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Style Savvy Cheats for NDS
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Style Savvy NDS Cheats

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Style Savvy

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Hints 25%
If you have a question I would ask Grace for help
By: Aeropostale(47)
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Unlocking items 24%
When you open your store now you can you Dominic's mansion.Now you will be able to unlock new thems and music. One of my fav is you can hold a sale. But I won't say anymore. I will leave the rest a surprise.
By: Aeropostale(47)
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How do i guarantee customers will buy the outfit i chose for her? 16%
Send her straight to the dressing room, she will present 2 options... you just have to choose the right one.
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Style Savvy 890695Is the international contest the same as the queen contest Answers: 1
Style Savvy 931872How do I win the international contest? Ive been trying and trying and trying but nothng works. It is the spring sundress one. PLEASE help! Answers: 1
Style Savvy 931956How do I beat the beginner contest Answers: 1
Style Savvy 812621I heard Dominic asks you out. So if he does can you date Dominic after that and go on dates with him? Answers: 3
Style Savvy 748704How do you unlock the World Queen Contest? Answers: 3
Style Savvy 620326What are social outings/events? Answers: 3
Style Savvy 814665How do you beat Grace in the Platinum contest? Answers: 1
Style Savvy 829743How do you unlock the 2 option at mansion Answers: 1
Style Savvy 903330How many people do you need to serve to gain a shop rank in Style Savvy? Answers: 2
Style Savvy 771525How can mastor Dominc call you or go out with you Answers: 5
Style Savvy 884967Can you be a male Answers: 2
Style Savvy 940112How do you know how many custermors u'v had Answers: 1
Style Savvy 591251Will Dominic ever ask me out? Answers: 12
Style Savvy 658752How can you complete style savvy? Answers: 5
Style Savvy 753485Does dominic ever ask you out?its august and ive been playing since february.ive beaten the international contest and he still hasent asked me out!help?!?!? Answers: 3
Style Savvy 802956How do I get custermers in level 4? Help Answers: 2
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