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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats for WII
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare WII Cheats

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Bolt Action Rifles 90%
ArisakaReach Level 4
BayonetComplete Marksman Challenge 1 and/or 2
Kar98kReach Level 41
Mosin-NagantReach Level 21
PTRS-41Reach Level 57
Rifle GrenadeComplete Marksman Challenge 2 and/or 3
Sniper ScopeComplete Marksman Challenge 1
SpringfieldReach Level 4
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Have a problem following Mac.Millan? 100%
Okay so in All Ghilled Up, you have to follow Mac.Millan to a point with bunches of marines and some tanks. Like myself, I used to either get shot or run over. I found a solution go ahead of Mac.Millan and crawl before him. If he shoves you out of the way, stay to the left at all times.
By: DaveyNorton1(150)
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Prestige Mode 88%
Unlock this by achieving level 55 in multiplayer. It will restart you at level 1 with new icon. You can do this 10 different times.
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Secret Mission 88%
If you wait until after the credits you will be given the opportunity to play a whole new mission.
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Arcade Mode 88%
Unlock Arcade Mode by first beating the game on any difficulty. Arcade mode will have 2 diffrent modes, Full Challenge and Level challenge, both have their perks.
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Cheat List 87%
Description: Activate these cheats by finding the intel cases in the game.

2"CoD Noir" Play the game in black and white
4"Photo-Negative" Game colors become inverted
6"Super Contrast" Game's contrast increases
8"Ragtime Warfare" The game feels like an old silent movie
10"Cluster Bombs" One frag grenade thrown equals five in explosion
15"A Bad Year" Enemies explode into tires when shot
20"Slow-Mo Ability" Game plays at 40% normal speed
30"Infinite Ammo" Just what it says
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Multiplayer Weapons 87%
Assault Rifle (G3)Rank 25
Assault Rifle (G36C)Rank 37
Assault Rifle (M14)Rank 46
Assault Rifle (M4)Rank 10
Assault Rifle (MP44)Rank 52
LMG (M60E4)Rank 19
Pistol (Desert Eagle)Rank 43
Pistol (Golden Desert Eagle)Rank 55
Pistol (M1911)Rank 16
Shotgun (M1014)Rank 31
SMG (AK-74U)Rank 28
SMG (Mini Uzi)Rank 13
SMG (P90)Rank 40
Sniper Rifle (Barret)Rank 49
Sniper Rifle (Dragunov)Rank 22
Sniper Rifle (M40)Rank 04
Sniper Rifle (R700)Rank 34
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Golden Weapons 87%
AK-47Complete all Assault Rifle challenges
Desert EagleAttain Level 55
DragonuvComplete all Sniper Rifle challenges
M1014Complete all Shotgun challenges
M60Complete all LMG challenges
Mini-UziComplete all SMG challenges
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Rifles 86%
Aperture SightComplete Marksman Challenge 2
Flash HiderComplete Marksman Challenge 1
Gewehr 43Reach Level 7
M1 GarandReach Level 17
M1A1 CarbineReach Level 65
Rifle GrenadeComplete Marksman Challenge 4
STG-44Reach Level 37
SuppressorComplete Marksman Challenge 1
SVT-40Reach Level 4
Telescopic SightComplete Marksman Challenge 3
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Intel Levels 86%
Description: These are the distribution of Intel through the levels.

Level 22
Level 42
Level 53
Level 62
Level 72
Level 93
Level 102
Level 122
Level 133
Level 142
Level 162
Level 171
Level 182
Level 192
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How to get out of map on Backlot in Cod4 60%
Heres what you do, pick any game mode and any weapon or whatever. Then you go to the grabage cans that are big in a little green spot with grass. Then you run and jump off them and press A until you get over it. you can also go to one spot where youll drop through a black hole and on a pitch black grid. then run off there and youll fall till you end the game and the map will get smaller and smaller until it disapers. thanks for reading and rate this. even though it list only pc,ps3,nds,and wii, its also for the xbox 360
By: CaTdAdDy(197)
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How to glitch 47%
To do a glitch jump+crouch+jump in the corner I hope this helps
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Call of duty 4 modern 1 cheat 33%
Addmarine# add a marine player
addsas# add a sas player
spdevma crash_a
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Super fast grenade launcher in the mission 'War Pig' 25%
This cheat requires you to have found all intel items so you can unlock the 'Infinite Ammo' Cheat. If you find them all, Go to the mission 'War Pig'. At the very start, One of your teammates should have a 'M16 Grenade Launcher'. Wait for the Terrorists to kill him. When they kill him, Pick it up and toggle the 'Infinite Ammo' Cheat. Switch to your 'Grenade Launcher'. Then go nuts. Trust me it is extremely fun. But remember, The grenades have to travel a minimum distance to explode. Have fun and go nuts. Cheat posted by Samiu manu.
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Countdown tips for noobs 24%
On countdown a truck with a ladder is a snipers paradise and on the other side the map is a large truck where people take out your feet
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One Man Army Pro (Perk 2) 22%
This is my personal favorite perk in MW2. First of all you want to achieve one man army. Then do the tasks to get one man army pro so using this strategy with one man army pro you can change kits super fast. Only downfall about this is that usually you get killed when you are changing kits cause you can't melee or anything. But if you are skilled at this game you should b able to figure out a strategy and a good x to switch. One Man Army Pro is the best perk. This should be in Black Ops! Now with One Man Army aka OMAP our clan name. OMAP is awesome say you are great with a riffle. Ok now have OMAP on almost every class but one or 2. You use your riffle get your kills with however you are best with whatever you use but have OMAP, then use OMAP and switch to another class, by now you should b switching to your class that gives you a killstreak with one less kill needed then you get that kill and get your killstreak one kill early. You then can switch back to your comfortable class with OMAP. Also say you are doing my strategy and their are only 2 ways for enemies to get u. With OMAP place a claymore at the one spot, pick same OMAP class again and boom you get another claymore to place at the other spot enemies can come. Ok now you r set up in your area and got claymore protection. Ok say you spot a guy you cant easily kill without using a clip and drawing to much attention towards you. Have an OMAP Sniper class to pick him off, then switch to another comfortable class. Only downfall is no second weapon for like if you r using a sniper and someone gets through a claymore and kills you b4 you get a new class unless you r a good quick scope shooter or your claymore gets him. Seriously this is a great way to play, you always r prepared, unlimited ammo, claymores, whatever all by picking a OMAP class. A claymore goes off you get a kill go place another one down. Its great for noob tube fanatics as well blast your 2 grenades pick same class and boom, 2 more grenades to launch away again and again in seconds, sleigh of hand helps with this technique to. If you can set classes great for your game style and use a class for one kill less for kill streak rewards and switch back between killstreaks its awesome. I can go on for hours about how to do this but everyone has a game style of there own and weapons they prefer but take time and set it proper and tweak it as needed and soon you will be racking up kills helping out your K/D. Just don't forget to put claymores back after they go off and make sure you switch to the correct classes when changing. OMAP! dutdanut
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Kopral 17%
I kameng
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Enter the cheat or hints here
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Chicken butt 13%
Cchhiicckkeenn bbuutt
By: B Bunny(9)
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