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Rune Factory 3

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Tips on Beating Aquaticus 100%
1. Instead of packing medicine that only restores 500 health, pack baked riceballs. They restore half of your entire health instead.

2. Get good armor and a good weapon. Dual blades are the best, but make sure you have a good shield to make up for the lost defense.

3. Have some magic equipped that can work quickly and effectively, as well as a health restore just in case you wind up in a sticky situation.

4. Bring magic seeds. And I mean a lot of them. Magic seeds can distract Aquaticus or the lasers he uses to harm you. This will give you more time to attack while he's preoccupied.

5. Bring potions that can heal status like poison, being paralyzed, or sealed.

6. Be a half decent level. You don't need to be level 80 like the dungeon suggest, but don't try to storm the place at level 30.
By: Anime1999(1734)
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Recipe Bread 100%
If you're like me, you love to buy recipe breads. The problem is that recipe bread won't work all the time. In order for the breads to work you need to gain levels. For example, if you were level 32 in cooking, you could buy 32 effective cooking breads. The same goes for all the different crafting stations. You only get one bread per level, so if you want more recipes, you're gonna have to level up first.
By: Anime1999(1734)
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Getting a Kitchen 100%
A kitchen is one of the first things you can get at the beginning of the game. To get a full kitchen you need to get the counter from Blaise by talking to him, and once you have it you can buy the utensils for it. The utensils are kinda costly though, so don't expect to get them all in one day.
By: Anime1999(1734)
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How To Defeat DeathWall [ 100% Guaranteed ] 91%
1)Collect some oil.
2)Buy fire magic spell.(can be bought at Witch's Cauldron)
3)Face DeathWall.
4)Throw oil at DeathWall.
5)Use fire magic on DeathWall.

I hope this helps, it worked for me.
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Upgrading Tools 100%
To upgrade your tools, you can buy them at the weapons shop or upgrade them yourself at your forge. If you buy them at the weapons shop you'll only be able to get the second level, but if you upgrade them yourself you can get them to a much higher level.
By: Anime1999(1734)
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Defeating Death Wall 75%
When you are fighting death wall, make sure that you are not using any type of water or ice sword! you can't use these types because they make its HP points go up instead of down.if its HP just keeps going up, you will never defeat it. hope this helps!
By: lovergirl126(418)
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How to poison monsters 75%
This is a extremely easy thing to do, usually in a dungeon there will be a large purple ball thing somewhere that, once stepped on, will poison you. Though usually annoying, it can be easily used to your advantage. So, grab and edible substance you have and set in on the purple ball, take it off and it will have the sign for "poison" above it, simply throw it at an enemy or boss you find difficult and it will poison them. Hope I helped. Good Luck. ~Teris
By: madibug1999(522)
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List of Female Likes, Dislikes, and Additude. 73%
Carmen: Likes Fish and Dishes that have fish in them. Dislikes Boiled Pumpkin and Trash. Is a amazing Fisher and has a overprotective brother.

Collette: Likes Rices, or dishes with rices. She HATES Milk. She will gladly accept anything but trash. Is a sous-chef. Eats ALOT

Daria: Likes Colored Grasses, Cooked Sardine, Miso Eggplant, and Raindows. I have not found anything dislikes but trash. She is a artist as well as a elf.

Evelyn: Likes Random object, but mostly clothing materials. I haven't found any dislikes but trash. Gaius, the weopan maker, Likes her. She gets engaged to him.

Karina: Likes gems and accesories. Dislikes trash. She is very lazy and hates doing work. She dreams about the city.

Kuruna: Likes pastries. Dislikes Trash. She is the Elder of the Univir Settlement, and highly dislikes humans.

Marian:Likes vegetables. Hates trash. She is a very powerful young witch. She seems to like accidently making posions....

Pia: Likes: Fish, Squid, and fruit. Hates Sashimi and trash. She is the bathhouse assisant and a Mermaid.

Raven: Likes Cystals, Gems, Ore, Flowers and accesories. Dislikes Skulls and trash. She is a Half Monster, like you, and is one of the easiest females to get along with.

Sakuya: Likes: Sashimi and hard to find objects. Dislikes: Things that are trash. She hates Dungenons and sells the items she finds in them.

Shara: Likes flowers, and is okay with mostly anything. Dislikes: Trash. She is the first charater you meet, and will help you throughout the end of the game.

Sofia: Likes useless objects. I'm not really sure what she dislikes. She speaks in oppisites, highlighted in red. She picked that up from her father.
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Blazes worst nightmare 67%
What Blaze hate more than anything, is wine. Give it to him and your friendship points will disappear completely. I cannot stress just how much he loathes the stuff, hence I don't recommend giving it to him. Good Luck. ~Teric
By: madibug1999(522)
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Death Wall 67%
So far, people have said attack with high level fire spells (Explosion), evade and dodge and bring lots of healing/food items with you. Helpful, yes. Explosion is best against Death Wall (and practically every boss except Red Lion and Skelefang), evading/dodging is good and healing/food/mana recovery items are great.
One thing I haven't heard mention is how I managed to defeat him (lvl 34, no less!).

Easy. Simple. Costs nearly nothing.

Use your magic seeds as decoys.

Death Wall, and any boss, with attack them automatically. They have high HP, and some even defend you (think Shield) or attack for you (Sword, Bombelon, Water etc.).
They provide great decoys, defense and attack... and will allow you to kick that Boss's derrier!
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Icewall help 60%
Beating the Icewall (or the fourth boss) is very like defeating the ending boss, its main weakness is fire type weapons and spells, if fighting it you can get your hands on a good fireball it will help immensely. Take lots of provisions and healing items. The main thing you'll need to do in this fight, is evade and dodge, He after he comes of the wall he starts launching his own attacks that can be very harmful if hit. In this I also suggest qiucke attacking weapons, suck as dual blades and spear so you don't spend all o0f your time gearing up to launch a single blow, as I said Icewall reacts fast and the damage is costly so be on your guard every moment.
Good luck
By: madibug1999(522)
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Keys to Katrina and Carmen's hearts. 60%
Katrina's most treasured gift category is jewels and jewelry, Carmen prefers "sea-food pizza" to almost any gift yo could give her. Good Luck. ~Teris
By: madibug1999(522)
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Bachelorette info 58%
Here is a little bit of info about the bachelorettes in this game.


a tough girl that needs a lot of attention.

gifts she likes are crystals,silver pendants,and charm blue flowers. She LOVES earth pendants,sunpendants,water pendants and other types of pendants that involve crystals.she hates skulls.

she lives at the blacksmith with gaius and is a black smith in training.

her little secret is that she is half monster.


karina is very lazy but as her love points grow she is really sweet.

she likes gems such as amethist,rubys,and emeralds. she loves any accesories made out of not sure what she hates.

she lives in the general store with her mom but hates working.

she doesnt have any secrets.

SAKUYA: (i dont know if I spelled her name right.sorry...)

a collector that is a little bossy at some times.

she likes any object that you can collect from monsters.i dont know what she loves but she hates eggs.

she lives in the inn/bathouse and wants to sell sell sell!

her little secret is that she normally just finds stuff on the ground and doesnt actually fight monsters for stuff.


an over-excited girl that thinks that squid are evil.

likes squid and fruit.she loves fried squid.dont know what she hates. so sorry........

lives at the bathouse/inn and is really obsessed with keeping the bath clean.

her little secret is that she is a....mermaid!


has a lightning fast matabolism so she is always eating.

likes any food! she really loves rice.

lives at the diner with her dad (blaise) and her brother.(rusk)

doesnt have a secret.

im tired of typing so I will post part 2 soon! :)
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::[SELECT]All Skills Level 99 53%
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000021
223C003C 00000063
DC000000 00000008
D2000000 00000000
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Ending boss help. 50%
The best way to kill the ending boss, is to shoot the highest level of fire balls at it (can be purchased from Majorie) then once the beast tires go hit it with fire type dual blades. Make sure you bring lots of healing stuff because unless you a level 100 this will be very hard, I suggest one healing spell and lots of the other assortments from Majorie.
Good luck, hope I helped!
By: madibug1999(522)
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Making the mermaid cry 50%
(Sorry her names not mermaid, she works at the spa, hates squid and every time it rains turn into a mermaid and I cant remember her name) This is a very simple thing to do, you must only give her an Item known as fish bones and she breaks down into sobs and starts crying. Though if you'r trying to marry this person, I warn you this event sets you back in friend ship and love points and she won't like ya very much.
Good luck
By: madibug1999(522)
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Ravens secret *SPOILERS* 50%
If you are doing requests for Raven you soon discover, she like you can transform into a creature and is also Half-human half-monster. She can change into.... a Phoenix.
By: madibug1999(522)
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Best Bachelorettes (My Opinion) 50%
I've played this game a few times over, which means that I've got to marry a few of the different girls. Everybody has their opinion on who the best wife is, so this is mine. I actually have two, since their is two save slots. Here they are:

Carmen: Carmen is easy to get gifts for once you have a fishing rod, and her requests are normally interesting. Getting to know her is kinda fun because of the rampages her over-protective brother goes on, and she has a great personality. She's always positive and fired up, so she's fun to be around. That's why I think Carmen's a good wife.

Raven: I think Raven is the bride that the game gears you towards the most since she's so hard to warm up to and because she has the most interesting story by far. Her only actual quirk is her dark side, but that goes away once you really get to know her. She's mysterious and unique, and even though it's harder to get her to like you. After you're married though you'll quickly become a millionaire because the meals she makes you sell for a lot.

Anyway, these are the brides I suggest but whoever you marry is completely up to you. Good luck!
By: Anime1999(1734)
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::Max Stats doesn't Include ATK, DEF 42%
123C0506 0000FFFF
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Time saver 42%
1.start a new game 2.shara will bring you in 3.say yes to learn how to farm 4.when she tells you to pick up weeds,pick up everything exept branches 4.time does not start 5.pick up weeds as shara says 7.answer request and you will have more time
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::RP Never Decrease 37%
E2000020 00000014
E5981004 E59F1004
E5881004 EA03B82A
0FFFF000 00000000
52000010 000FF000
020EE0D8 EAFC47D0
123C0472 0000FFFF
D2000000 00000000
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::[SELECT]Max Money 36%
94000130 FFFB0000
023C0510 05F5E0FF
D2000000 00000000
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::Water Can Never Decrease 36%
9209F4DA 00001240
2209F4D8 00000000
D0000000 00000000
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::[SEL+A Super Fast, SEL+B Stop, SEL+R Normal]Time Modifier 35%
94000130 FFFA0000
02074244 E0832202
D0000000 00000000
94000130 FFF90000
02074244 E1A02003
D0000000 00000000
94000130 FEFB0000
02074244 E0832002
D0000000 00000000
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::Walkthrough Walls 29%
E2000100 0000001C
E59D00DC E59F100C
E1500001 0A01B476
E59D0000 EA01B2D3
020A05FC 00000000
52000118 020A05FC
0206CC64 EAFE4D25
D2000000 000000000
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::[SELECT]Max Timber 28%
94000130 FFFB0000
122B0F62 0000270F
D2000000 00000000
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::HP Never Decrease 27%
E2000000 00000014
E5981000 E59F1004
E5881000 EA03B82A
0FFFF000 00000000
52000010 000FF000
020EE0B8 EAFC47D0
123C0470 0000FFFF
D2000000 00000000
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::[SELECT]Max Grass 26%
94000130 FFFB0000
123C0514 0000270F
D2000000 00000000
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