,as soon as the stomach grumbles press A and you dont have to wait long.
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Medals for Wii 52%
To beat the game, you must have every single medal. Some of the medals don't pop up in the Challenges page or the Goals page, but press 1 on the Wii Remote and go to encyclopedia. Then click the bottom option, then see which regions still need to get medals. Then see whether you've already gotten the Petting Game medal and/or the Drum Game medal and/or the Ring Toss medal. If not, then keep on trying on the main animals in the region till you win! THIS IS ONLY FOR WII
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Steak trees 51%
If you go to the Oasis get a level two Zebra and kick the trees and a steak will fall. you can plant the steak near carnivores and you will have a steak tree steak will fall you can feed carnivores steak instead of other animals!
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Holding water 47%
Put hand over water, hold down Be , and bring hand over to plant,animal orhole, and have it rain on that object!
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Hints and Tips 47%
"To get fruit out of bushes and trees, use a zebra, giraffe, or a rhino to knock them out. This is much faster than waiting for the fruit to fall out on it's own."
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Tree finder 42%
If you can't find a tree get a rhino with level 2 strength go to each region and charge down each tree.
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Some helpful hints 42%
You can get your animals to different strengths by doing Drums or Ring Toss.
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Hints and Tips 41%
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Some stuff 40%
Lions do not like most fruit!
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How to do more stuff 39%
You can do more missions you haven't done and you can get more fun stuff.
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Purple Gorilla 35%
To get a purple gorilla keep playing with the gorillas and after when a gorilla comes that might be your purple one! and there are no cheat codes for this you just have to attract one. I have one its name it Stella
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Sims animals Africa 35%
Beat game to unlock the raptar
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Two cheats for SimAnimals Africa on the wii 35%
#1 brown lion or cat lGJ34vJ
#2 a golden lion boy 17go73hai thats it I forgot the cheats for rainbow zebra and the pink elephant so yea.
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Tasmainian devil 35%
Enter the pause menu (press 2) and go to codes (the green dimond) and type tasmainian devil then you will gladly get it unlocked
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TIPS 28%
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