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World of Zoo Cheats for PC
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World of Zoo PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: Caliber Jan 26,2010

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World of Zoo

Rating: 1/5 VOTE

Special animals 48%
Monkey:00800,Big cat:14141,panda:74247,penguin:23932,giraffe,56965,elephant:78687
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267 34%
Money 199999988000
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0271 23%
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World of Zoo 656300What are the cheats where you go to the zoo HQ and enter a code? Like, what are they for? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 615211How to save a game of world of zoo Answers: 2
World of Zoo 791411How do you save on world of zoo or do you just turn them off. Answers: 1
World of Zoo 816055How make the family ? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 714079How do you make it rain in the koala exhibit Answers: 1
World of Zoo 731270How to get award Cuckoo Shock on Koala exhibit? PC version. Answers: 1
World of Zoo 796226How do you get the crown? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 807220Can I get awards in the animal nurseries Answers: 0
World of Zoo 816054How make the other animals Answers: 0
World of Zoo 816056How make the family of horses Answers: 0
World of Zoo 820942How to get the elephant Answers: 0
World of Zoo 879375Where is the saved game location of world of zoo for PC? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 887346How do you get penguins in world of zoo PC? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 889647How do you get penguins? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 952719Is there anyone out there who doesn't want their account anymore? If you don't, tell me your username and password. Answers: 0
World of Zoo 974977What are the animals in the game/families? Answers: 0
World of Zoo 732806How do become a zoo whisperer? Answers: 1
World of Zoo 741010Howto unlock island 5?i have already 20 zoomate..w Answers: 0
World of Zoo 652142Yeah how do you get gators,penguins,elephants,bears and antelope Answers: 8
World of Zoo 620497I want to know how to unlock the animals you see in the trailers. I have cats, giraffes, monkeys, horses, koala and panda. I am missing the bears, elephants, antelopes, alligators and penguins. Answers: 5
World of Zoo 649785How do you get stars cuz I just got the game and I dont know how 2 do it Answers: 3
World of Zoo 626878What are the codes to get more stuffs Answers: 1
World of Zoo 655559How do l get wildlife points Answers: 0
World of Zoo 834530How do you get penguins Answers: 0
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