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SimAnimals Africa Cheats for NDS
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SimAnimals Africa NDS Cheats

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SimAnimals Africa

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

SimAnimal Africa(NDS) cheatcodes 91%
Rare Fruits
1. Physical Up - dq2kk5
2. Independence Up - w4mmxv
3. Social Up - rrjqwg
4. Fling Fruit - 4qvgyr
5. Independence down - t4tgrq
6. Variant Fruit - vvwqnb (first 2 letters are double v's)
7. Carmbola - nxy9k7
8. Mangrove - hvrgr3
9. Pomegranate - 2khc3p
10. Olive - bt4b9p
11. Banana Seed - kqcftx
12. Carmbola Seed- 56bspd
13. Dandelion - cwzkjq
14. Emmer - bmzsxg
15. Aloe Vera - sw2js3
16. African Carrion Flower - py52rk
17. Millet Grass - yxc2qx
18. Bird of Paradise - t4hpqv
19. Common Dotted Border - rrcpsn
20. Pearl Charaxes - gqs5d6
21. Blue Diadem - czksw7
22. African Centipede - hvdvsx
23. Baboon Spider - npxhfq
24. Veined Swordtail - sjpqsc
25. Lion - f77bcf
26. White Cheetah - t448t2
27. Aardvark - bpmwsj
28. Rhino - rfstyy
29. Tanganyika Tilapia(fish) - 5wtzc8
30. Meerkat - kgrrnt
31. Purple Meerkat - rnqxq7
32. Elephant - qmwz87
33. Pink Elephant - fcwj6w
34. Zebra - d3vs3q
35. Turquoise Zebra - 45sbyv
36. Hippo - 4dvqvg
37. Green Hippo - rrc2hk
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Cheats for SimAnimals Africa (DS) 89%
Purple Meerkat rnqxq7
White Cheetah t448t2
Green Hippo rrc2hk
Yellow Zebra 38nq6k
Varian Fruit vvwqnb
Promegrante Tree 2khc3p
Lion f77bcf
Millet Grass yxc2qx
Physical Up dq2kk5
Protea sqvnpf

This cheats are all true so do not be saying they aren't! Hopes this helps! )
P.S. I was the cheat above about the Steak Tree! )
-Double MB (nickname)
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CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!! 86%
Please tell me if you find the cheat codes for giraffes and baby giraffes
heres a few codes that I found

nghsts -baby gazelle

sj9qsc - butterfly

56bspd - butterfly

t4tgrq - carabola seed

t4hpqv - Independence down
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Pink Elephant 85%
How to:
1) Make sure your backpack isn't full
2) Click start for the menu
3) Tap cheats
4) Enter fcwj6w (case sensitive)
5) Should show up in your backpack now
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Random Cheats 80%
You can get a list of cheats from tapping on the plumbob reward after completing SimAnimals Africa (finding all the plants/animals/etc.)
Here are a few I have found.

Rare Fruits:

dq2kk5 physical up
w4mmxv Independence Up
rrjqwg Social Up
jydh2jb Variant Fruit (Color change)
4qvgyr Fling Fruit


nxy9k7 Carmbola tree
hvrgr3 Mangrove tree
2khc3p Pommegranate tree
kqcftx Banana tree
bt4b9p Olive Tree


cwzkjq Dandelion
bmzsxg Emmer Grass
sw2js3 Aloe Vera
py52rk African Carrion Flower
yxc2qx millet grass


rrcpsn Common Dotted Border (Butterfly)
gqs5d6 Pearl Charaxes (Butterfly)
czksw7 Blue Diadem (butterfly)
hvdvsx African Centipede
npxhfq Baboon Spider


sqvnpf protea
pqwvqp Protea


f77bcf lion
5wtzc8 Tanganyika Tilapia
kgrrnt Meerkat
qmwz87 Elephant
rfstyy Rhino
d3vs3q Zebra
bpmwsj Aardvark
4dvqvg Hippo

Special Animals:

45sbyv rainbow zebra
fcwj6w pink elephant
By: Jhereg(130)
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Color changing 73%
To change the color of an animal go to cheats and put vvwqnb (the first to are v's) feen that fruit to an animal and they change color
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For a treasure daisy 73%
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Crocodile 71%
The code for a baby croc is 4sdvfp
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Rainbow Zebra 70%
Make sure your backpack isn't full
Press the start button to pause the game
Tap Cheats on the menu
Enter 45sbyv (case sensitive)
Tap the check mark
The new animal should show up in your backpack
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For a meerkat 66%
3h3dj3 enjoy
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For a zebra 66%
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For a lemon cichild 65%
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For an ardvark 65%
5wwtrk enjoy!
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Cheats for sim animals 62%
Thease are some cheats for sim animals Africa...

vvwqnb-Variant Fruit -drop it on a animal and it will change colour.
45sbyv-rainbow zebra
fcj6w-pink elephant
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Baby gazelle 60%
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For a banana tree 59%
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For a afcrian daisy 59%
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Easier way to gain ALL the collections! 53%

1. Plant MOAR plants (Such trees, grass) to attract!
2. Make sure you own so much animals to attract predators
3. Always have your animals not bored, hungry and etc. ANd you see a mating sign on the icon. Drag to a same animal in opposite gender to create a baby (Need long to do this.)
- Shake grass and shake trees to get it spread
- Make sure your trees are watered and in open area
- RAPTOR, is a unique animal. You can own it when a happiness bar is enough
- Make animals happy by fulfill their needs. Water (Splash them to a water area or take them to glacier spring or make a cloud on it) Food (See on their stats and you can see if they are herbivore/carnivore) and Happiness (Play with other animals/Pet them. Also happy gorillas can entertain other animals!) Just imagine you taking care your pets.


1. Own a happy crocodile. Send it to other areas and tap on part of water and fish will pop up!
2. Fish are quite slippery, be careful to handle it.
- Use happy Hippopotamus to make fish swim slower (Use it near lakes, watering holes and rivers)
- Make sure your watering holes are own water in it. STAY WET.


1. Own a happy meerkat. Send it another world and let it dig ground and a insect will pop up (Note: Sometimes you're unlucky (You not get any insects yet) nice try next time!)
2. You must quick. Insects are very quick
3. Unique insects such termites, bees and grasshoppers are need a thing to attract
- Termites need fallen log to attract
- Grasshoppers need grass to attract
- Bees need flowers to attract (Attract flowers by planting trees or own happy gazelle to prance and make flowers grow)


1. Own a happy Gazelle. Send it to other area. Tap on empty space and flowers will grow up (Without trees!)!
- Trees also can be a main place for animals sleep! Plant more trees.
- More flowers=BEES! Bees can make tasty treat for animals (You can get more chace if you get the bee magnet (50% of insects must be collected)


1. If you want to proctect your baby. Go to other area with no predators. Block it (Using trees or other plants or idols) So keep them save (Make sure there are trees on it. Tree=Life)
- You also can train your baby to be strong. Get a Physical up food (Enter this code: dq2kk5. Or get a happy Giraffe to shake a tree. It sometimes make it fallen down) So if they hunted by predators. They can win it.

Rare foods:

1. Enter codes to gain a rare food (Find in site with cheats and go to menu and select cheat and enter it. YOU GET THE THING! BUT, your backpack must not full)
2. Get a happy giraffe. Shake a tree and sometimes a rare food will fallen down
- I'll have some rare food cheat:
Physical Up: dq2kk5
Independence Up: w4mmxv
Social Up: rrjqwg
Fling Fruit: 4qvgyr
Independence down: t4tgrq
Variant Fruit: vvwqnb (first 2 letters are double v's)
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Getting Green Abilities 52%
To get a green ability button you have to become friends with your animal (does not work with baby animals). Become it's friend by holding down the R or the L button and rub the animal until the green icon shows up in the top right corner of the touch screen. The ability depends on the animal, i.e. elephant: spray, meercat: digs, hippo: charges, etc.
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How to get a black lion 52%
Get a color chang fruit give it to a male lion get him to mate with a not red and the baby lion will be black
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Lions cheetas crocadiles too hungry 48%
NO Problem! get a baby gazelle-nghsts or a zebra-hnvvwx[lions only] I bet that will help
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Animal Shrinker 39%
If you feed your animal a Giant Milly, it will shrink! I tried it with my giraffe Andile and he is SO cute and tiny!
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How to eat in water 39%
If you are a crocodile, you can eat in the water, you will have to sneak up on the animal while the animals is the water, when your near the animal, press A then your crocodile will eat the animal.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Did you know??? 30%
For SimAnimals Africa Wii, you can feed your crocodiles and lions Boxthorn fruit? Well you can! And! They love it!
-Double MB
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You wanna keep your zebra kickin'? 27%
No problem! Those pesky crocodiles or lions wont eat anymore zebra or gazelle! Heres what you do:
1. Go to "Long Neck Platue"
2. Somewhere around those "Acacia Trees" you will see a "Steak".
3. Put it in your "Backpack" and then plant it. It will turn into a "Steak Tree"!
4. Water it until it has fruit on it.
5. Collect the fruit, then click on a "Lion", feed, give it the steak and voila! He ain't hungry!
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How to make your lion sneak 22%
You will have to move the nunchuck a little bit then your lion will sneak.
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For help fun 21%
This not a cheat but here when you go on you wont to git your meerkat to like you right sooo when you becen get a lot of food then feed it to them did you know that the elefunt like elenfunt grass so if you wont to get redd of sum get red of that or sad time give to lions ( will I need help can you help me? how do you cep the lios dawn I need you help plez
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Blue crocodile 18%
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To get all the raie food 9%
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